David Mcdade Makes Number 6 Worse Pro...

Douglasville, GA

#122 Jul 24, 2010
Get Real wrote:
<quoted text>
One thing for sure... you don't have an ego problem! LOL
Maybe Suburbanite has something worth saying.

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#123 Jul 25, 2010
No, I don't have an ego problem. I like facts which is something a lot of people don't deal with on Topix.

If Dirty Dawg McDade was doing 1/10 of the things he was doing to the ladies at his office to your wife, sister, or mother you would be ready to cut his d*** off. He would be the lowest of low. It is amazing how he can be so easily forgiven but someone like lets say Jennifer Knight catches hell on this forum.

To be very clear about DDM's case it wasn't that he was not guilty it is that he was granted immunity because he "had not been properly informed that his behavior was unacceptable." Makes me wonder about the judges who came up with that crap.
We are lucky

Atlanta, GA

#124 Aug 3, 2010
David McDade is a wonderful man, a model husband, a loving father, and the best prosecutor in the state. We are truly lucky to have him as our voice and our protector.

He could easily get elected to higher office or appointed to the Georgia Supreme Court, but instead, he continues to represent us, the citizens of Douglas County. I am truly grateful for all that he has done. Everyone that lives in Douglas County should be too.

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#125 Aug 3, 2010
How many of you that defend this man and his office have taken the time to just go sit in a courtroom and watch what happens? Not necessarily a trial but go watch some arraignments, preliminary hearings and such. It will certainly open your eyes to how things work in this county.
I am a "law and order" type person but I also believe in a person's constitutional rights and they seem to think some of those rights don't apply to them.
We are lucky

Atlanta, GA

#126 Aug 4, 2010
It is interesting to me that no one disputes the claim that David McDade is the best prosecutor in Georgia.

Instead, people want to attack him personally and make sly comments about "conspiracy" and "good ol boys".
Barney Says

Douglasville, GA

#127 Aug 4, 2010
You and Tru Dat must have lived in Mayberry way too long. I can't understand how you both can be so blind!! Pray for 'em WWW
About David McDade wrote:
He is perhaps the most respected and tough DAs in the whole state. As a trial lawyer he stands head and shoulders above other lawyers with his tenacity and intelligence. None of these others who are criticizing him have any idea just how good of a prosecutor he is.
His job is not to win popularity contests. As for the racial issue, while it is true that many defendants are black, many victims are black, too. He is a fighter. He scares criminals. He scares criminal defense lawyers because of his courtroom skills and presence.
My question is why wouldn't you want McDade as our DA? The answer is you wouldn't unless you have an agenda.
Also, he is running unopposed again this year. What does that tell you?

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#128 Aug 5, 2010
Douglas County doesnt care if you are INNOCENT!! They want to appear hard on crime, no matter the cost. I have personaly experienced the affects of this corrupt system. I do believe it's time for a change in the DA's office.
Didn't McDade have a sexual harrassment suit against him in the 90's??

Douglasville, GA

#129 Aug 15, 2010
JoeanneHarrper wrote:
<quoted text>
His wife is Jenny Mcdade the prosecutor for the Juvenile Court. If that does not scream conflict of interest I don't know what does. Beau McClain runs his court room his way and not the "good old boy" way like James and Emerson. Maybe it is time for another Judge?
Our counties judicial has been messed up for some while now. Call any attorney in the surrounding counties and they will not take cases out here because the Judges and system are so screwed. I was in the courthouse yesterday paying a speeding ticket and I overheard one of the attorneys talking to his partner in the lobby saying he would never take another case out here again...
Juvenile court is just as big a mess.
Just wait

Alpharetta, GA

#130 Aug 18, 2010
When Jennifer Knight is elected Judge, Mr. Mcdade will be put in his place.
Oh yeah

Douglasville, GA

#131 Aug 18, 2010
When Jennifer Knight is elected? You sound awfully certan of something that will not happen. She is unqualified and has more baggage than a 747.

Douglasville, GA

#132 Aug 19, 2010
Oh yeah wrote:
When Jennifer Knight is elected? You sound awfully certan of something that will not happen. She is unqualified and has more baggage than a 747.
Unqualified??? That's kind of funny you say that because the State of Georgia (who oversees qualifications by the way) would probably beg to differ. If she wasn't qualified she couldn't have run in the first place. She might not win, I will give you that and yes she has baggage (how bad that is will be decided by voters)...BUT she is most definitely qualified.
Just wait

Alpharetta, GA

#133 Aug 19, 2010
Mrs. Knight has won several cases here in Douglas County and has embarrassed Mr. Mcdade personally. That's why the "powers that be" are afraid she will be elected. As Judge, her legal prowess would be unstoppable.
Tom Straut

Farmington, UT

#134 Aug 19, 2010
Unstoppable??? No judge is unstoppable, our system was built to prevent such things from happening.
Silly Tom

Atlanta, GA

#135 Aug 19, 2010
Obviously, you've never been to Douglas County. This is where the Guilty go to prison and the innocent go on probation.

