larry & sheila peters
Payback is a bleep

Batavia, OH

#1 Dec 12, 2012
Don't trust these fu**ers they will rip u off in a heartbeat!! Lowlife bum a$$ scums!!
aint that the truth

Batavia, OH

#3 Dec 12, 2012
Yeah they got a lot of my ppl for $ those bums don't work so they live off of robbin hard workin ppl. They will get theirs believe that!!
grow up

Somerset, KY

#5 Dec 13, 2012
Not low life's just disabled so let's mind our own business. Don't bother nobody. Good people that need to be left alone. They have been through a lot. Why don't you talk about the real jerks that turn people in.

Somerset, KY

#6 Dec 14, 2012
Sheila is my cousin and she does not rob people. She was once a hard working person and now she is disabled and pregnant you Fu**ers... Go some where with your lies...

United States

#7 Dec 16, 2012
She's disabled an pregnant ? Then y does her an her ole man always have a needle in there arm. Or out stealing. Not to disabled to break into people's shit. They come down my way they will leave with hot lead in em

Williamstown, KY

#8 Dec 17, 2012
They are both useless dope PHENE lowlifes who NO QUESTION about it steal, lie and manipulate every one they can find to stick it to! My friend helped them out more than once and gotten screwed in the end !!! YOU ARE CRAZY INSANE STUPID IF U ARE SOMEONE WHO BELIEVES THEY ARE GOOD PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIE CHEAT AND STEAL TO KEEP UP THAT EXPENSIVE ASS DRUG ADDICTION THEY BOTH HAVE ... Either u are just plain STUPID LIKE THEM OR U ARE DOING THE SAME LYING STEALING CRIME GAMES RIGHT BESIDE THEM ... Calling yourselves "friends" of theirs ... NO ONE IS THEIR FRIEND AS THEY WILL FUCK U ONE WAY OR ANOTHER VERY QUICKLY IF U ALLOW THEM TO! They work like professional con artists at times as they are really dumber than a Rock ... They will feed innocent people that sad sad story bout how they TRY TRY TRY SO HARD IN LIFE .. ONLY TO ALWAYS HAVE THE WORST LUCK !! SOMEONE'S ALWAYS ROBBING THEM ...(Like when Larry's wallet came up stolen more than ONCE when they lived in the country on Hogg ridge! HE LEFY THE WALLET FULL OF 800$ OUT IN THE CAR WHICH WAS ALL THEIR BILL MONEY AND SOMEONE STOLE IT RIGHT OUT THE CAR!!) LIES LIES AND MORE LIES!! Evicted from one place .. Evicted from another! STORY OF THEIR LIVES! Myself and a girl I work with whom is friends with Sheila on Facebook were LAUGHING OUR BUTTS OFF AT THE MANY MANY POSTS OF HERS RECITING BIBLE VERSES OR SENDING PRAYERS TO GOD IN HEAVEN ALL THE WHILE WORKING FOR THE DEVIL AND LIVING A LIFE OF NO GOOD !!! She used to manage LOCUST RIDGE until she finally got fired once and for all ... He went to work with her every single day and worked the property daily for drugs and dope dealing , stealing as in she had access to the master keys of every apartment on the property which ended up in his hands to go in and steal a persons stuff right out from under them the second he knew they had pulled out to go somewhere ... Sheila "the crack head " and her band of no good idiots ran the place for far too long as they did entirely more damage than ever should have been allowed! Sheila's fat ass is no more ... Instead thanks to the heavy drugs she's now "bean pole" Sheila instead ... Him and her both are dirty greasy characters ... He has NOT A TOOTH one in his mouth to speak of and her smile ain't much better last time I saw her! My friend told me that she's witnessed both of them snoring pain pills right in front of their kids like its no big deal at all!! PLEASE STAY CLEAR OF THESE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL LOWLIFE LOSERS AS THEY WILL SURELY BRING U RIGHT DOWN WITH THEM IF U DON'T WATCH! GIVE THEM NO SYMPATHY WHATSOEVER!!! IT'S THEIR OWN FAULT THAT THEY HAVE BEEN AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE EVICTED FROM EVERY PLACE THEY LIVE WITHIN NO TIME ... IT'S THEIR FAULT THEIR WATER OR ELEXTRIC KEEPS GETTING CUT OFF, THEY ARE STRUGGLING OR ANY OTHER BULLSHIT SAD STORY THEY COMPILE TO MAKE SOME POOR INNOCENT PERSON WHO'S FAR FROM BEING ANYTHING CLOSE TO THE GARBAGE SHEILA AND LARRY ARE, INTO HANDING THEM MONEY OR DOING THEM FINANCIAL FAVORS OR OTHERWISE ... It's all fake and its all a big show!! STRAIGHT UP LOSERS IF U TWO WOULD GET A JOB, OR HELL FOR THAT MATTER ONE OF U EVEN ... LARRY'S NEVER WORKED A LEGIT JOB IN HIS LIFE SO HE'S WAY OVERDUE TO GET ONE!! WHAT A REAL MAN HE IS THAT HIS FAMILY IS BROKE AS A JOKE, CONSTANTLY BEING EVICTED OR SHIT TURNED OFF, NO MONEY NOT EVEN A DIME TO TAKE CARE OF WHAT NEEDS HIS FAMILY HAD ... IT WAS MY UNDERSTANDING THAT THE MAN OF THE HOUSE WAS THE ONE WHO WORKED 3 and 4 JOBS IF NECESSARY TO TAKE CARE OF HIS FAMILY!! This loser works nothing but his nasty teeth free mouth as he BEGS ROBS STEALS AND LIES TO TAKE CARE OF WHAT'S MOST IMPORTANT THAT BEING HIS DRUG HABIT AND HERS AS WELL!! THESE TWO HAVE HURT AND CONNED SEVERAL GOOD HARD WORKING PEOPLE THAT I KNOW AND I CAN'T TELL U HOW DISGUSTED IT MAKES ME! I KNOW KARMAS A BITCH SO .... WATCH OUT!! Get a job and a life and a rehab center you 2 nasty bums !!!

