I am a native of Rutherford College. Things that I do know for a fact.
1. Our water bills will be less with Valdese
2. What is the reason Rutherford College Town Fathers don't want to let go.......could it be the revenue they receive from water and sewer.
Next time you go to pay the bill, ask how much do they make on the sell of water and sewer.
3. We are incorporated, Valdese is not nor do they even want Rutherford College.
4. The water employees of Valdese are trained to deal with water issues, like waterline breaks, placement of meters. Do you ever wonder who else is on your water line? Trust me it happens in ole RC.........
We will be better off letting the water go to Valdese.......
Why would RC build such a hugh City Hall? Is it to outdo Connelly Springs? How many rooms can one employee occupy in one day?
There, those are the facts.