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Inquiring Mind

Lucasville, OH

#1 Dec 30, 2011
So what does everyone think about the new General Manager at Gold Star (Scott.
Really Now

Williamstown, KY

#2 Jan 2, 2012
In response to your question... I won't eat there anymore. It disgusts me to think that he is touching his iguana's etc before he comes to work and touches my food. He is a nice guy, but something just creeps me out thinking about eating a cheese coney with a side of iguana skin. He has done some really good things for the store, but I think he should stop parking his van outside of the store, it gives people the wrong impression.

Williamstown, KY

#3 Jan 3, 2012
I ate there today, and honestly Scott has done good things for the store. He is very friendly and makes customers feel welcomed. I don't think there is anything wrong with him or how he handles his store. I have a small child and he kept walking by talking to her (making small talk), he is a nice person and deserves a better review than he has been given.
Local Guy

Cincinnati, OH

#4 Jan 6, 2012
Scott has done a lot for the Gold Star in Dry Ridge. My kids love that place and while Janice was there I wouldn't do anything but use the drive-thru. Now the atmosphere is much more inviting and the employees are a lot more presentable. I've gone in more in the last few months than the entire previous year.

As far as the 'iguana skin' thing, Scott closed his reptile business last year and doesn't own anymore exotic animals (according to the fella who bought most of his lizards and snakes - who I bought my snake from).

Louisville, KY

#5 Jan 9, 2012
SRB wrote:
I ate there today, and honestly Scott has done good things for the store. He is very friendly and makes customers feel welcomed. I don't think there is anything wrong with him or how he handles his store. I have a small child and he kept walking by talking to her (making small talk), he is a nice person and deserves a better review than he has been given.
I don't even know the guy but I am sure he does deserve a better review than this crap. But you know how the people on these forums are.....they just try to start a bunch of rumors and drama. I pay no attention to anything I see on here and I am sure most sensible people don't either.

Frankfort, KY

#6 Jan 25, 2012
Grant countians should be grateful that they have access to big city food like Gold Star in their lousy goat town. I'm a Skyline fan personally as I own stock in the company. My boat in Naples Florida is named "5 Way". Life is good!

Shelocta, PA

#7 Jan 25, 2012
WOW!!! I am amazed to see something on here besides some BS drama. Thanks for the review because the last time my family of 8 went there last year we vowed to not go back unless something changed. Now we will definately be going there for dinner.
As for the pet thing, whats the difference if its a reptile, dog, cat, spider or other animal. Hopefully the people making the food has enough common courtesy to wash their hands before they start working.
Hopefully they stop and think and say how would I want to eat this.

Since: Jan 12

Lexington, KY

#8 Jan 25, 2012
WOW...... I was telling my girlfriends at work about Dinner last night we went to Gold Star for Kids Night. Not only do my 2 Kids eat free but there is so much to do there. Scott is very Friendly and great with the kids. He has a Face Painter lady there hes had a guy doing Majic and another time they were making balloon animals for the kids. HE gives all the kids a Helium Balloon and Stickers too!! He also has little fun games that they play which are actually turned into a LEARNING game where the kids when prizes. The Kids and I try to go there every Tuesday cause its alot of fun. The resturant seems very busy but the crew keeps smilling and having fun while they work... Notsomething you tend to find when things get busy. MUCH BETTER PLACE in My opinion.

The new Manager has done some AMAZING things with that store and its crew.... The place is very clean his staff is Friendly and they seem to be very customer driving in times where most places arent.

Someone was Commenting on his past with the Reptiles and how they wont eat there cause of the lizards and snakes that he had once. well I have seen him and his crew while making food they all wear gloves. SO I dont see an issue there.

I rememeber Him YEARS AGO at the fair with his animals. He seemed to really love what he was doing back then and again was great with the kids and adults who were squirmish about them.

If you havent been there I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do so.... See for yourself, then you can Judge it for yourself.... I too dont believe much of what I see on this site but love to see what people think and then see for myself!!

IN closing..... Scott and his crew are AWESOME.... We are customers for life....
from what i here

Lucasville, OH

#9 Feb 13, 2012
from what i here he is got him self in some hot water with sexual advances toward under age girls that have worked at gold star and some that are over age from what i here he cant keep his hand to him self or his mouth shut from what i here this will make the news here in the near future. from what i have herd and saw in the first person its about time
Y Caint U Spel

Somerset, KY

#10 Feb 13, 2012
It's HEAR, not HERE! Holy crap, the word EAR is even in the word HEAR! It's really difficult to give much credit to anything someone posts when they don't even have the spelling abilities of the average second grader. But I guess we'll just have to wait & see if we HEAR anything this alleged breaking news story...
you can not spell either

Louisville, KY

#11 Feb 13, 2012
ok so wow... you just made your self look really dumb. It's SPELL..not SPEL.. hahaha and it's WHY not Y and YOU not U. Also Caint is not even a word. In response to the comment made about the new GM at Gold star chili I would just like to say he may have done some good things to that place but that man is still purve. "Bad" People can do good things just like good people can do bad things. I have personally seen the way scott has treated some of his employees there. He is very disrespectful to them, I even confronted him and all he had to say was ok. Everyone has they're own opinion about him but i'm sure none of you have seen him behind closed doors. I do believe he deserves the review he is getting... yea sure kids night is good and things have changed for the better at gold i will admit that but that does not change the fact scott is who he is and it's a horny disrespectful old man.
a pun a play on word

