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#1 Jan 11, 2007
Anyone know the names, yet?

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#2 Jan 11, 2007
BREAKING NEWS: More than 100 arrested for illegal drug crimes

Thursday, Jan 11, 2007 - 01:42 PM

TriCities.com Staff Reports

A joint sting by the Lee County sheriff and district attorney’s office has netted 111 indictments for drug-related crimes—the single largest drug round-up in the county’s history.

Investigators conducted Operation Standing Together Against Narcotic Drugs in four phases. The first began in early February and targeted alleged drug dealers who “continued to flaunt the law and deal drugs on our streets,” according to a Lee County news release.

The third phase began today and the and fourth begins with the prosecution of each individual arrested.

Many of those already arrested already were serving supervised probation or on electronic monitoring devices. A majority of the 262 counts involved the distribution or possession of prescription drugs, cocaine and marijuana.

Court dates will be “set within weeks” and defendants will have the choice to enter guilty pleas. Also, federal prosecutors have taken at least one case.

“Clearly the people of Lee County are fed up with the drug problem,” the news release stated.“The people of Lee County can rest assured …the next drug sting operation is already well underway.”


Grundy, VA

#3 Jan 12, 2007
111 charged in Lee County drug roundup
Published 01/11/2007 By WALTER LITTRELL
Law enforcement officials from several agencies were rounding up suspected drug dealers on Thursday in Lee County. The suspects were indicted in a yearlong crackdown dubbed Operation STAND. Walter Littrell photo.
JONESVILLE - A yearlong, four-phase operation to rid Lee County of illegal drug dealers became public Thursday morning when it entered its third phase with law enforcement officers from several agencies fanning out early to round up as many as 111 accused dealers.
Sheriff Gary Parsons said those individuals are charged with committing more than 260 separate, illegal drug transactions since the beginning of phase one of the operation last February.
Parsons said the first phase of the operation, dubbed Operation STAND (Standing Together Against Narcotic Drugs), began with the targeted investigation of suspected drug dealers. Phase two began Dec. 9 when Investigator Fred Rouse presented the cases before a multi-jurisdictional grand jury, which returned nearly 100 indictments against various individuals for the illegal distribution and possession of drugs. Other indictments were handed down Jan. 5 by a Lee County grand jury.
A joint statement issued by Parsons and Lee County Commonwealth's Attorney Shawn Hines states: "Today, we launch a major offensive against the plague that is the illegal distribution and possession of controlled substances in Lee County. As part of Operation STAND, we announce the indictment and arrest of 111 individuals in Lee County for a variety of illegal drug crimes.... As a result of our law enforcement efforts over the past year, we have taken major drug dealers, as well as everyday pill pushers, off our streets and out of our communities."
According to the release, many of those targeted in the investigation became targets because of tips from concerned citizens. Others were under investigation because they have been continually in and out of the criminal justice system. Some, according to the release, were still on supervised probation or serving an active sentence under home-electronic monitoring when they were caught dealing drugs through the operation.
Most of the charges are related to the illegal distribution or possession of oxycodone (OxyContin and Percocet), hydrocodone (Lortab), methamphetamine, cocaine, morphine, methylphenidate (Ritalin), alprazolam (Xanax), burprenorphine, methadone, amphetamine and marijuana.
The Lee County Sheriff's Department was assisted with the roundup by officers of the Southwest Virginia Regional Drug Task Force, Virginia State Police, Jonesville Police Department, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
"We are especially grateful to the Drug Task Force as it continues to help equip and fund the largest part of our investigative efforts in the fight against illegal drug activity," said Hines and Parsons, who added that the roundup will continue until every person indicted is located and taken into custody.
"We're tired of the court giving these folks suspended sentences and slaps on the wrists," said Parsons Thursday morning as officers marched a parade of suspects to the sheriff's office for processing before they were transported to the Duffield regional jail. "We hope these people we arrested today, most of whom are repeat offenders, will get some substantial time and that sends a message to other dealers and would-be dealers."
While many of the suspects arrested are what Hines called lower-level dealers, several were what he considers major dealers.
"This should make them all think twice. I think we got some major dealers off the street today ... about 10 percent of them deal a considerable amount. Most are repeat offenders. A lot of them have had lenient sentences and nobody's scared. I'm going to be asking for prison time for all of them," he said.

