Worst Apartments in Dry Ridge?

Worst Apartments in Dry Ridge?

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Nowhere USA

Louisville, KY

#1 May 7, 2012
Where are the worst apartments in Dry Ridge Ky? Meaning worst drug problem, so we can avoid that area :)....
Grant Countain

Somerset, KY

#2 May 7, 2012
It seems like all of Grant County has a drug problem
Rock ice

Saint Charles, IL

#3 May 16, 2012
All of grant county has a problem it has got worse nothing to do but get high on something and have sex and hang out at mcd don't move here give your kids a better chance
Old Fart

Cincinnati, OH

#4 May 16, 2012
OR just get yourself an education, so you can get a good job, so you can afford a home in a nice neighborhood. THEN stay involved in your childrens lives. Talk to them. Listen to them. Learn about their friends. Hold them up to high expectations instead of the low ones promoted on here. I raised my kids here with no problems. My daughter is a teacher in Boone County. My son is an engineer in Lexington. He lives here and is raising his children here with no problems either. If you don't want trash around you, then don't be around trash.

Medina, OH

#5 May 16, 2012
we lived in Dry Ridge for 12 years and moved to Medina ohio due to work related ,and I can tell you that i believe where ever you move to has drug problems, it really depends on who your kids hang around with ,and we can't watch are kids 24/7, they have to grow up after high school on their own and make the choices whether they are good or bad, we can only hope the make the right choices.

United States

#6 May 16, 2012
While it's true that where you live is definitely what you make of it, you still have to be aware of your surroundings. The majority of apartment complexes in Grant Cty are drug infested, filthy dwellings, inhabited by the lowest of the low. Sure there will always be the exception to the rule and you'll find some truly great people mixed in the madness, but don't count on it. Best advice is to steer clear of meadow view and under no circumstances ever even ponder the idea of living in locust ridge. Those people are just disgusting! Filthy is a compliment to those people! Ex: Ashley Baker, Carolyn Marie Asher, Gary Noel, Janie Nicole Asher, need I go on? Trashy, trashy, trashy! Give your family a future and choose your housing wisely! Good luck!
dont forget

United States

#7 May 17, 2012
Even in the best of Apts, Houses, or any dwelling, with the best of neighbors, Your children attend school with their peers... So One bad apple will try to spoil all your good intentions.. You have to pray to GOD, that they make the right choice in life, instill all your education in sex, drugs, drinking, all the wrongs, and rights, A child will listen for the most part. Play the game as if you are a parent and not a friend.... Stand your ground and love them regardless...
Mike Sears

Crown Point, IN

#8 May 17, 2012
I love grant county real nice place and people u have crack heads ever where now but not a bad place at all
ashley baker

Fond Du Lac, WI

#9 Jun 11, 2012
Just so you know my apartment is very clean feel free to stop by and take a look loucst ridge apt 41f then we can square up face to face
oh wow

Hamilton, OH

#10 Jul 9, 2012
specific people aside, i dont know anyone that was mentioned in funnyforsure's post but i agree locust ridge and meadow view are the worst in the county, closely followed by the left side of the harvesters..many bad people live in all three. i hear dalton place in crittenden is going down hill as well but ive also heard an equal amount of positive about dalton. the apartments by county line are decent and the ones on the left past the 4 way and ezy stop in critteneden on your way to county line. warsaw place is decent as well, although there are alot of people on HUD there that seem to be questionable types, and let their kids run a little crazy, but thats everywhere.

Iselin, NJ

#11 Jul 19, 2012
A bunch of HUD/Income based housing being hood? Shocking!

Here's a thought.... Don't move somewhere where the first thing they ask for is you Section 8 voucher.
struggling mom

Somerset, KY

#12 Nov 15, 2012
Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and lost my job a few years ago. Things became increasingly difficult for me and my family until I had no choice but to move to a low income apartment at Warsaw Place. I am being totally honest when I tell you that the police are at the complex at least 5 out of 7 days each week. There was a meth lab bust a few years ago in one of the apartments and the management-if you can even call it that-is a joke. Nothing is ever repaired or replaced and the parking lot is often covered in garbage. I have lived in some pretty populated places in Cincinnati, Covington and Newport throughout my life and I have never seen the amount of fighting and yelling and drug use that I have witnessed here. Believe me when I tell you that if there was ANYTHING I could do to relocate, I certainly would. Whatever you do, do NOT move to Warsaw Place.It is the definition of "Ghetto".

