fear and loathing in Douglas Ga.

fear and loathing in Douglas Ga.

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Gun Tranny

Douglas, GA

#1 Dec 14, 2012
It all started innocently enough, you know like sniffing magic markers and smoking cigarette butts. Then as the years progressed and the trips to bentons mounted, the markers lost their kick and we had to find more and more outrageous things to get us off. This is our story.
I met Bill at AA back in the 90s, his wife had forced him to go to these meetings because she said he had a "drinking" problem. Little did she know that we were banging in the van and snorting lines of coke off his conway twitty 8track. But I digress, Bill and I hit it off right away. I think because we both recognized the kindred spirit that we share. Bill and I now are a team, as solid as a rock. When we arnt posting on here, we are out in the community partying our asses off. We watch you sleepwalking off to work in your little dream worlds, driving your fancy cars around and showing off like your on TV. A few days ago Bill and I stopped into macks to grab a chicken leg a bug juice and lotto tickets and cigarets, while we were at the counter trying to pay for our merchandise this big flashy lady busts up all in the way and starts demanding to use the store phone. Well while the clerk was trying to appease this rich lady who stunk of cat litter we snuck out the front door with all the goods. We stopped by susieq's place and scooped her up all that was left to do now is get preped for the work of the day. So we pull into the parking lot of freds and Bill goes in and shoplifts a can of hairspray and a jug of sweet tea. Well on his way out the door he drops the jug of tea and the store clerk starts to chase him down. We sped out of the parking lot and headed down past the rail road tracks and turned down toward the dog pound. Down the back road there is the city dump, This is our HQ. We get our freek on back here I mean we get it on! We mixed up the ocean in a old gator-aid bottle with water from that big pond. Susieq and Bill was feeling the poppers so they wen ahead and got it on so I finished the Ocean alone. Suddenly Bill announced that we were late for work! So we jumped back into the van and headed toward the sand ridge. We pulled into the DG parking lot and tit was slam full of people. Bill and susieq got started jacking while I went to check on the store merchandise like sinus pills and potted meat. After a few hours of ripping off the DG we all load up and hit the rich neighbor hoods stealing lawn furniture and bbqs, Bill cuts us all lines of bath salts and we chase it down with hits off his poppers. Talk about a head rush I got so excited I thought I was going to church. So we tore out and ran over a few mail boxes, stoped at a vending machine and sluged it with washers and got all the mountian dew we could carry. Bill urinated in the ice machine and then stold a bag of ice for the Ocean. Out of nowhere susieq pulls out cans of spray paint and we all start huffing, bill is a maniac and will just spray it into his mouth, I am so envious of him sometimes. He is like the super hero of drugs and getting Fd up. So we were at the stop light in town near the court house bill dripping black spraypaint all off his mouth like some grotesque goatee when a cop pulls up beside us. When the light turns green I step on the gas and susieq flips him off and Bill starts licking the window with his blackened tongue. All the cop does is smile, so we keep rollin through town running up all over the curve smashing into antiques and what-nots running all over the flowers in the planters. We got a flat tire so we parked infront of kims wigs, while susieq put he spare on Bill went and defecated by the cross walk. Finally susieq got the tire back on and we took a left and headed for jewls recycling. I am not allowed to go back in there so Susieq has to take our loot in, with a stolen grocery cart. We usualy make enough cash to buy a 12 pack of natural light and as much crack as we can smoke for the rest of the day. TO BE CONTINUED
Gun Tranny

Douglas, GA

#2 Dec 14, 2012
After a while we start to come down off our crack binge we want to feel mellow for a while so we head out to Hillards Pond, and do the loop while smoking cush dope we scored off of jerry. Susieq is like a walking pharmacy so when ever we hang with her we be hiding eggs and popping fastins left and right. Bill likes to play with the used condoms that are floating all in the pond, he catches them with a stick and pretends they are fish. Anyway we started running low beer so we decided to go grab some more hair spary. This time it was my turn so we went back into town and went to the pharmacy where we ran into LET who was snorting lines of nerds and jello powder behind the cosmetic isle. She helped me find the flavor of hairspray we wanted and then distracted the clerk while I made my exit. In the parking lot I descover that Susieq and Bill rocking the van right in the middle of town. I jumped in and hit the gas and we headed back to hillards pond. We drove down to the pond side through someones yard and set up camp. I had the Ocean mixed and ready in a flash, Bill cut us out more bath salts and shook up the poppers. Then we watched the moon rise in the east. I remember how beautiful it looked the moon reflecting on the raw sewage.
do what

Douglas, GA

#3 Dec 14, 2012
hahahahah lololol to cute
Gum Runner

Gray, GA

#4 Dec 14, 2012
Damn good story. is this something you all did everyday. Have any stories about gun runner

Decatur, GA

#5 Dec 14, 2012
I saw you at the DG!!!

