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Arlington, VA

#110 May 20, 2013
i went to the one over here in manassas, VA. they seemed like nice enough people. something didnt sit right with me about them though. it felt like they were hiding something from me. but i went along anyways. i was charged $40 for x-ray and checkup. they said i needed a root canal and crowning and such. it estimated to about $2900. since i didn't have any insurance, they said that i could pay it all up front or pay monthly on it. i was prescribed some vicodin for the time being and now just have to schedule in an appointment.

Washington, DC

#111 May 28, 2013
Waldorf, MD - they make believe you have 150% more wrong than you actually have. They are nothing but crooks!!!!!!! No wonder all these chains keep popping up and rent a dentist fills them.
Beware and find a real dentist, not in a chain.
Eloise M

Washington, DC

#112 May 28, 2013
you people are ridiculous wrote:
First of all i just want to say that Dr. Neibauer himself is retired, however, he was an excellent dentist for many years. He started his first office in Waldorf before opening Neibauer Dental Care. He also went on missions in other countries to help people who couldn't recieve dental care at all. He is a very generous man and he would do anything to help a patient. Now as far as the cost of treatment, these are all doctors who are hand picked for their company. They are highly trained dentists who give the best quality work. You get what you pay for! You should even recieve your treatment plan before starting anything so you are completely aware of what you are getting and paying for. Also, if you feel like you can't afford everything they will help you decide what is the most important to least important so you can save money. Your teeth/mouth effect a lot of what goes on in your body, inculding different types of disease. I think that by going to Neibauer Dental Care you recieve the best possible treatment by the best possible doctors who are concerned for you and your health as their patient. This is what they work so hard for in all their years of school! I am sorry some people haven't done their research and had horrible experiences. But, instead of coming on the internet and complaining about it, why don't you speak to your doctor directly because as a patient with them for 4 years any complaint I've had at 3 different locations they have been very concerned and willing to help me with anything from a small question that may be a simple answer to them, to a bigger concern such as cost of treatment. You people need to get a life and I challenge you to find another dental practice that is better quality. And for all the people reading these reviews, please go and make your own assumption, I'm sure you will be pleased.
I'm sure you're either related to, married to, work for or are one of their prized dentists. No person in their right mind would say that after getting bamboozled out if their hard earned money.
Lee in Ft Belvoir

Washington, DC

#113 Aug 19, 2013
All the bad reviews are true. They ripped me off almost $1K and even admitted their mistake. Two years later and I'm still getting the run around from them. Crooks!

Leesburg, VA

#114 Sep 4, 2013
I started going to the Leesburg location a few years ago because of the kindness and care they took with me when I expressed fears about starting dental work. Dr. Sandhu was kind and patient and worked with me to make the experience as comfortable and pain-free as possible. That was 2-3 years ago. My appointment yesterday was the most God-awful experience I have ever had! The hygienist was cold, heartless and downright mean. She could see I was uncomfortable and in pain and just kept digging deeper, all the while admonishing me for being away from the practice for so long. I finally had to tell her to just stop.

Then when Dr. Sandhu came, in he coldly dismissed me and told me things were a mess and maybe I should go elsewhere. I had asked to do a consult and checkup to see where things were - I had been through some other personal and health issues so I knew I was long overdue for an appointment, but I did not expect to be berated and treated so callously! This is not the same group I started with! They had been so caring and worked with me to minimize the pain so I could get the treatment needed this time, they had no time to listen or care it was just awful!

I will be contacting my insurance company to let them know they did not do a full exam and treatment no X-rays, nothing. I had told them when I scheduled the appointment I had not been in for 2+ years and needed to basically start new they apparently did not listen. Then they had me under the wrong name and accused me of not having insurance which I did and do. They were unbelievably disorganized. Bottom line find somewhere else if you want someone to be patient and caring if you have a low pain tolerance. They used to care and work with you but not anymore. I will NEVER go back there!!

I also now have to fight to get the money back they pre-charged my credit company for future work so they could also bill the insurance company to use all of the annual plan allowance they could. The work was never done so they filed for insurance payment ahead of the actual treatment!! Beware of their financial practices too! Lesson learned the hard way for me

Hyattsville, MD

#115 Oct 2, 2013
Neibauer Dental's services were performed adequately but the dentist and hygenist tried to sell us services we did not need. The hygenist hassled me that I needed a deep cleaning instead of a regualar cleaning. I insisted all I wanted was a regular cleaning. The dentist told my wife she need 3 crowns but we got a second opinion and she did not need any. Be careful responding to a free exam from their brochure. Any dentist who wants to perform services you did not need is not worthy of being in business. Beware of going there.

