I had a great surprise about the service and I did not like the lack of respect towards the employees. I had 3 employees in drive thru take care of the lines of cars which were out to the street as well as the assistant manager in the front who did very well taking care of the line with a smile on her face. I had the opportunity to chat with one of the girls in drive thru and I asked her if we were busy today. She said that we are not but we have been short staffed all morning and our manager left at 1 with a lot to do. We still have to stock, clean, and help customers when we have very little time. We do what we can and understand when a customer gets angry with us, but it is not our fault. We try to explain it, but it does not help anything, and nothing gets changed. Our work is never praised and he is always unhappy about something. We are not paid enough to put up with all this nonsense of getting in trouble for not completing lists when it is very difficult because we are understaffed. I felt bad after she told me this and about the lack of respect the manager has for his position. He should not have left the girls like that. In the end, I think you will understand my point and where I am coming from. If not, I will be watching. I am a lawyer and I know how to work in cases like these. store 336617 459 Boston rd billerica ma