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Savannah, GA

#23 Sep 23, 2012
Jeri wrote:
Gosh, you spend a lot of time reading these weird books, maybe too much! Look up, get out, get a breath of fresh air, it will either revive you or kill you!
I have never been THIS involved in an Election. In fact I voted for Hillary Clinton in the last Election Primary. I had reservations about voting for Obama, NOT because he was Black, so I didn't vote in the general election for Obama Or MacCain. It didn't bother me which one got elected, I didn't see either one as a THREAT, like I do Mitt Romney and especially that beady eyed lying weasel Paul Ryan.
I have watched Obama like a hawk, and I think overall he has done as good a job as anyone else could have, or better, faced with the problems left by Dubya Bush & Company.
My fears about Obama evaporated as I watched him go about the business of the government. Obama has earned My Vote.

Savannah, GA

#24 Sep 23, 2012 ...

Paul Ryan's Guru Ayn Rand Worshipped a Serial Killer who Kidnapped and Dismembered Little Girls.

This writer does an excellent job of explaining the adoration and devotion that Paul Ryan and the Right Wing Tea Party Republicans bestow on the Monster Ayn Rand.

Sinceyou Republicans didn't like this one, I decided to post it again, maybe you just misread it.
Devils Advocate

Douglas, GA

#25 Sep 23, 2012
Gosh Origen, are you a Obama fan? I can see you have already drunk the Kool-Aid.

Savannah, GA

#26 Sep 23, 2012 ...

Search; The Mike Wallace - Ayn Rand Interviews, video

See and hear the Republican Tea Party Heroine Ayn Rand in her own words.
The recently deceased CBS News Reporter Mike Wallace put this question to Ayn Rand.
"If the United States was struck by a natural diaster, and millions of people faced starvation, and you had the means, would you feed them?"

Paul Ryan's Messiah replied, "NO, I wouldn't feed the Poor if they were starving to death."

Gollleeeeee, She sounds Just Like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Savannah, GA

#27 Sep 23, 2012
The Republican President of the USA, Dwight David Eisenhower Set the Tax Rate on those who make over a Million Dollars a year at 92%.
The World didn't end like the Republicans say it will if we go back to 39%.
The Stock Market Doubled under Eisenhower and his 92% Rate. ...

You know, I have heard just about enough about how the poor ole Rich Folks are getting their pockets picked. You want to see a Real PickPocket.
Take a look at Republican President Dwight David Eisenhower.
Republican President Eisenhower set the Tax Rate on folks who make over a Million Dollars a year at Ninety-Two Percent (92%).
OMG, the Republican Tea Party claims the world will end if we go back to the Bill Clinton rates of 39% on the Rich.
And the Republican Tea Party says the Rich Folks who Want Rich People to Pay More are Ignorant. ...

Why do Republicans Lie about Everything?
The Republicans will do or say anything to get out of paying taxes.

Savannah, GA

#28 Sep 23, 2012
The Republican Tea Party is bringing tears to my eyes, talking about the plight of the wealthiest among us having to pay most of the taxes. OH, it's just terrible that those people are so put upon by the rest of us. ...

The top 20% of Americans Owned 85% of the Wealth in America.

Republican President Eisenhower Knew who had the Money, and he Knew who to go to, for the money to build the Interstate Highway System, and old Ike got it.

You can't get blood out a turnip. Today, the Republicans are licking their lips, and staring hard at the Turnips. There are taxes that Must be paid to keep the Military, including the Coast Guard, and several other government agencies operating. The Big Fight is NOT over the red herrings of abortion and gay rights, the Big Fight is over who is going to pay those necessary taxes.

About the only thing the GOP can get from you Turnips is your Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, and whatever form of Private Retirement Funds you might have.
Oh yes, they can take your home if you get behind on your payments. Hopefully, you will have enough equity built up in your home, to make it worth their while. If you don't they are going to be mad with you.

Savannah, GA

#29 Sep 23, 2012
If the Republicans win and get the Turnip by the throat and start choking the blood out of him, and the turnip gets mad, and glares at his Preacher, watch the Preacher start backpedaling.
"Now wait a minute, don't look at me like that, I didn't Tell you to vote Republican."
"I just said, as for me and my house, we are voting Republican, don't try to blame your predicament on me."