Manassas, VA

#116 Oct 24, 2013
This link sums it all up:

They are all about the "green" at Neibauer Dental Care and their bosses Heartland Dental Care. Stay away, they don't care about you.
Who cares

Waldorf, MD

#117 Oct 24, 2013
Unbelievable wrote:
This link sums it all up: =HfgYuuflzAsXX
They are all about the "green" at Neibauer Dental Care and their bosses Heartland Dental Care. Stay away, they don't care about you.
You must be unhappy employee

Philadelphia, PA

#118 Nov 7, 2013
his place very bad and they are big rip-off, they have very slow bussines İ think that reoson they rip- off new customer ...specially groupon customers...if you have groupon dont go ...I dont want go again because I lose $460 there ,very bad place dont go!!
feeling angry

Manassas, VA

#119 Jan 28, 2014
Went to the Neibauer Dental office in Manassas. They said I needed 2 root canals and 9 cavities filled. Didn't believe it so I went to another local dentist. He says all I need is 2 cavities filled. One of those cavities might need a root canal but he is willing to try a filling first. This dentist told of other patients he had that came from this neibauer office with similar stories of mine. I also spent 6 months trying to resolve my husbands bill. He has double insurance so we should have owed very little but they came back with $440. When we called, they said that they would look into it and call us back. They wouldn't call us back and just send another bill in a month. We played this game till I went into the office to switch records. At this point I told them I would not pay the large amount and they need to call my insurance to figure it out. Found out that they were trying to charge us the difference between the usual and customary charge for the insurance company and their original charges. Its taken care of now, but it shouldn't have taken this long to resolve it. I just wonder how many people would have paid after this long and not asked as many question as I did. End of story: beware of billing and get a second opinion if you go here.

Washington, DC

#120 Mar 21, 2014
I should've read the reviews before going to Neibauer. Dr. Yu and Carol, hygienist, were great! The rest of the staff should not be representing Dr. Yu at all. Receptionist talked me into signing up for some payment co., I told her I wasn't going to have them do the work, she didn't contact the co., and I'm receiving calls/bills for 'interest' on $ that I never used! Then after apologizing for her errors, she was to call me about an appointment - never did. Then another dentist was to call-in a prescription for meds that I have to take prior to any dental work because of knee replacements and he didn't. Never, ever have experienced a medical organization that goes out of their way to make sure that you don't become a patient of theirs. Going to get my x-rays and take them to a reputable dentist - one who cares and has a professional.staff.
Joan Manning

Manassas, VA

#121 Apr 3, 2014
Horrified Customer wrote:
I went to the office in Dumfries this week, and had a HORRIBLE experience. When I arrived, I was taken back for x-rays and then to my chair. I apparently had somebody who was new, and he was nice enough. However, some other woman kept coming in a reprimanding him and talking to him in a very demeaning tone right in front of me. I felt bad for the guy! Then, this same woman (who I don't think was the dentist) told me that my teeth needed lots of work and that I must drink a lot of soda (which I don't). Then the actual dentist came in, and proceeded to show me all the work I would need on the screen in front of me. Apparently I need four crowns, a root canal (by a specialist), and all of my fillings replaced. AMAZING, since my teeth are not bothering me, and the dentist where I'm from in PA, less than a year ago said everything was fine. Once again, the dentist told me that I must drink a lot of soda and that is the reason. They also kept telling me my teeth were going to fall o. I'm 25 with no major dental issues in the past. I was then escorted to a consultation room, where I was handed a $6000 bill($4000 not covered by insurance). The girl continued to pressure me for half the money immediately, offering to open up a credit card, saying the work needed done or my teeth could fall out. All of the meanwhile, I was sobbing my eyes out hardly able to control myself. I was in total shock and (unfortunately) naive and believed them. They kept telling me they wanted what was best for me and they were acting like they were on my side. They finally told me that all of my filled teeth would also needs crowns in the next year or two too.
Later I called to ask for a copy of my x-rays. The lady said she would have copies ready for me. I went to pick them up, and they were ready as planned, however, she was EXTREMELY rude to me. I'm 99% sure it was the manager. She asked if I was getting a second opinion and then nearly threw the envelope at me and stormed off.
After reading all these reviews, it is clear that they are a horrible company. They should be ashamed of themselves for leading people on like that and especially for making someone cry like that. I would NEVER suggest this company to anyone.
P.S.-I am going to get a second opinion in PA. I can GUARANTEE you that I do not need the work they said.
These people should be run out if business.