Grundy, VA

#4 Jan 12, 2007
Hines thanked the citizens who have offered information that helped lead to the arrests and said he hopes that kind of cooperation between citizens and law enforcement continues.
Parsons noted that additional charges against some of the suspects could be placed as a result of the roundup. While executing a search warrant during the arrest of one suspect, officers found two young children locked in a room. The Department of Social Services was called in on this case, and the children were taken into state custody. The sheriff anticipates charges against the parents to be placed later.
Also, he said, another suspect was located driving down the highway and was arrested via a traffic stop. At the time of his arrest, officers found him in possession of two bottles of hydrocodone, one long gun and two handguns. The drugs and weapons were confiscated, the vehicle was seized, and the sheriff anticipates additional charges being placed as a result.
He also expects the seizure of other vehicles and property from additional suspects.
Those arrested and their charges include:
•Terri L. Tydings, 42, P.O. Box 7, Dryden, two counts distribution.
•Larry E. Taylor, 48, P.O. Box 264, Rose Hill, three counts distribution.
•Leonard Collins, 54, Palace Street, Jonesville, three counts distribution.
•John J. Foster, 34, Route 2, Box 474, Rose Hill, one count manufacture marijuana.
•Donald Lynn Collins, 44, P.O. Box 571, Pennington Gap, one count distribution.
•Glen Robinson, 39, Route 3, Box 299, Pennington Gap, three counts distribution.
•Ricky D. Spears, 36, P.O. Box 487, Pennington Gap, one count distribution.
•Necole R. Deirth, 39, Route 2, Box 339, Pennington Gap, two counts distribution.
•Ricky E. Head, 47, Route 2, Box, 499-B, Pennington Gap, one count distribution.
•Shawn D. Napier, 28, Route 1, Box 569, Pennington Gap, three counts distribution.
•Kristina A. Napier, 19, Route 1, Box 569, Pennington Gap, two counts distribution.
•Debra J. Gross, 45, 526 Derby Ave., Pennington Gap, three counts distribution.
•Melvin Cody, 53, Route 3, Box 936, Jonesville, one count distribution.
•James D. Scott, 65, Route 3, Box 320, Pennington Gap, one count distribution.
•Matthew L. Hartsock, 24, 1220 W. Morgan Ave., Pennington Gap, two counts distribution.
•Elvis L. Hopkins, 43, 526 Darby Ave., Pennington Gap, four counts distribution.
•Jeffery A. Bridges, 24, 302 W. L&N Ave., Pennington Gap, three counts distribution.
•Melissa A. Hammonds, 25, 124 Forest Ave., Apt. 2, Pennington Gap, three counts distribution.
•Kimberly-Ann Dawn Smith, 26, P.O. Box 373, Pennington Gap, two counts distribution.
•Linda Christine Collins, 53, P.O. Box 235, St. Charles, one count distribution.
•Linda Faye Stapleton, 40, Route 3, Box 395, Pennington Gap, two counts distribution.
•Rebecca Musick, 31, P.O. Box 221, St. Charles, 10 counts distribution.
•James T. Moore, 31, Route 1, Box 188, Ewing, three counts distribution.
•Valerie, L. Dowell, 27, P.O. Box 108, St. Charles, one count distribution.
•Jimmy D. Summey, 40, Route 2, Box 645, Pennington Gap, one count distribute marijuana.
•Ronald A. Roark, 57, P.O. Box 234, Rose Hill, three counts distribution.
•Jerry Lee Maddle, 46, P.O. Box 108, St. Charles, one count distribution.
•Debbie D. Mosier, 50, Route 1, Box 376-M, Blackwater, two counts distribution.
•Bruce Hopkins, 41, P.O. Box 353, Rose Hill, five counts distribution.
•Franklin Hopkins, 18, P.O. Box 52, Ewing, three counts distribution.
•Danny Catron, 56, P.O. Box 163, Rose Hill, four counts distribution.
•Joshua A. Johnson, 23, Route 3, Box 1327, Jonesville, two counts distribution.
•LaTonya Robinson, 23, Route 1, Pennington Gap, six counts distribution.
•Judy C. Roberts, 31, 110 S. Johnson Drive, Pennington Gap, one count distribution.
•Michael D. Hartsock, 22, Route 2, Box 401, Pennington Gap, three counts distribution.
•Lela Jean Clark, 46, P.O. Box 355, Pennington Gap, three counts distribution.