A good Preacher always leaves himself a way out.

So has it always been, and probably, so will it ever be.

Savannah, GA

#30 Sep 23, 2012

Paul Ryan Co-Sponsored Bush Bill to Privatize Social Security.

If this had passed, it would have been just in time for everyone to LOSE all of their Retirement Money in the Stock Market Crash.

Savannah, GA

#31 Sep 23, 2012

Paul Ryan Co-Sponsored the Failed Bush Plan to Privatize Social Security.

Savannah, GA

#32 Sep 23, 2012

Paul Ryan's Medicare Budget Plan Kills Medicare NOW, not in Ten Years.

Savannah, GA

#33 Sep 23, 2012

Paul Ryan's College Girlfiend is voting for Obama.

“Southern Conservative”

Since: Jun 12

Douglas, Ga

#34 Sep 23, 2012
You like talking to yourself I see, seems you can even answer yourself.
I got a net on a stick you can use and go catch some butterfiles.

Savannah, GA

#35 Sep 23, 2012 ...

Search; Irs Reports 1,470 Millionaires Paid Nothing in 2009

These people made over a million dollars that year and paid not One Single Copper Cent in Federal Income Taxes.

Dang, why can't I get away with that?

But, IF they are real Patriots like they claim they are, looks they would have paid in a few dollars in for our Military Troops.
I mean, Somebody Has to Pay Taxes for our Troops, don't they?
The Republican Tea Party Whines and Cries, and wrings their hands over these Millionaires, and Billionaires, and the Tea Party wants us to reduce taxes on the Rich Folks.

How much Lower than Zero can you go?

Savannah, GA

#36 Sep 23, 2012
conservative taxpayer wrote:
You like talking to yourself I see, seems you can even answer yourself.
I got a net on a stick you can use and go catch some butterfiles.
As a matter of fact, I do enjoy talking to myself. What else am I going to do?
I am far too intelligent to join the Republican Tea Party, the Libertarian Party, or the John Birch Society. All three of them are Bankrolled by the Multi-Billionaire Koch Brothers.
I don't have a Milliona Dollars.

And I am NOT STUPID Enough or Ignorant Enough to help Billionaires get RID of My Social Security, my Medicare, and My Unemployment Insurance.
That Only makes sense if you are making a Million Dollars a Year, and you Don't want to pay taxes. So, I take it that YOU make a Million Dollars a year??

Savannah, GA

#37 Sep 23, 2012 ...

Search; Ayn Rand; The GOP's Godless Philosopher

OMG, just look at that!

Savannah, GA

#38 Sep 23, 2012

Paul Ryan Video, Privatize Social Security

Savannah, GA

#39 Sep 23, 2012

Paul Ryan's History of trying to Dismantle Social Security is in line with the desires of the Atheist Ayn Rand, the John Birch Society, The Libertarian Party, the Billionaire Koch Brothers, and the Republican Tea Party that Paul Ryan belongs to.

Savannah, GA

#40 Sep 23, 2012

Ron Paul on Welfare and Poverty, "Let the Churches take care of the poor," like they did 125 years ago.

Republican Preacher, are you and you 500 member church going to be financially able to take care of the needs of 5,000 or 10,000 people?

Republican Preacher, are you going to take a cut in salary to care for the poor, so that the Multi-Billionaires can have a tax cut?

Savannah, GA

#42 Sep 23, 2012
Paul Ryan and the Republican Tea Party's Heroine, Ayn Rand, said,

"The Poor and the Working Class are Parasites Feeding on the wealth accumulated by their intellectual superiors."

Mitt Romney must have read Ayn Rand's books too.
That is exactly what he was saying behind closed doors on the video tape that he didn't know was running.

Savannah, GA

#43 Sep 23, 2012 #!12DDD1DB-27B9-4582-8FC3-A3EB E5A8DED2

Mitt Romney's 47% Speech behind closed doors.

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