Richmond, VA

#122 May 15, 2014
For my recent visit to NDC in Glen Allen, VA the hygienist raved about how greatly improved my gum pockets were and if I keep it up, I would avoid further treatment in that area. She even said I was one in a million and I explained to her that I was really trying to take care of the pockets. I brush and floss at least 3x a day and even use the water-pick. I eat a mostly vegetarian diet and no candy, sugar, coffee,.(also, use natural herbs: goldenseal/comfrey...and OraMD..didn't tell her that). They would always tell me the gum loss is irreversible, but they have lied, the body can heal, but they won't tell you, you have to research on internet. So, when the dentist came in and looked at my xrays, he tells me," oh, you have two microscopic cavities between two teeth in the front area. Its a good thing we take x-rays so we can catch them early, can't see them with naked eye. They need to be filled." He babbled on further about brushing and flossing and I just tuned him out. After all my over the top care I take with my teeth, I couldn't believe he told me that. He never even commented on the care i was giving my gums. I gather he was not happy with seeing that things were stable and he could not profit further from my misfortune. The hygienist then chimed in to reassure me, "oh, you've had worse done than fillings, like crowns." Now I'm wondering whether my previous work with crowns, filling were necessary at all. I searched the internet and see how new top of the line technology is helping dentists detect "cavities" before they even form, so they can drum up business. They pay 30k for this equipt and need to get their investment back. They know if they tell you have the beginnings of a cavity in the front of your mouth, you will jump at the chance to catch it early so you won't have a yuck mouth! So now I am doing internet research to see how you can remineralize your teeth and get rid of cavities before they actually form or get too big. Hey, if your broken bones can heal, why not your teeth...also, if you have a cut or bruise on your body, it can heal if you take care of it. Anyway, NDC always tries to sell you additional services to line their pockets.....they will not see me again!
MalpracticeIsOKa tNiebaur

Stafford, VA

#124 Dec 9, 2014
I have had dental nightmares and unfinished treatment for years. The dentists are on a revolving door. I'd NEVER send anyone top ANY office associated with this dental practice. What they get away with is malpractice and illegal!

Stafford, VA

#125 Dec 9, 2014
Niebaur are frauds. They don't care about the patient whatsoever. stay away from heartland dental also....same corporation. I think reflections dental is also 0 are of this outfit. IT is Unconscionable what they get away with in dental "care" or rather the lack there of. Laws need to be made to protect patients who suffer at the hands of these money grubbing corporations who mutilate their patients for profit. Dental healthcare reform is needed. Protect yourself and your family and stay away from these places. They give you a treatment plan but then change dentists and your plan spills onto the next dentist who knows nothing about your case.....and this goes on and on with unfinished treatment. And in the mean time any healthy teeth you once had are destroyed. What they do should be a CRIME in the health industry!
devastated_by_th is

Clemmons, NC

#126 Aug 12, 2015
Don't go to Neibauer Dental in Manassas. I had a root canal and a bridge done by them. It was done about 18 months ago. My bridge fell out 3 days ago!! While eating a salad!! Seriously!! I just went to a private practice dentist to see if they could fix this problem. NOT AT ALL, due to Neibauer filing down 2 perfectly healthy teeth way to much for the bridge to be put back on. Hence this is why the bridge came out. I'm truly devastated, pissed off and beyond angry! I also received a bill from Neibauer recently for over $100,000!! Seriously. They decided to put my husband and I on a "family ledger". He only had his teeth cleaned there. I paid them in full for these crappy services at the time services were rendered! That's a must there!! PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM NEIBAUER DENTAL. I also got a second opinion on what the new dentist said, this dentist said he has never ever seen anything done so poorly either.

Catonsville, MD

#127 Oct 24, 2015
former employee wrote:
As a former employee, who resigned within a few months, because of their lack of integrity, support, guidance and demanding work schedules. Not to mention the executive management team have no formal managment training or education to be holding the titles they do. As I recall the C.O.O. did not finish high school (she interviews the dentists they hire) and the V.P. Suki Houlihan who responds to all these comments with the same excuse over and over using words that absolutely make no sense, was Neibauer's dental assistant and now a V.P., as I said no formal training or education. A well educated, business savy dentist would never work for this corporation. Dr. Neibauer himself tries to put the fear of god in you thinking he is GOD himself. Bottom line this organization is run like a cult. They will clean out your bank account with needless treatment. STAY AWAY!
Suki Houlihan?.. Even now as a regional director in heartland; such a prestigious and organized dental corporation, I've wondered why they would make someone that un-educated, un-qualified and conniving person own that position. She's causing havoc in the East coast and you lose lots of great employees especially doctors because of her.

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