Louisville, KY

#12 Feb 13, 2012
it was for sure ment to be a play on words. here meaning here in town im in 7th grade and got it
Y Caint U Spel

Somerset, KY

#13 Feb 13, 2012
OK, so, wow...the mangled spelling of the name was a purposeful barb at the ridiculously misspelled post by "from what i hear." Oh, nevermind. Why am I explaining things to people who are too stupid to get it the first time? BTW, "cannot" is one word, not two.
Mr. 7th grader: No, the original "here" was not intended to be a pun because there is neither humor nor sarcasm attached to it, which is the definition of a pun. I'm pretty certain it was just "here" out of ignorance. And BTW to you...meAnt is how you spell meant.
you can not spell either

Louisville, KY

#14 Feb 14, 2012
HAHAHA you should be a comedian... look it up it can be spelled both ways dumb as*..also my earlier comment I was only being a jerk because I CAN NOT even explain how rude it is for you to make fun of people, what if that person has a problem??? YOU are obviously an immature adult that needs to grow up you wouldn't want anyone making fun of you for accidentally mis-spelling something simple. Just rude.
Y Caint U Spel

Somerset, KY

#15 Feb 14, 2012
Aww, I'm being mean...or maybe you're just whining.
It's a public forum. I am free to post whatever I choose, as is everyone else. You obviously missed the entire point of drawing attention to the misspelling of "hear" as "here." As I commented earlier, it's hard to give much credit to the accusations of someone who doesn't even care enough to be sure that 2nd grade level words are spelled correctly. It gives an air of stupidity to the entire post, and I typically do not believe stupid people.
Gold Star Regular

Somerset, KY

#16 Mar 14, 2012
Does anyone really put any stock in what a faceless and nameless accuser has to say about anybody else?

Williamstown, KY

#17 Mar 19, 2012
I don't know about under age girls, but Scott has said some pretty indecent things to me, however I am of age and was at the time. He may be a bit of a pervert - no offense guys, but what man isn't at some time in their life? Heck some women can be. I never made him think I would even give him a chance and he did make sexual referances as to what he would like to do to me, but like I said - I was of age. I don't hold it against him and I don't think he's a bad man for it, I just nicely turned him down and said "no thanks, I'm happily married and you are married too." Give the guy a break, so what if he likes to get a little freaky!!

Owenton, KY

#18 Apr 29, 2012
I have seen Scott make passes at underage girls but I have also seen him go after married women and other ladies too even tho he is married himself. I have personally seen this in the last 12 years I have known him. For example one time his wife and son were out of town. I heard Scott say that while they were gone he got to play. He proceeded to have an affair with a co-worker. I fear for anyone that has to work with him and his temper. He has gotten better about controlling it but I tell you the guy is a loose cannon. As for his lizard business I do think he enjoyed his work and may have even enjoyed working the birthday parties and such but he was not appropriate around kids. He told a group of kids that I was with the his alligator came out of a crack house. The kids asked him what a crack house was. He started to tell them and i had to stop him. He said why? they are going to learn about it someday was what he said. They were 7 years old! I think Scott is spoiled and use to getting his way. I do think he has grown up but he has a ways to go.

Louisville, KY

#19 May 21, 2012
He's a nice guy and all don't get me wrong but the last two times I went there with my little girl he stayed pratically in our face. First of all I hate someone even looking at me when I'm eating, and definitely can't stand someone talking to me when I have a mouth full of food. I could get over the "over-friendly in your face" kind of stuff. I think he tries to be too nice. Just my opinion but I mean he's nice so don't get me wrong.
Had to Chime in

Burlington, KY

#20 Aug 15, 2012
Hate to try and beat a dead horse here... BUT.... WOW......

The man in question is a good man. He knows Buisness and knows how to create buisness,. He took a Resturant on the vurge of shut down and made it a wonderful and clean place to eat that the county should be happy its still here and ope. Just like someone stated earlier its nice to have a BIG resturant chain in our little town.

As for Scott..... Ive been to Gold Star MANY upon MANY times. Ive seen his Reptile Presentations and I know of him.

Scott is NOT and I repeat NOT MARRIED and doesnt have any kids. Maybe he flirts with Pretty woman and you UGLY woman are just JEALOUS??? SO agian we have KEY BOARD cowards that like to shoot off there mouths about things they claim they know about when in fact dont know JACK.

Like the man or not. It is your right. But look what that man has done for that little resturant in our community... Its a shame people have to run there mouth and say things that they hear cause they wont find the TRUTH out for themselves..

I researched his name and talked to a couple offical people and even talked to the Owners of Gold Star... NOWHERE is there anything that is etched in stone that Scott is a SEXUAL PREDATOR or THREAT to Children..... Maybe you HATERS need to do a REALITY check on yourselfs....

OK... Im done... Going to get me some Gold Star Chili and talk with Scott... Im sure hes there he works all the time and the resturant shows what a wonderful job he has done there..

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