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Lowell, MA

#739 Jun 12, 2014
mrmac420 wrote:
I was one of the guys to know back then, though at the time of these murders I was doing time myself. Don B was a good friend of mine and was shocked to hear that someone shot him. They said it was suicide I think just to close the case and write it off before things got out of hand. I believe it was Mike Ryan's brother who shot Don and was later found in the canal down by the Acre. Girard F was questioned in Brenda's murder but I don't know the outcome of that. And I believe Sylvester was killed in prison as a direct result of his heinous crime,(may he rot in hell). I just watched a documentary called High on crack street. It got me searching the past and remembering things from the past. Just wanted to interject what I could remember.
Thank you for remembering about Girard F. He was not a good person and it wouldn't surprise me to find out that he is the one responsible. My father stayed in touch with the detectives for most of his life, asking for updates and info. The cops bungled it, no question. They threw out the evidence.
Freind of Moe

Wakefield, RI

#740 Jun 19, 2014
justice for Moe wrote:
Anyone remember the murder suicide involving Maureen Furey back in the mid 1980's?
What was the name of the dirtbag that trapped her in the car alongside the Lowell Blvd, then he ran a hose from the tailpipe into the car killing both of them?
Thats a dark spot on Lowell Police investigation history. They labeled it a double suicide.. BS! it was a murder suicide, Maureen was killed by that scumbag.
RIP Moe..
I remember it well. Maureen was a good friend of mine growing up, we went to grammar school together at the Oakland , on to the Moody for junior high, and a brief stay at Lowell High before she disappeared. It was heart breaking. I remember meeting her "boyfreind" once, his name was Eddie, don't remember his last name. Although I remember my first impression was "this guy is bad news". I know he caused alot of trouble for her and her family. No one really knew what happened. I was shocked and saddened and it stills haunts me today. I miss my friend.

Dracut, MA

#741 Jul 9, 2014
LoWeLL 4 LifE wrote:
<quoted text>
I remember that. He got out of his car and started a fight with a guy in a Monte Carlo, he jumped in the guys car and the guy floored it and threw him into a parked car.It was over a traffic dispute.
Thats what happens when you mess with the wrong guy.
Juan was a good guy who made a bad decision! He only died because his parents refused a blood donation.

Parkville, MD

#742 Jul 16, 2014
Her name was Janice Filamond his name was Dennis Baker. They found all of her, but her limbs had been severed.
tna wrote:
does anyone remember janice i don;t remember her last name but back in the i think early 80s she was living at the time is was called the chariot apts and went missing i think they found her torso
by the old chelmsford car wash i think they never found the rest of her remains but they suspected
the manager of apts. had something to do with her murder and when they were going to arrest him
he killed himself ...i think his name was Dennis

Parkville, MD

#743 Jul 16, 2014
I grew up with Janice and Erica although Erica and I were much closer as our mothers were very close. Erica was killed 23 months after Janice and the situations were quite different. Janice came from an abusive home and had a tendency to make friends easily. She would very often stay at our apartments because she was too afraid to go home. Erica was close with all of her family members and had a fairly normal home life. She was babysitting to get money for the Hi-Hat. I hope you are not implying that there is a connection between the two murders. Erica was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time as Teddy Trigones saw her and thought she was Joey and Hope's mother. Sometimes its just best to accept things and allow the wound to heal...
Searching for info wrote:
<quoted text>
Did you hang out with Erica when you were young? Did you know that Erica and Janice Filamond who's torso was found the year prior were friends? Hun, Janice was my best friends little sister and Erica I learned a few years back was the niece of my father's wife. I am looking for childhood friends of these two little girls because after this many years I have suspicions that are coming about that need to be put to rest.

East Hartford, CT

#744 Jul 18, 2014
Mark Jones was found on side of dumpster not in and was shot also the guy who did it turned himself in out of guilt from what I know. That happened in 94 or 95

Dracut, MA

#745 Jul 19, 2014
Grossed Out wrote:
<quoted text>
Her first name was Linda. I can't remember her last name.
her name was Linda Holzworth 2 teenagers took advantage of her in the highlands then drove her to the river where they threw her in..then they went out to breakfast.
Joe S

North Andover, MA

#746 Aug 3, 2014
Does anyone remember a story of a burnt body tied to a tree behind solomons mental health in the woods?

Newark, NJ

#748 Aug 22, 2014
to answer the question of when did the Hells Angels leave Lowell and I would have to answer your question they have never left loLowell Mass in fact I was surrounded by about 30 of them on bikes wearing full colors at the Bridge Street bridgethey were on their motorcycles and wearing full colors they were cutting off traffic and rolling through like rolling thunder very impressive just a few years back and I've seen them riding in packs over the last couple of years. so they may not live in Lowell but I believe that the Lowell chapter of the Hells Angels that I remember as a child is very much alive and welllike I said I recently seen it with my own two eyes I was swamped by them they cut off all the lights and went through and through liI do not believe their baffles were on that day eithersrock and roll rock and roll rock and roll yeah

