justice is not the object of the "roundup." Money is. The city sees this as revenue. An attempt to goad people into giving up their hard earned money for crimes real or imagined.
But we need to take care of these warrants. It is a necessary part of soceity. Break the rules? You will pay.
Think about this. What if everybody turned themselves in at the same time? The jails run at near capacity and when full,the ones with the least amaount of time remaining on their sentences are released. Picture a few hundred citizens lined up to do the right thing and satisfy their debt to society. Maybe a big tailgate party in the parking lot of the jail. Surely enough musicians have warrants and can provide entertainment as we wait to book in,book out. Would it be wrong to go to Potter Co.detention if you have Randall warrants just for a ride in a police car? Wheeeeee!
Best case secenario is a judge coming out on the balcony and ,"time served" all of us.
I personally have seen overcrowded jails. They release one when one comes in.More likely when one is brought in.
Get the word out! A date should be set. As more people show up, more get released. Free someone. Get freed! Keep your money for the family. We have enough granite balls.