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Trenton, NJ

#67 Jul 12, 2008
I am a resident of Coatesville. And yes it is true that there is a lot of things that are negative here in the "city", but on the flip side there are positive things that happen as well. It is just that the(-) is talked about more than the (+). I see children everyday that I am proud of, they've passed to the next level in school, they are active in church, and trying to live a life that they will make their parents and families proud. Another thing is that even in this discussion people are spreading poison instead of trying to create change. The (-) stuff whether it is conversation or deeds breeds more negativity. Its sad reading the paper and seeing trajedy and then come on here and read more...come on! Things start in the home, invest the time with your family, then that love will spread down the block,and eventully your neighborhood can catch on. Once again I live here and I want to see it get better. Rep your hood instead of posting the (-)about the Ville, take the time to drop a line about something (+), or something you like, and if that's nothing then...move on. Don't write anything. Praying for us all. pEc.

Havertown, PA

#68 Jul 14, 2008
Hello again. This weekend I had to venture back into the ville. I hate even going into the city. Its so depressing. There are people on every corner. The people of Coatesville have no respect for others and act as though they are owed something. Its almost impossible to drive through town because people will walk right in front of you and then give you the head roll and attitude like they own the road. I understand that padestrians have the right of way, but its not okay to expect the world to revolve around you.
In the past few years the city has put forth efforts to clean up the town and bring new business' into the city but no one from outside the city want to venture in. It will never work unless the people living in the city allow it to. When I forst moved to Coatesville and was only an 8 yr old kid, I remember looking at all the old building in the city and thinking how beatuful they were. Why can't it be like that again? Please stop blaming and start changing so Coatesville can be a great place for kids to grow up.

Since: Aug 08

West Chester, PA

#72 Aug 18, 2008
I agree, also you cannot blame the people living in Coatesville for a problem that exists in almost every city across the country. Poverty and other socio-economic problems are caused by many factors but one that is obvious in Coatesville is deindustrialization. The empty and abandoned factories are always a dead give away. If you don't understand how this scenario virtually pulled the rug out from under many families in cities and towns across the country during the 50's and 60's then do a little research. Do a Google search of "deindustrialization and poverty" and learn a little bit about why the world around you is the way it is. While you at look up "white flight". Then when you have a better understanding of why things are the way they are then maybe you wonít say things like "people need to just stop selling drugs and committing crimesĒ.

Look, I am a firm believer in the American maxim of pulling one's self up by one's boot straps and, yeah, there amazing opportunities for people to elevate them self out of there current economic situation but the issues in America's cities go a lot deeper than just economics. Yes almost anyone can get an education and probably even get funding and go to a university but, as anyone who has gone to college and graduated can tell you a degree is not always the solution to all your problems. Nor is it a guarantee of a job when you graduate. Itís difficult to care about going to high school everyday when your family has no money or food. You could either sit in class everyday with the hopes that maybe in about 6 to 8 to 14 years you will get a degree that might help you to become financially secure or go out on the corner and make anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand every day. When your father is gone, your mother can't afford her medication and your family can barely eat or pay the rent its hard to even think about the next day let alone several years down the road and put your faith in a getting an education that may not even pay off in the end. Instead you see that not many of your peers stay in school long enough to graduate and are making more fast cash in a day than what your parents probably make in a week if they are lucky enough to have a job.

I think people who enjoy a middle or upper-middle class lifestyle look in from the outside and can't understand why people "choose" to live like that. The problem is that more often than not there is no choice. Like I said I do believe that we live in the greatest country in the world and part of the reason why is because I like to think that everyone in America has a choice about everything except for death and taxes (some of us even think we have a choice concerning the later too) but what many fail to realize is that people living in impoverished and economically oppressed sections of this country have choices that are tantamount to that of a individual being made to choose at gun-point. I don't think that it is anyone's "fault". Not the ones forced to choose between bad and worse, nor the ones who live in and around the same communities and donít understand why they choose to live this way.

I don't claim to have a solution. I think this a problem that is bigger than all of us, but I think that education could help. Education to help reach the intelligent and talented children in the ghettos and barrios across the country and also education for the people who do not comprehend the larger mechanisms at work which plays a major role in producing the crime, drugs, poverty, and blight. People need to understand what causes the outright depressing results that anger and scare them so much.

Since: Aug 08

West Chester, PA

#73 Aug 18, 2008

If you think that something should be done then you should do something. Join a big brother/sister organization, or a church outreach organization that works with inner city kids. Reach out to a child that still wants to be a fireman or architect or president and still has enough hope left to believe that they can actually do it. That 18 yr old boy on the next block sees no hope or options for himself but to continue selling drugs and will probably do so until he ends up dead or in jail if their lucky. He didnít always see the world that way.

No matter how miserable the enviroment surrounding them, a child is still always a child. A child with normal hopes and dreams just like all children and if we even want things in this country, or for that matter the world, to change then the cycle has to be broken and that starts with the children. Would you believe that some kids have never even seen anything past their own block let alone their neighborhood? Especially in Chester County and the Brandywine Valley with all the beautiful parks and gorgeous scenery I would bet the majority of children under age 18 in Coatseville have never seen anything other than 10 block radius they call home.

Take a child somewhere and show them that there IS a world beyond what they know instead of sitting back, reading the police blotter and complaining about "how things are" and "why don't the people living there do something to change it"! The reason why someone has so little value human life that they can spray the block with bullets with no concern for who they hit is the direct result of having no value for they're own lives.

Coatesville is not an isolated problem it only seems that way because of the fairly rural and middle-class communities that surrounds it. Rather than see it as some fish bowl that we look into and criticize for the problems it has we need to see it as part of a larger problem that, regardless of whether or not we want to see it, pervades threw out and affects all of our neighborhoods and lives.

Colonia, NJ

#74 Jan 16, 2009
yung cannon wrote:
i m a coatesville resident and i think cville is straight bossin such as the goonz, dopeboyz, and so on

Virginia, MN

#75 Jan 25, 2009
YOU NAILED IT BROTHER!!!!! THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. It would take a REAL writer to make up something like this! I've lived not to far from this community & I'm afraid to drive through the town in broad daylight even on a week day!
Bill wrote:
Most of the homocide victims in coatesville in the past ten years, regardless of their families beliefs, have not been productive members of society. The families speak of how the victims were a good person and a great father and blah blah. They fail to state that he was a convicted drug dealer, never had a job his entire life, and has failed to pay child support for his numerous kids in years. It's unreal to see people driving around in coatesville with brand new cars with the stupid rims on them yet these same people do not work and are supported by welfare. How does that happen. I work and even I don't have a brand new car and a 52 inch flat screen tv or a $500 dollar cell phone. Maybe I should apply for welfare or move into section 8 housing or perhaps just start selling drugs. They do, so maybe I should. Coatesville will never get any better until the get rid of all of the animals. Drive down 30 on a friday or saturday night and you'll think you're at the Philly Zoo!

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