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#1897 Apr 4, 2011
You are accurate in that more then the 5 children lived off the rewards that are given to some staff. (RICH GET RICHERÖPOOR GET POORRER) Nevertheless, the staff that do get the houses, free cars, and free bills paid, ect. are less then 15% of the total number of staff.(Estimated) In my 10+ years at the Mills this is 1 of the reasons I have determined to go on with my life. It happens everywhere, and it is not going to stop. Why if I reap the benefits that the community, RMís, TLís, SCís, and mangers receive I would want to get rid of them. They do need to take some of these benefits away, and make them pay some.

West Chester, PA

#1898 Apr 4, 2011
The grunts are in the unit making the different in the kids that Glen Mills pride themselves on. They do a majority of the work but reap either none or the minimum benefits. No raises in 3 years (I won't even include the half-ass bonus, and wawa gift card), lump all your checks together so taxes rape any extra money you can make, and complain if you try to use vacation or sick days because then they may have to come in and do work. Meanwhile, the community gets the houses with all utilities paid, brand new blackberry work phones, new unit vans, new company cars, free gas, and hush-hush raises. But we're in a recession, pop is down, and all that when it comes to raises for everyone else.

Donít misunderstand me SOME TLs, and SCs earn their pay checks and worth but def not the majority. Some care about the kids and their success but a majority don't. Most TL donít spend enough time in the unit to know what is going on, that's why they need a note written to them every day to fill them in like they couldn't leave from across the street 5 minutes earn to read the damn log. Most don't even speak to students until they are in an issue or problem and have no relationship with them at all. AM's are the backbone of the unit dealing with all the issues, comings and goings, scheduling, administration visits and actually communicate with the kids. PM's well you can't say enough about them. PMs will like you as long as you do what needs to be done to make them look good. If you need to find a PM most can be located between 4-8 at the SWB watching TV, sitting on the steps of the SU like teenage hoods, making up bogus reason to go home, or anything they want (use your imagination) as long as no problem pop up and for the most part TL are non-the-wiser or choose not to. Most have veteran staff in their unit so they can be left with the responsibility of supervisors including writing the note confirming the population, put the kids to bed, make sure the unit is up tight and most of the supervisor duties. And by 9 they can be found in their homes across the street or en route to the neighborhood watering hole (shouts to Duf)

If TM and the RMs came out of the AD from time to time or stuck around after 4PM they would notice is. Most of them have been out of the field for 10+ years and have no idea what the kids or job entails anymore but make all the decisions based on the watered down, half-ass, opinion of a TL who doesn't know his asshole form his elbow or if he does would be too scared to tell people he figured it out (shouts to TL TM). But they don't want to know, they rather not know and as long as the process is followed everyone CYA's they can use ignorance as a defense. TM recently said if he hears a staff member on campus cursing at a student, they'd be terminated. Haha, talking about an idle threat, as long as you are not in the AD or screaming loud enough to be heard there he'll be none the wiser still.

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#1899 Apr 4, 2011
When I was at the Mills there was a required reporter stipulation in place. If you saw any type of abuse you were required to report it to your supervisor. If you did not you were as guilty as them. Did you ever report anything? I did and think that is 1 of the many reasons why my supervisor respected me and treated me so well.

Philadelphia, PA

#1900 Apr 4, 2011
No I didn't report anything, and I should have. I had my reasons for not report them, but none of them justify not doing it, I admit that. I also know that I stopped a lot of abuse and kept a lot of things from going too far. I have conscious, and it is clear! You can say that I may be guilty by association but by no means am I as guilty as those who did it. Ownerships will set you free!