Lowell, MA

#750 Sep 8, 2014
Who remembers that case where a colombian boyfriend kills his baby while the mom works her name was Linda i don't remember her last name even though we went to jr high together the bf killed the lil girl but some how she had a lil boy before having the girl and he some how died too before the girl i remember seeing her and i was like how is ur lil man and she had the nerve to tell me she had not given birth to no bBy boy then after what happen to her lil girl it was also mentioned the lil boy and only then was when they were gonna opened up an investigation smh
former Lowell native

United States

#751 Sep 11, 2014
gottagift wrote:
Linda went to the Apartment shared by Roland Sylvester and Kenneth Murry....Bad things happened there that night. Autopsy showed she was alive when thrown into the river. My tear ducts are swelling just thinking about it. Judge Robert Barton sentenced Sylvester to three consecutive life sentences to :assure the community that he never sees the light of Day again." Kenneth Murray avoided trial by hanging himself in the Cambridge jail.
You got the name wrong It was not Kenneth. He passed away at the age of 14 Long before the murder happened. I went to school with him. and he did not commit suicide and Cambridge he did it at his home in Lowell off of. Westford Street Back in 79 I believe you can research it in the Lowell Sun so if you're not sure you should probably do your homework before you leave L such information

Lowell, MA

#752 Sep 30, 2014
Disgusted wrote:
1981? Behind Chevy's Supposedly a girl left the club to party and then the girl was murdered and hog tied thrown in the river? Don't remember more than that. I remember that one too this day and caution my teenagers, I became extremely cautious when out clubbing in the 80's.
It did happen

Lowell, MA

#753 Oct 13, 2014
Any one remember Ricky he got shot in a parking lot near Middlesex comm college because of a girl very sad

Lowell, MA

#754 Oct 13, 2014
kiri wrote:
Does anyone remember the crazy crazy drive-by shooting that happened at the Morey School back in like 1991/1992. TRG vs TG. My cousins lived on the street abutting the school and they said it was the loudest scariest thing they had ever heard!! I think the perpetraitors used an AK-47. I think 2 or 3 people died. It made national news!!
Omg I remember that my ex was hit in the leg.

Windham, NH

#755 Oct 14, 2014
Kber wrote:
Wow........I remember Ding Ding,anyone remember Old Man Morgan?
Also anyone remember the killing of Chip (Dale) Farmer?
Who was Old Man Morgan?

Chicago, IL

#756 Oct 29, 2014
lower highlands resident wrote:
When I was a kid in the 60's I played with a boy about 5 yrs old, Kenny Mason, played with him everyday.
He was killed by some guy and they found him by the river bank.
I will never forget that, my mother never let me out of her sight after that.
I bought a True Crimes magazine a couple years ago off eBay that had the whole story.
He was actually found in one of the canals behind the old Rex..

Windham, NH

#757 Oct 29, 2014
Can anyone give me any information on Old Man Morgan?! Hear some stuff about him, but want to know more.

North Hampton, NH

#758 Nov 6, 2014
missy12090 wrote:
Can anyone give me any information on Old Man Morgan?! Hear some stuff about him, but want to know more.
Old Man Morgan Lived with his 3 kids?? in 2 houses if you can call them that. on Swan street on the Chelmsford line.
I believe the actual address would be 78 Swan street There were 2 houses there with no windows ( plastic covering the windows or wood).
I bet 100 cars on the land and trash everywhere.
He walked the streets sometime drove a bike or drove in an early 1970's station wagon collecting trash and rummaging for food in dumpsters.
I recall at least 2 girls one girl would be about 50 today she was beautiful had the most rose y cheeks I ever saw an very smart. she went to the Butler graduated 1979.
Old man Morgan was Real and a Legend at the same time.
We would drive our bikes by his house and screen OLD man Morgan is a garbage picker.. wait for him to come running out and holler at us to leave him alone.
We told story's that he threw stuff at us or heard friends say he shot a gun at them ( ALL OF THAT IS NONSENSE)
He did tell us to go away. But never threatened us. We were young kids with nothing better to do in reality today they would probably charge us with a Hate crime.

I am glad I am not a kid today.

Since: Jan 12

North Hampton, NH

#759 Nov 6, 2014
missy12090 wrote:
Can anyone give me any information on Old Man Morgan?! Hear some stuff about him, but want to know more.
You sparked my memory

I googled him.

His name was George I never knew he was married I knew one of the girls.

Sid Clark

Springfield Gardens, NY

#760 Nov 12, 2014
In the 1080's I lived in Tyngsboro. I saw a murder trial on TV. Two young men picked up a young woman in a local bar. She was a parking lot attendant at Wang labs. They took her to their apartment, tied and gagged her and repeatedly raped her. Tortured too, probably. They decided to silence her by killing her by throwing her off a high bridge in Lowell over the Merrimack. They were tried and sentenced to Walpole. The judge said that that he hoped they would be shown the "same quality of mercy" at Walpole as what they had shown the girl they had raped and murdered.
One of the killers tried to defend himself by saying he stayed in the car while his friend took the girl to the bridge to throw her off. The jury didn't buy the story.
I saw the trial on local cable-access channel. The floorboards of the courtroom creaked as the lawyers walked around.
I can't find any trace of this crime or trial online.

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