Is it Coffee Middle School or is it H...

Is it Coffee Middle School or is it HELL?

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Douglas, GA

#1 Mar 24, 2012
I am starting this forum to reach out to the parents of students of coffee middle school that has had trouble with getting things taken care of when their kids have come to them with problems...I have a child that was attending CMS up until Wed she will be moved to the alternative school per My choice not because she was in trouble but because I know without a doubt she has been railroaded by the school system.. My child was smart enough to dial not only me but another adult on her cell phone an put it in her pocket an both of us got to hear how she was being yelled at an pondered.. I have met with the princple an of course my child was in the wrong even though I heard wrong doing by the adult. I have also met with Mr. Munford an he also told me he spoke with the adult an she denied everything, so more than less is calling me a liar as well as my child an the other adult who recieved her call.. so now we are taken this case to Atlanta.. I do not want my child back at that school by no means but I do want justice in the way my child was treated.. I will be posting updates on here, I am in the process of renting a spot to hold a meeting of all parents that wants to heard.. I am looking forward to parents taken a stand with me for our kids against this school...if we dont stand for our kids who will???? I know we are not alone in this battle!!!

United States

#2 Mar 24, 2012
Requests to transfer to the alternative school are not a parent choice. Also, why in the world would you want your child at an alternative school with kids who are not ALLOWED to attend regular school.
If the adults were in the wrong, I sure hope you straighten this out.

United States

#3 Mar 24, 2012
Its hell girls and boys during gym they have SEX I bett half of the kids their aint a virgin........

Douglas, GA

#4 Mar 24, 2012
uhh wrote:
Requests to transfer to the alternative school are not a parent choice. Also, why in the world would you want your child at an alternative school with kids who are not ALLOWED to attend regular school.
If the adults were in the wrong, I sure hope you straighten this out.
Well I did it!!! I told them to send her to alternative school cause she would no longer go there being they refused to do nothing with the Lady that was in the wrong also.. I met with everyone at the alternative school Friday an it seemed like alot better place to me...I signed the paperwork with the school board on Friday.. I talked with some parents that have kids there an they are doing so so much better an alot of them was kids just like mine was raised not to let Folks run over them no matter who they are... An that Lady I heard on the other end of the phone was trying her hardest to come against my child, but Thank God my daughter was the smarter person! don't get me wrong not everybody at the school is bad there is some teachers out there that I think the world of but there is those few that try to push folks around..
coffee taxpayer

Kittanning, PA

#5 Mar 24, 2012
Why would you have the option to move you kid to alternative school unless your kid caused trouble? I thought Alternative school was for students with discipline problems.
Who are you talking with in Atlanta? Have you talked with the superintendent?
Hope you find some answers?
coffee mom

Alma, GA

#6 Mar 24, 2012
I have not liked that school since it opened and they do have some god awful bitches teaching there. SOME of the teachers there do pick and single out children that they ride harder than they do others and if you notice most of their little pets are either other teachers kids or kids from more prominent families the other children seems to be there just for them to wipe their feet on

Cambridge, MA

#7 Mar 24, 2012
my brother has been done wrong in the past by coach sirmans aka mr.sirmans im in this with you so you got my vote

Adel, GA

#8 Mar 24, 2012
So your kid used a cell phone that is not allowed at school and you are proud of her? THAT is what is wrong with this country.

Douglas, GA

#9 Mar 24, 2012
Wowsers wrote:
So your kid used a cell phone that is not allowed at school and you are proud of her? THAT is what is wrong with this country.
yes I am very proud of her, she had been having trouble there thats why she had her phone I made her take it, just like the thousands of other kids that take theirs. The boy that was involved also had his cell phone but didn't get in trouble. The boy used his cell phone to call the assitant principle to tell her that my daughter was talking about her. That is where the trouble started. I later found out that this boy is also some how kin to her. This boy is also the same boy that kicked my child in the middle of her back a few weeks ago and did not get in trouble again...After meeting with the dean an nothing got done about him an now this I am taken a stand for my child she was also in the wrong by talking about the lady but she was talking to a friend when this ease dropping boy decided he would start a battle....I started at the bottom met with the principle, met with Mr. Munford an have got no where so we going to the next level.. Our childern can't take their phones but the teachers can have their an talk on them in class just like when I was in the meeting with the principle her personal phone rung an she answered it now that was very rude...

Donnellson, IA

#10 Mar 25, 2012
This is one of the reasons some parents are choosing to home school their children. The middle school is in chaos. Something does need to be done. However, when the "powers that be" are who they are, the little people have no voice and no options. Please keep us posted on how this works out for you and your child. If it is successful some of us other concerned parents that cannot home school may actually take the alternative route to keep our kids in school.