Washington, DC

#1901 Apr 4, 2011
cut and paste wrote:
Let's end the misery. I am tired of hearing about it and nothing getting done. Cut and paste the following survey. Tell everyone you know at GMS to do the same, so there can be good supprt from line staff. Complete the survey and then mail your responses to:
President or Treasurer
Board of Managers
Glen Mills Schools
PO Box 5001
Concordville, PA 19331
Staff Survey
Glen Mills Schools Leadership Evaluation
1. Strongly Disagree
2. Somewhat Disagree
3. Neutral
4. Somewhat Agree
5. Strongly Agree
With each statement circle the number that best correlates to you opinion on each statement or topic:
I believe the present executive director is capable of leading the Glen Mills Schools in a positive direction for the future:
1__________2__________3_______ ___4__________5
I feel the system of reprimanding staff when mistakes are made is fair and equitable 1__________2__________3_______ ___4__________5
I feel the system of promoting or moving staff to better positions when they become open is fair and equitable
I feel staff performance evaluations are fair and equitable: 1__________2__________3_______ ___4__________5
I feel that I am able to talk to my direct supervisor without fear of retaliation (loss of house or loss of job):
1__________2__________3_______ ___4__________5
I trust the Resource Management team is presently acting in the best interest for the Glen Mills Schools:
1__________2__________3_______ ___4__________5
I trust the Resource Manager directly responsible for my position will make decisions in the best interest of the Glen Mills Schools
1__________2__________3_______ ___4__________5
I have lost so much faith in this Executive Director that I believe he should be terminated
1__________2__________3_______ ___4__________5
I feel strongly that the Resource Managers should be removed from their positions in the best interest of the Glen Mills School
1__________2__________3_______ ___4__________5
Additional comments:_________
Sent my survey in. Not sure it will work but I gotta try. I don't think low pop has anything to do with the economy. I heard philly is shutting us out. I heard they think the admin that they met with are assholes. Heard also that GI didnkt go to the meeting with the judges at all. I am sick and tired. I put many years into this job

Oxon Hill, MD

#1902 Apr 4, 2011
i been there last year ur child is gettin [email protected] up

Plano, TX

#1903 Apr 5, 2011
I gotta agree with you about that..dave rogers was a real piece of work..i was there from 97 to 99..youre right he would come in the morning and pick a kid to beat up..if not more then one..and the bad thing about it was the rest of the staff never did anything..almost like they supported his behavior..hes not the only bad seed though..alot of the glen mills staff are shady..when I was introduced to the program they showed me the seven levels of confrontation..and I never remember them telling me that I would b socked in the face or slammed on the floor by staff members..Dont get me wrong..i learned alot at glen mills..graduated, photography cert, wrestled, and ran track..but the physical abuse there is something a kid should never have to deal with it.. And they have a (norm) rule that says no going outa process which means, you are not allowed to tell anyone about the beatings...the more I write about it the more I hate that place..messed me up mentally..

Dallas, TX

#1904 Apr 5, 2011
I also remember being there and the people from california came to talk to us to make sure we were safe and being treated as expected..but before I talked to them, dave rogers called me in his office to let me know thay he held the key to me going home, so I better keep my mouth shut when I talked to them..needless to say I wanted to go home.. And as for the staff members and people in the public making all these comments, you cant judge it unless youve been through it..put the shoe on the other foot. Let me come to work and beat you senseless because I had a bad day...
What the

United States

#1905 Apr 5, 2011
You are saying that there is abuse and that there may be a video tape of the suspected sexual abuse, that staff were mostly silent and that you have to be deprogrammed when you leave?? This is the defination of a fucking cult. Every thing you say in this forum has been sent on to the counties of PA and other states, the DHS and the juveniule justices, etc. We have been way ahead of Mr. cut and paste. Why do you think you are down in pop? They know what goes on. It is not the economy or your repeated silence. There are people who speak up and will continue to do so and to the right people. Believe me, the board and the admin are not tyhe right people and they all should be held accountable for this BS. Hopefully, they have some good D & O insurance. The only good on all of this are the people that leave.
a innocent child

Glenolden, PA

#1906 Apr 5, 2011
i am a good kid that made a mistake when i want to glen mills i was told that a physical restraint is when u get hold down so why did four staff beat me up repeadtly i was slam threw tables and cubby and what hurts the most that they make it look beautiful u don't know how mentally hurt i am why would ppl do this to kids

Lebanon, PA

#1907 Apr 6, 2011
Hello my friend Ricky and Rey are locked up in there and they have told me that they are treated bad. They shouldn't be able treat them bad bcecause the inmates are there to learn to stop doing bad things but the only thing they are being teached is more violence. They should be given a a good example not a bad one. Because the cops and security were to earn their degree or position for a good example not a bad one. And there is nothing we can do bout it. =( thanx for your time.