Harrison, OH

#9 Dec 19, 2012
FIREDANCER WHEW!!!!!!! Its gotta be true because EVERYTHING you wrote I either heard or witnessed for myself! lol TESTIFY!!!!!!!! But whats going to happen to their unborn baby? Other two are on the same road their momma is, sad but true!

United States

#10 Dec 19, 2012
R they related to Sharon Peters
fake folks

Somerset, KY

#11 Jan 10, 2013
These two are cowards! They are faker than a fake finger nail. It's awful, they lie and rob people to keep themselves high. They are pregnant every three months and then misteriously "lose" the baby and don't know why. I know why, it;s all the pills weed and dope they smoke. It's sad that they get on facebook saying how they are always getting robbed, and shi* well havent they figured out karma is a bi*ch? They are worthless and need to stop taking advantage of the kind hearted people in this county.. who help them and then get shit on.. worthless cowards.

Louisville, KY

#12 Feb 28, 2013
Taterchip wrote:
She's disabled an pregnant ? Then y does her an her ole man always have a needle in there arm. Or out stealing. Not to disabled to break into people's shit. They come down my way they will leave with hot lead in em

The day you want to put hot lead in someone let me know where you are and I'll take it away from you and shove it up your a$$

United States

#13 Feb 28, 2013
All you guys are piece of s**** Sheila and larry aren't what you f***** say they are, nobody knows what they are talking about they need to go run their mouths on the snitchin b***** and your gonna put a lead in them? Bring it on and see what happens, everybody is startin to piss me off, and it ain't gonna be good!!!! Run your mouth on someone else you piece of s*** mothe******!!

United States

#14 Feb 28, 2013
Ya you know what they ain't pregnant every 3 months, ans nobody is welcome back in my home whoever is sayin this. I am their daughter and dare anyone to put lead in my mom and dad, pay back is a b**** your right. And you will see how much that is true. They are some of the realest people that I know and I'm tired of people running their mouth! If your gonna run your trap. Why dont you come run it to our face you pussys. Go talk about someone else piece of s*** lowlife mother******, you are the ones who ain't got no life cuz your always on here running your cock suckers on someone who is inecent. Now b****

Somerset, KY

#15 Feb 28, 2013
I think its funny how Larry & Sheila are still being talked about after several years of the fake SH** going on. She is disabled now thanks to Locust Ridge. And as far as being pregnant. Yes she was once and lost the baby and like I said ONCE! Leave them alone they are good people and you all need to get a life and something better to talk about. LOL too funny.

Somerset, KY

#16 Feb 28, 2013
All you scared people!! Why dont you come to my face and these things??? HAHA Fake lol your dont know anything about us (obviously) or you would know that we have changed our lives for the better, since I left that no good place that I used to call a place of work LOL thats a joke....I will not let this get to me. You will not see me on her again. I know who you are....stop being a pussy and come see me face to face.

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