Douglasville, GA

#136 Aug 19, 2010
Confidential Informant wrote:
Does anyone know how much money the DA makes in drug forfeitures - I am actually curious to see where the funds go.
Hang in there. I think the answer will be coming out sooner than even HE or PHIL think! LOL
Run from douglas county

Jackson, MS

#137 Oct 9, 2010
Judge Beau Mc Clain and David Mc Dade were involved in my divorce and Domestic Abuse Case. I have never in my life seen such crooked evil people in the history of man kind.I tell you from the DA'S office to the sheriff dept these are some seriious demons.I lost every thing I had worked for in the 18 years of the marriage including my 15 year old,who pleaded with Judge McClain not to make her stay in the house with our abuser.Shorty after my x was awarded everything,He put my child out on the street placed her in juvenille custody and provocted a physical altercation with my child.My baby was placed in handcuffs and hauled off to juvy jail.Well here we go again I said,But I kept praying and only God himself delivered me and my baby from the wrath of The demon judges and demonic court system of Douglas county.My child is with me now,Because mainly my x did not want her anyway he just wanted to be awarded the house,assets and power.Judge McClain did not listen to one word me and my child said.What traumatized my child the most was how the deputies in the court prevented my child from hugging me after the judge ruled in my x favor.It was a UGLY UGLY situation and I will never forget the hurt that caused me and my child.Broke,homeless and discouraged, I made it to Mississippi and God allowed me to get help and resources. A new beginning was initiated a roof over my head and custody of my child as she completes her last year in high school.Douglas County Judges are not bigger than my God. AMEN

United States

#138 Oct 9, 2010
Honey you are one of many who have a story to tell about Emerson and McDade and you are the perfect example of how f***** up they can be in all cases; criminal, custody, etc.

For the next election please help mobilize people and get a candidate to run againt Dirty Dawg McDade! The hypocritical, holier than thou, sexually harassing, prick needs to go!

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#139 Oct 9, 2010
McDade allowed a child molesting Sunday school teacher to plea bargain his way down from 8 counts of child molestation, to 3 counts of sexual battery on a minor. Also allowed him to run all 3 counts concurrent. How do I know this? This is the nightmare I lived a few years back finding out that my son was a victim at the hands of his own Sunday school teacher. I really lost my faith in the judicial system that day. I was assured over the phone with the DA's office the man would be seeing atleast 30 yrs. behind bars with no possibility of parole for 20 yrs. I get to court on the morning of the sentencing, and that's what I am told about the 5 yr. thing. No justice for the victims here. That man could get out of prison at any time now too, because I keep a very close check on the inmate data base.
And before anyone asks, No I had no clue the man was doing anything to my son. Yes my son had started smarting off to me a lot more, but I contributed that at the time to him being a pre teen boy. I hope and pray that I do not pass that pedophile out somewhere, because he grew up in the area too and will more than likely end up back here.
Anyway back to what I was saying. McDade never should have allowed that man to make a plea deal in this case like that. I was highly disappointed in the DA's office.
Run from douglas county

Jackson, MS

#140 Oct 10, 2010
Barry Price is a prime example.GOD IS NOT MOCKED WHAT EVER A MAN SOWS THAT SHALL HE REAP.I believe we will hear things and some will live to see that God is not to be played with period.Let Mr Dade,Mc Clain and all the other demonites continue to play there little superior games under the pretense of superior court.I know God sits high and he looks low and every evil deed that has been done under their entrusted will be revealed.Do not be suprized if you are one of the same persons, they stepped on going up. Do not be surprized if God uses you to stretch beyond your own strength of forgiveness for these same peolpe. They may just need a loaf of bread,shelter or a kind encouraging word.Today, I am asking God to help me to forgive these people they really do not know any better.But God being who he is ,I know he has a plan to show them.A Plan with their name on it. It is my assignment to have had that negative experience, survive it and forgive .They need everybody to pray for them.Ask God to heal,deliver and bless them in spite of themselves.Do not hold on to anger or malice it will eat you alive.We need to live so, we can encourage other victims of the insanity.God is still sitting on the throne not man.He allows certain things to happen to make us strong for the next traumatized victim or victims.Keep praying,forgive,help others and do not lose hope. I was reminded of something my mother used to say ,when I was going through that mess in Douglas County.My moma was long gone when this happen. But her words came as clear as I were talking to here in T-TOWN. She would say Lil Girl sometime peolpe encounter situation and folk try to HELP them get out of the situation.But keep living and you will find out most time people don't need HELP?what they really need is HOPE. I HOPE all of us can forgive these people, because they really need us too. Hurting people always hurt other hurting peolpe.It may not happen today or tommorrow,But every time you think of that unthinkable trauma they have causes in your life just say.Judge McClain or Mr Mc Dade You have no power over my life, because I have forgiven you and only God can Judge you GOOD,BAD OR INDIFFERENT.I AM MOVING FORWARD WITH MY HOPE IN TOW.

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#141 Oct 11, 2010
@RunFromDouglasCounty...probab ly the most sensical post that I have read on Topix in a while.

Dirty Dawg McDade needs to be put down like a stray dog.

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