Kennett Square, PA

#1908 Apr 6, 2011
What the wrote:
You are saying that there is abuse and that there may be a video tape of the suspected sexual abuse, that staff were mostly silent and that you have to be deprogrammed when you leave?? This is the defination of a fucking cult. Every thing you say in this forum has been sent on to the counties of PA and other states, the DHS and the juveniule justices, etc. We have been way ahead of Mr. cut and paste. Why do you think you are down in pop? They know what goes on. It is not the economy or your repeated silence. There are people who speak up and will continue to do so and to the right people. Believe me, the board and the admin are not tyhe right people and they all should be held accountable for this BS. Hopefully, they have some good D & O insurance. The only good on all of this are the people that leave.
It is quite amazing that the high and mighty can get upset about someone driving past a truant on a golf cart, yet choses not to report any of the mental, physical and sexual abuse that those students go through and the disgusting employment conditions that the staff work under. The usual GMS duplicity.

Phoenixville, PA

#1909 Apr 7, 2011
I work at Glenn Mills School, And I know for a fact that the staff there does treat the kids hard, sometimes too hard. Put it this way there are alot of drywall repairs at the school. And I see alot of unhappy kids there.

United States

#1910 Apr 9, 2011
Recently it has been made very clear that our management team at GMs will no longer tolerate any comments from staff on the topix website. They stated that they closely monitor this website and are bringing in a legal team that will evaluate what is said and bring charges of libel against anyone who writes the so called insulting information because it is ďhurting businessĒ. I say bring on your fancy Philadelphia lawyers and let us all go into a court of law to see if anything said on this site is libel. I attest strongly that more than 90% is accurate and welcome the challenge of proving this. I am not afraid of your threats and you no longer intimidate me. Also, you no longer hold anything over my head. What you ARE doing is screwing with our First Amendment right to free speech. I have personally been the victim of this group of discriminatory, abusive and dictator-like administrations whose proven track record is ďretaliation without investigation.Ē And I tell my story to anyone who will listen. That is my Constitutional right. It is time that this management team takes a good long look into the glass house in which they live and work. Do not f**k with my First Amendment right. And board, the reason people post in this blog is because we all know we cannot go to you or write to you. Your attempt at a Whistle Blowing policy in which staff can bring their concerns to you without fear of losing their job or their housing has failed. But, if this management continue on this path in the future, many of the good and long time dedicated staff will eventually move on, and they will remain an aging management team that is sadistic and perverse in their management style.
Truth be told

Philadelphia, PA

#1911 Apr 9, 2011
Whatís up coach? Word around campus is theyíre trying to sue you for speaking your mind, and their trying to find out who has been looking at this site. This place is getting crazier and crazier. They do a good staff member dirty and then try to force them to be quiet by threatening them with a lawsuit. I assure you right now, if they try and sue you theyíll be taking it too far and not only will I but other current staff members will stand with you. I have kids and need and enjoy this job, but whats right is right and people here havenít pulled their weight in a long time. The other day they gave out sweat shirts to staff like we should be so grateful, I donít want more mills clothes I want a raise, I donít need a shirt I need a senior counselor that does his damned job, I donít want a shirt I want a good staff to work along side me so Iím not left doing everything cause my senior counselor is never around or doesnít care to notice crap staff from those that make the unit run. Those shirts are a slap in the face to our intellegence. Cousnelors with houses, cars, phones and all that, but donít even put in a 40 hr. weeks making more money than people that make the school run. I mean we have mortgages to pay and all the bills they get taken care of, and we get paid less. I canít keep drinking the kool-aid that I have been for way too long and I know Iím not the only one. When you LET WEST GO, you sent a message to plenty of staff; you let us know your not concerned about the quality of the staff you have, your more concerned with looking good in G.L., you showed us there is no loyalty or love for staff that do a good job and you showed that if you donít fall in line youíll try and crush them and lastly youíre showing more everyday itís you versus us. You donít understanding we are the majority, we make you look good when we do our jobs and we have the powerÖthe fact that your willing to sue anyone makes that abundantly clear. Even though I only spoke to Mr. Ferrinola once and only worked under him a couple of years, I know he understood the importance of quality and happy staff members FROM TEAM LEADERS TO NIGHT STAFF; something this management has seemed to lose site of.