Grundy, VA

#5 Jan 12, 2007

•Daniel W. Crabtree, 18, Route 3, Box 13B, Pennington Gap, two counts distribution.

•Chancy M. Brummitt, 26, 210 Harrell St,. Apt. 7, Pennington Gap, one count distribution.

•Denise M. Gardner, 42, 6251-A Powell River Road, Norton, one count distribution.

•Shannon Lee West, 30, Route 1, Box 513, Jonesville, three counts distribution.

•Mickie Cooper, 45, Route 1, Box 344-A, Pennington Gap, one count distribution.

•Ricky L. Turner, 31, P.O. Box 395-12, Dot Trailer Park, Pennington Gap, three counts distribution.

•Steven B. Yeary, 38, P.O. Box 44, Pennington Gap, one count distribution.

•Michael D. Vaughn, 28, P.O. Box 821, Dryden, one count distribution.

•Joe Carl Thomas, 35, 819 Morgan Ave., Pennington Gap, three counts distribution.

•Eden M. Lambert, 19, P.O. Box 1178, Jonesville, two counts distribution.

•Sheila Kristi Martin, 26, P.O. Box 203, Jonesville, one count distribution.

•Barry W. Jessee, 20, Route 1, Box 167, St. Charles, one count distribution.

•Nancy K. Hartsock, 27, Route 3, Box 961, Jonesville, one count distribution.

•Tommy Ray Hopkins, 18, P.O. Box 52, Ewing, eight counts distribution.

•James L. Shackleford, 61, P.O. Box 165, Rose Hill, one count distribution.

•Frank L. Mullins, 36, P.O. Box 175, St. Charles, two counts distribution.

•Matthew W. Mullins, 27, P.O. Box 143, Dryden, one count distribution.

•Dennis K. Johnson, 48, Route 2, Box 706-A, Pennington Gap, two counts distribution.

•Thomas K. Meeker, 22, 210 Herrell St., Apt. 8, Pennington Gap, one count distribution.

•Terry A. Ely, 61, Park West Trailer Court, Lot 10, Pennington Gap, four counts distribution.

•Timothy R. Pace, 41, N. Johnson Drive, Pennington Gap, three counts distribution.

•Richard Lee Hartsock, 58, 502 Derby Ave., Pennington Gap, four counts distribution.

•Randal Saltzman, 58, Route 3, Box 1336, Jonesville, one count manufacture.

•Donald W. Hartsock, 41, 502 Derby Ave., Pennington Gap, four counts distribution and one count possession.

•Gene Hartsock, 65, 502 Derby Ave., Pennington Gap, five counts distribution.

•Everette W. Green, 42, 320 E. Morgan Ave., Pennington Gap, one count distribution.

•Richard Garrett, 45, P.O. Box 17, Keokee, one count distribution.

•Billy Wayne Henry, 52, Route 1, Box 424, Keokee, three counts distribution.

•Jennifer R. Riddle, 25, P.O. Box 148, Ben Hur, one count distribution.

•Jason Johnson, 31, P.O. Box 105, St. Charles, two counts distribution.

•Shelly M. Mertes, 36, Route 2, Box 2606, Jonesville, three counts distribution.

•Leonard Dietz, 31, Route 1, Box 750, Dryden, three counts distribution.

•Richard W. Sanders, 45, Route 2, Box 188-A, Pennington Gap, three counts distribution.

•Daniel E. Rowland, 31, P.O. Box 367, Duffield, four counts distribution.

•Jimmie L. Ritchie, 25, P.O. Box 1178, Jonesville, three counts distribution.

•Lonnie Lee Long, 57, P.O. Box 302, Rose Hill, one count distribution.

•Andrew Cooper, 76, Route 1, Box 344-A, Pennington Gap, 10 counts distribution.

•Phillip R.S. Warner, 29, P.O. Box 68, Ben Hur, two counts distribution.