United States

#11 Mar 25, 2012
If you had been smart, instead of allowing your child to take her phone you would have purchased her a pocket recorder to RECORD the incident. Then there would have proof that the teacher talked to her this way.
just an FYI

Byron, GA

#12 Mar 25, 2012
It is principal. Like a pal. I'm still confused as to how the phone dialed two adults....
I think a lot of parents choose to homeschool, utilize CCA or FCA or GA cyber academy for 6th, 7th and 8th grades in Coffee County. I have NEVER heard of a parent "choosing" the alternative school though...
Middle school years are hell for most students. Compound that with the biggest middle school in the state of GA and you have an even bigger problem. Multiply it even more by putting teachers out there who are extremely negative/unhappy and it is a wonder anything gets accomplished.

San Angelo, TX

#13 Mar 25, 2012
Your middle school is too big All that teen angst and hormones in one place.Parents don't know teachers and are unwilling to support them.

Noone is more agressive than the teen who finds that his teacher has no authority or support.

Break up your MS into small neighborhood schools, participate in your school, talk to your child's teachers, and discipline your child. You won't have multiple administrators (who have no real authority either),but you might have a more positive environment. I have no idea why anyone would choose to teach in such a hostile environment.

Douglas, GA

#14 Mar 25, 2012
So what is the entire story about your child? You seem to be telling us everything except what the child did that was wrong that started this mess. Tell the whole story so we can figure this out. Alternative school is where the really troubled kids go to attempt to get an education. I would probably not want my child running with that crowd. So tell us what your child got in trouble for in the first place.

United States

#15 Mar 25, 2012
The specifics aren't needed anyone who has had trouble and gone to the principal and the board knows they are not going to do anything. They allow students to bully and be disrespectful they allow teachers to scream and yell and slam books. And have tantrums it has become accepted. Go as far as you can go with this I'm just affraid your gonna get passed off at every level no one wants to take a stand for a change on either sides! Its easier to not make waves and draw a check!

Since: May 10

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#16 Mar 25, 2012
What was their reason for combining ECMS and WCMS into CMS in the first place?

Byron, GA

#17 Mar 25, 2012
Sports was the reason. Supposedly we could groom varsity from 6th grade. That worked out really well, huh?

It wasn't because the middles schools were unusable because they are both still being used.

Schools are like paychecks. No matter how big you build them, you will outgrown them. Now I'm hearing the middle school is crowded and the high school is still crowded after moving the 9th graders. No matter how little you make, you get by. No matter how much you make, you still spend it. We are just not smart as a county and we jump on "good ideas" as soon as someone blurts one out.
Pondering Possibilities

Moultrie, GA

#18 Mar 25, 2012
I don't doubt there are teachers in all schools across this country that have troubles keeping their personal prejudices out of their work and do target certain children that "get on their nerves", but teachers have to keep those feelings in check always! I don't blame the parent for using what resources she had to help her child. A cell phone is as common as toilet paper these days, so yep, using it to witness the call was smart. The school policy regarding phones is that the can't have them, while the unstated policy is keep it off and out of sight. The real issue is the phone but the treatment of the child by the teacher. I will tell you that you child is now marked and most likely will not get a fair shake in this school system. The alternative school does have some amazing teachers, Donna Davis is one of them. She is a jam up math teacher and can teach a brick to add, so working with "difficult" students is a cake walk for her, plus the kids just love her anyway. Taking advantage of the cyber school is only an option if you child can be at home to do the work and can learn like that. Many need a real life teacher for their learning style.

Part of the problem with the kids is always going to be the parents!!! If you lead by example, then you kids will follow. Merging the schools was a county/state decision and probably mainly money. Having few schools decreases staff costs, building costs, resource costs, energy costs...etc. Smaller schools would be an ideal situation with a community atmosphere instead of a metro feel. Then you add in all the hormones and emotional up and downs of middle school and that is one heck of a fire bomb, but having a positive attitude and mindset will help everyone start out moving forward with happy feet and not sour grapes.

I do hope your daughter had a better experience at the alternative school than the middle school. One bad experience can ruin so much.

Byron, GA

#19 Mar 25, 2012
How about this: Take the two biggest schools (middle and high) and make them both high schools. One for the county and one for the city. Then make the two middle schools go back to where they were. If those middle schools aren't big enough, put the 6th grades in the elementary schools (many of which aren't meeting the numbers as it is). Small individualize attention at all levels and I didn't build anything. Oh, but wait, I just split the football team in half making it two 3A teams instead of one 6A team that will never ever go to state now.(Seriously, do we have a chance against Valdosta, Lowndes and Camden????) We have chosen to be the worst in 6A instead of the best in a lesser division. Makes no sense whatsoever.

Byron, GA

#20 Mar 25, 2012

My bad.

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