This isnít a threat, this is a wake-up call from within. If you are paying enough attention to these blog to want to sue someone, pay enough attention to see that there is some truth in it. Callmecoach isnít the enemy, he said some things you may have not liked and aired out some dirty laundry and let of some steam I'm sure, but did he lie all that much? Did he get your attention? Is he making you look at some things that you havenít been? The answer is yes and you know it! Iím assuming the lawsuits rumored on campus was just a scare tactic to tell him and others to chill out, but if Iím wrong you will certainly get a look at what loyalty looks like. If this is a Glen Mills family stop treating everyone thatís not in the AD like red-headed step children, and overlooking what some of the older children are doing wrong. And stop lumping paychecks together; no one believes you are doing it to save paper!!

Callmecoach thanks and CHILL!

Hey Listen sounds like great minds think alike. "Fred and Big Hammer" don't bother talking down to me because I see you everyday on campus and you smile in my face.

West Chester, PA

#1912 Apr 9, 2011
"An oppressive system cannot be must be entirely cast aside."
ex employee

Lititz, PA

#1913 Apr 11, 2011
Sue for speaking the truth? Ha Ha Ha I really hope Glen Mills brilliant leadership really doesnt think they can do that. FREEDOM OF SPEECH! The leadership might want to step outside the little box they live in and see how the rest of the world works. Oh and the Glen Mills name doesnt go past South Eastern Pa. Nobody else knows about GM or Cares. And to all the staff still at GM, THE GRASS IS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE. Dont let them brain wash you.
Taylor Hall Bull 1999

Philadelphia, PA

#1914 Apr 14, 2011
Ha... Look at that! Looks like all the former student's who were called "liar's" about the physical abuse they endured there is true after all! It's pretty sad to see what a program the was once the envy of all placement school's has become. Rest in Peace C.D. Ferrinola, it was all a matter of time before the truth would come out. I posted here Feb 10,#1457-58. Now I am shaking my head at the way this program is being ran into the ground by the same people entrusted into maintaining the success by the man who made it what it WAS and to hear that his paintings were taking down and people are not even allowed to mum is name is a disgrace to what the values of what that program was based upon. It should be only right that the board resigns, along with the other assholes who are running the program into the ground. Out with the old and in with the new before people start looking at GMS as a effing joke... Or is it too late? Should I take it off of my resume as my source of education? Suing former employees now... smh You people are pitiful

S.C. aka Head
Taylor Hall 1999

United States

#1915 Apr 15, 2011
According to the rumor Mills there are surveys coming into the school. Keep it up!!! To remain anonymous, print the address on the other side of the survey, tape or staple closed and send. It is easy and anonymous and gives those who want one, a voice. Type comments that need to be said at the bottom. This is your chance!!! Thank you Listen.
J from Maryland

Bel Air, MD

#1917 Apr 18, 2011
I have a nephew in Philadelphia who has issues and will be soon going to Glen Mills. I have bee doing research and have reviewed many of the posts on this site and am disturbed by some of the negative comments about the current administrators made by people who were apparently formerly associated with the school. It is difficult to get a feel from a neutral party about the state of the school now. I would appreciate any unbiased opinions.

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