Hello all
Our grandson lives and breathes Dowagiac chieftains
like crazy. It's a shame he's on the team rosters,
yet when there are out of town games, like the big one
tomorrow---A-train is considered a "liability" and never
ever gets to travel with his teammates. No one loves
Dowagiac school like that young man---his mom says if they
put a bed in the custodian room, he'd sleep there! How
sad he's always been "a liability" and this is his last year
and you'll not find a more enthusiastic fan, but if his mom
can't take him to the away games, he sits at home hoping to hear how the team did! Why is someone in a scooter fine to do
anything else, but when it comes to school travel, it's a different story. It's a shame, his senior year, that he won't
be with the teammates tomorrow on that special bus going to
Middleville! What a doggone shame!