Out of all my creditors Kay Jewelers is the worst. After joining credit guard of america and Kay accepting the terms they continues to harass me. This time calling my place of employment to tell me if I don't make a payment outside of my payment to Credit Guard of America of $65 dollars to them by the 25th of this month I will need to return my purchase that I have been paying for cause I don't own them. Not to mention the countless times I have bought inferior products from them. I had purchased a diamond engagement ring from them for $1300.00 pllus only to have the ring crack a month later and have horrible customer service in getting it replaced so much for their horrible insurance policy. Another time I purchased what was supposed to be a white gold necklace only to find out when the chain broke and I took it to a local jewler that only the clasps were white gold the necklace was actually sterling silver. Yet another horrible experience with Kay I bought a said to be sterling silver ring for my girlfriend for a gift only to have it turn her finger green we take it back to the store they said it must be how the ring was manufactured and say they will give us a replacement of the same ring we ask OK but is this gonna do the same thing turn her finger green they say it shouldn't that weird and leave it at that so wee take the new ring and its fine but it definitely makes you wonder what they are selling you. After dealing with all the bs from Kay Jewelers I sure as hell will never give them any more money for their shit ass products I'll go pump some quarters in a gum ball machine before I give them money for their over priced shit. So there is my rant about Kay Jewelers yes I'm pissed but I want people to be aware of their shitty customer service and policies. BE AWARE OF KAY JEWELERS!!!