•Jerald Lee Cox, 57, P.O. Box 261, Rose Hill, two counts distribution.

•Derek V. Hatfield, 27, Route 1, Box 48-D, Ewing, three counts distribution.

•Mark E. Lovin, 24, 140 Maddox, New Tazewell, Tenn., one count grand larceny.
Brenda Buchanan


#6 Jan 14, 2007
I think it is about time you do something about these drugs in lee county. They get off to easy.

Hillsboro, WV

#7 Jan 15, 2007
New judge will change the circuit court game!

Since: Jan 07

United States

#8 Jan 17, 2007
what makes anyone think a new judge will help?
look at the past judges.
they need judges that are not from the county,because they know to many people when they have lived & worked there all of their life.

Columbia, TN

#9 Jan 17, 2007
T.M. will not be able to sit in as Judge on anyone she has prosecuted in the past. It will be a conflict of interest and a sit in Judge will have to hear those cases.

United States

#10 Jan 18, 2007
So the new judge will benefit the county and won't have to do the judging on individuals she has previously prosecuted. Should be interesting outcomes. Is there a website to find the rest of the wanted? Chow! 4 now!

United States

#11 Jan 18, 2007
Eight indicted in gambling probe
Eight men have been indicted on charges related to an investigation of illegal gambling in Appalachia, including a former Wise County sheriff’s deputy and town council member. Larry Ray Thomas, James Richard Taylor, Andrew Jackson Taylor, Hubert Lee Summers, Ronnie Dale Henry, Bobby Ray Bolling, Billy Wayne Womble and Danny Lester Lawson Jr. were indicted on a total of 103 counts by a Wise County grand jury Tuesday.

Appy teen dies; friend faces drug charge
An Appalachia High School student has died in an apparent drug-related incident and his teenage friend faces a resulting criminal charge. The 15-year-old student was found dead Thursday at his 14-year-old friend’s house in Inman. Continued ...
BONNIE SHORTT / Staff Writer
Student promotes Project ASK campaign
BIG STONE GAP — Powell Valley High School sophomore Perry Ashley is a young man on a mission, working to raise awareness about a program that assists the families of pediatric cancer patients at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Children’s Medical Center. In the past two decades, the Virginia Future Business Leaders of America has raised more than $1 million for Project ASK. Continued ...
Exeter break-in leads to several charges
An Appalachia man was arrested in connection with a Jan. 11 breaking and entering at a residence in Exeter. Brandon Stanley, 21, of 720 Birch St., Appalachia, allegedly broke into a home and stole three firearms, hand tools and about $200 worth of coins, according to a Tuesday press release from Wise County Sheriff’s Department. Continued ...

Roanoke, VA

#12 Dec 18, 2007
thanks alot -buddy- for helping fred
Pennington Gap MAN

Louisville, KY

#13 Mar 14, 2008
I think that the county thinks and works to hard at the drugs because people whom sells drugs get more time than people who rap are kill that is stupid I think

United States

#14 Jul 29, 2008
I think we need a new judge they let dealers off to easy
va girl

United States

#15 Jul 29, 2008
does anybody know how many of the 111 has been convicted & how much time they got IF ANY
john beard

Murfreesboro, TN

#16 Mar 20, 2009
it's because the judge is a drug head her self, they let the known dealers off and arrest the first timers and she should put them in prison and not give them a slap on the wrist. it should be one strike and your out instead of three. if they can't do the time, they shouldn't do the crime. same goes for sherriff gary parsons. he is crooked and then when someone gets arrested, they are let back out in no time. even the same day.
who knows

Elizabethtown, KY

#17 Mar 21, 2009
Who can tell me about that drug round up here in jonesville. va. the arested 50 people and going to arest 50 more.. due to someone ratting on people.. on friday and arested them on saturday 21th.....some tell me

Nashville, TN

#18 Mar 22, 2009


#19 Mar 22, 2009
Let's all remember this IS Lee County..of these 111 people arrested, it will be 111 sentences of probation or light sentences.
sexy mama

Jonesville, VA

#20 Aug 14, 2010
i think all drug dealers should be locked up for at least 3 years for the first offense, but then again they get drugs while in jail too

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