I was getting potted meat as well -.-
The Answer

London, KY

#6 Dec 14, 2012
More please!
Gun Tranny

Alma, GA

#7 Dec 14, 2012
I am so sorry that I have been writting stories about certain people on Topixs. I know that it is wrong and I am sorry. It is only because, I do not have any happy moments in my own life. I wish that I could be a better person. I know when I make fun of people on Topixs, it is only to make me feel better, and I know I need help. I also know, if I were confronted, I would lie and say I did not say those untrue things on Topixs.
I hope, I have not caused any damamge to your reputation.
Gun Tranny

Douglas, GA

#8 Dec 14, 2012
I dont know what your talking about, I am the OP just look at where we posted from. You are a sad person who probably never even drank a beer. You need to lighten up an snort some bath salts.
Gun Tranny

Douglas, GA

#9 Dec 14, 2012
I remember one morning Bill and I stopped by library so we could catch up on the news and make a few comments here on topix. We were loling about all trolling we had done the day before, and all the nonsense replies that you people left for us when I noticed that I had spilled beer on my dress. I sent susiQ a text message and she told me to come meet up with her at the DG and we would fix it up. So Bill and I left and struck out for the ridge, Bill was busy with mixing the Ocean and pouring us some mixed drinks, and I was weaving in an out of traffic driving as fast as I could to get to SusieQ. We crossed the bridge and Bill handed me the popper sack and my Ocean mixed up in an old potted meat can. As we pulled into the DG we couldnt help but notice SusieQ pulling a rack of clothing from the door of the store. We got out and stumbled over to where she was ripping the tags off a nice flowered mini skirt. She handed me the skirt, which looks darling with my waders and fighting chicken ball cap. We went around back and I got my new duds on and we all smoked up some rocks, popped a handfull of diet pills and finished off the ocean. Bill had a hankering for dirt roads, so we took off for chatterton. About the time we were passing the state park Bill had to piss so we pulled over by that big trailer park. "Lucky Day!" Bill hollered from behind the mail boxes and he held up the biggest jug of cough syrup I have ever seen. I instantly got an erection and susieq noticed right away. We all took turns sippin surip and hitting bills poppers, finaly we found a good logging trail and all got our freak on. To Be Continued.
Gun Tranny

Alma, GA

#10 Dec 14, 2012
Ohhh now, it is not your fault your mommy did not love you or teach you how to get along with others.
I am trying to help you out, by showing you the proper way to say you are sorry for spreading lies about people.
Me?....A sad person?
I'm happy as hell. I think you have snorted to many bath salts in your day.
What does drinking a beer have to do with anything???
Here is a tip.....
Get some friends, learn to get along with your peers. You look stupid jumping from one topic to another trying to bash the reputation of people, YOU do not know.
Everytime time you post, it just proves my point.
Now, stop picking your nose and scratching your ass. Do something productive with your "sad" life.

And I think you are really a child or teen. Because these post, can not be the mind of a mature adult.
Also, I will not be responding back to any of your "witty comments". It will only look like you are arguing with your self. HAHAHA.
Gun Tranny

Douglas, GA

#11 Dec 14, 2012
If you want a piece of me come by the DG to morrow AM, we will be ready for any shit talkers. Then after Bill, susieq and I kick the stew out of you we will follow you back to your place. While your sleeping off your ass whooping we will take all your recycles and pop the hubcaps off your gremlin. If you have one of those baskets made of chickenwire to hold all your beer cans we will take that too.^Then before we dip, Bill will spray paint some backwards swastikas on your trailer, and urinate on the hood of your car.

Now if you wana be cool with us just come by and have a tug off this poppers bag, if your really chill you might be invited to hit the timber trails with us.

“Southern Conservative”

Since: Jun 12

Douglas, Ga

#12 Dec 14, 2012
I hope you do not own any guns. I pray if you do own any you will surrender them and report to the nearest nuthouse.
Gun Tranny

Douglas, GA

#13 Dec 15, 2012
I have over 1,500 weapons in my home from swords to mortar launchers. We are about to head to the DG susieQ just messaged me, so bill and I are about to ride out. If you wana hit the timber trails with us you better get your coat and waders on, grab what ever intoxicant you dig and hit the road. SusieQ says she brought some of her home made grit liquor, and a mason jar full of diet pills. Bill has his ever ready brown sack of poppers and a huge jug of ocean, and I brought the spray paint and coke today. We are planing on hitting twin holes, Bill wants to see if there are as many used condoms there as in hillards pond. Once we leave there we might go looking for scrap metal I think Bill has some good leads on a junk pile. I will say if you decide to come a long dont be a drag, we all get it on and if you come along be ready to throw it down and kick off those draws. When we get hungry we will head back to the DG for potted meat and vianna sausages.
Be cool though SusieQ says she is still hung over from last night. It was wild, I am still spacy from all the whip-its and cough syrup.
Good Day

United States

#14 Dec 15, 2012
Gun Tranny Have a safe day. If i wasnt in a body cast, i would enjoy being with you all. please dont take my lawn chairs for recycling. tell bill i will save my used condoms for him.
rum runner

Douglas, GA

#15 Dec 15, 2012
U r awesome. Myhero.

Mount Pleasant, IA

#16 Dec 16, 2012
Waiting for the next episode. Of our blurry-eyed heroes. Sticking it to the man and that means you whitey!
Good Day

United States

#17 Dec 16, 2012
I feel Gun Tranny, SusieQ & Bill are hungover. Stop over and get a paint can. Do not take the metal gas can. can susieq cook eggs & legs
Looky Here I See OJ

London, KY

#18 Dec 17, 2012
Gun Tranny what ya'll been up to lately?

Columbus, GA

#19 Dec 17, 2012
I have an old school bus of you guys wanna hang with me sometime!!

Sounds like a good time !
Gun Runner

Hamilton, OH

#20 Dec 17, 2012
I think Gun Tranny got some visitors recently.

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