Since: Nov 12

United States

#13 Nov 16, 2012
The OP never mentioned anything about kids or family, simply said "we", then you guys derailed into raising your kids right, school, God, and defending Grant County.

There is no defense. Grant County is a huge pusbag dangling from the scrotum of Boone and Kenton counties.

None of you mentioned Arrowhead in Williamstown; see my other posts about this street from Hell. Kids or not, white trash is white trash, and I'll do this OP the courtesy no one afforded

United States

#14 Nov 24, 2012
I would not recommend anyone to move to Grant County, its disgusting anymore. Its gone straight to sh!t....... Drugs are everywhere and everyone is on them.
True Blue

Louisville, KY

#15 Sep 6, 2013
You know Dalton Place in Crittenden has went down hill and only has gotten worse.They have a Bed Bug issue that is falling back on the people.He does not spray.People are leaving their homes because he does not spray, they catch these.Then their stuff is taken out to burn.It is horrifying and sad.There are alot of mold etc.Broken pipes these people are living in bad conditions.

Florence, KY

#16 Oct 6, 2013
True Blue wrote:
You know Dalton Place in Crittenden has went down hill and only has gotten worse.They have a Bed Bug issue that is falling back on the people.He does not spray.People are leaving their homes because he does not spray, they catch these.Then their stuff is taken out to burn.It is horrifying and sad.There are alot of mold etc.Broken pipes these people are living in bad conditions.
I would have to agree with this post 100% The owner of this place is a scum bag! I went into his "office" to apply for one of his town homes and right off the bat I noticed he was very unprofessional. When the discussion of bedbugs came up he tried in every which way to avoid the subject. The owner was also very quick to tell me about other tenants problems.(late rent, conditions they live in) Regretfully I was desperate and still filled out the application. He told me to put the deposit down even though I hadn't been approved yet.(just in case someone else wanted that apt) A few days later I came to my senses and decided I did not want to move my children in there and when I went back for my deposit he told me he didn't have to give it back. Even though I never signed a contract with him, only filled out an application. He had his "secretary" tell me I couldn't have my money back. After arguing with him on the phone he told me he would "cut me a check for half and mail the rest" I knew I wasn't going to see the rest of the money so I took back what he gave me.(still not showing his face, he left it on the desk for me to pick up) The owner of these apartments is heartless. And never in my life have I heard of an apartment building not being responsible for bedbugs in their apts. But somehow this man seems to think it's not his problem completely WOWS me.

United States

#17 Dec 27, 2013
I'm offended by the comments regarding Meadowview apartments. I lost my job 3 years ago and had to take a job making half of what I made before. In order to stay afloat, I've had to make changes, one being where I lived. I'm not a loser or deadbeat, my house is clean and my child does not "run wild". There will always be undesirables in any neighborhood, blanket statements regarding people whom reside in Meadowview and its cleanliness ate unfair. The outside could be picked up, but that could be anywhere. My old next door neighbors before Meadowview were lawyers and their house was absolutely filthy.

Charlestown, IN

#18 Dec 29, 2013
i do agree with that, i feel sorry for the less fortunate that have to live around drugs, and bedbugs, etc! Its very unfair to assume that because you live next to trash, then you and your children are trash. Its not these poor babies faults for how they are raised or what there raised up around, nor is it a good (working) parents fault that they work everyday and maybe living in somewhere like meadowview is all they can still afford. And let me just add, I have to visit a lot of homes for my job an you would be suprised how many people that live in "nice homes" live in filth. Filth and clutter!! Its not just GC, its not just apartments or mobile home parks, its Everywhere!!
dnt judge

Lexington, KY

#19 Jan 31, 2014
If ur doing ur job as a parent. U will c that it dnt matter where u live as long as u teach ur children right from wrong an dnt b their friend b their parent. i live in locust ridge an yes u have crazy stupid ppl here but that dnt mean that my child is around them an for the record more an half the tenants here HAVE JOBS! an just maybe yall should meet john roth.. its not that easy to get a apartment here.. i almost put my life on it that most of u wouldn't b able to get a apartment here cause of criminal record or credit
frustrated tenant

Louisville, KY

#20 Feb 1, 2014
Don't move to 230 barley circle. The building is infested with bed bugs and the land lord doesn't care one bit. he is never here to check on the property. Didn't think he would be like that, remember looks be deceiving!

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