blacks in doniphan
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Saint Marys, PA

#1 Jun 19, 2009
would anybody like a friendly discussion on this subject?

Poplar Bluff, MO

#2 Jun 19, 2009
sure what is your point of view on this discussion?
lighten up

United States

#3 Jun 19, 2009
Doniphan is stuck in the pre-civil rights age. I don't see that changing anytime soon. I love to hear the good ol boys talking about lazy good for nothing blacks that won't work, that won't take care of their kids, abuse their women, and live off the government. Kind of ironic to hear that talk in a county that is probably 98% white and is in the top ranks of Missouri's unemployment, welfare, child neglect, and spousal abuse.

Saint Marys, PA

#4 Jun 19, 2009
earl wrote:
would anybody like a friendly discussion on this subject?

Delight, AR

#5 Jun 19, 2009
So what if other races live here! You rednecks like earl fail to realize that other races have been here for DECADES! Dr.Samuels and his family and so on! These so called racist probably have taken their kids to see that doc and then still talk sh*t about people of another race! I say this if you have graduated highschool then college like myself, then u would realize that work and family are the most important thing in life! However those whom CHOSE not to further their educations and be successful only have the time to become more ignorant i.e making racist marks while they do meth and drink everyday! you ignorant racist bastards need to think about the innocent kids involved and teach them a better tomorrow and stop being sh*tty to matter their race!

Edwardsville, IL

#6 Jun 19, 2009
come on wildflower i think your mixing being racist with lack of college like yourself is part of the problem. I have met as many racist people in colledge and the upper level of people as i guess you would call them. I question your upper education if nothing else by your poor way of exspresing yourself. Save that for another topix.
Racisiam and reverse racisiam starts at home with treating people with respect. I think anyone that thinks if you wait till colledge to stop being racist is a little uh uneducated.

Doniphan, MO

#7 Jun 19, 2009
We've got a lot of white's in Ripley County that are worse than many blacks. I don't see why you all worry about blacks coming into Ripley County. If they have the money to survive here let them. Or do a lot of you think that they will get your welfare checks?

Greenbrier, AR

#8 Jun 19, 2009
To say that everyone with "racist" views are uneducated, drink, and do meth is a steriotypical comment in itself. If your views of the people in this county are so low, why do you live here? We don't all live off welfare, or any of the other derrogatory comments you so called enlightend, pias people have said. You seem to have a very low oppinion of your own race. Is it any better for you all to be prejudice against lower income whites??
Rural missouri

Dayton, PA

#9 Jun 19, 2009
Earl, I have seen your other thread in this froum regarding a Black Lady and her children that live downtown in doniphan, GUESS WHAT theres also some one RR3. Earl, If I may ask are you part of the residents that voted against putting the prision in doniphan which would have brougth 300-400 local jobs ? Earl, Are you one of the residents that voted against the fire district that was voted on just recently ?

It seems to me part of Doniphan/Ripley County is that the folks here are stuck in 1945. There are alot of shops downtown that REFUSE to install debit/credit card machines. There is a hint of racism in the town. There is also a lack of basic education (this is not mention to poke at anyone). I personally know of about 10-15 folks, up over 160, and off K highway, That have no even completed grade school. I have also noticed there is a high rate of alcoholism, and meth addictions.

I have also notice the child/spouse abuse. I have also noticed the fair ammount of families that use food stamps. I have also notice the lack of folks that seek proper health care.

I have noticed the Increase of home burglaries, vandilism (check down by little black creek, The underpass is horrible). I have also notice the increase in Auto break ins.

However it is not because of 1-2 Black, or Mexican families that moved into town. It is because of the general population of doniphan are at or below proverty levels. And a select few individuals have decided that they will take for themselves to support thier habbits.
resident forever

Coffeyville, KS

#10 Jun 20, 2009
Been here all my life and all the problems started when outsiders moved in. Ask some of the meth heads and see if they are local.
Earl Hey-der

Neelyville, MO

#11 Jun 20, 2009
Listen Rural missouri, Earl didn't vote on the bonds for the prison and fire district because he
didn't vote.

Surely you know what I mean. Earl is the type of
"hide behind a username" and mouth off. You see, he didn't even vote for President (November election) nor any other local elections.

Just ignore him and his ignorance.


Greenbrier, AR

#12 Jun 20, 2009
earl u sure do get these people worked up.Sadly enough in a pc world they just wont admit moast blacks are trash.Thats not sayin theres any lack of white trash around.can live with a couple of blacks as long as im not outnumbered
reader in doniphan

Greenbrier, AR

#13 Jun 20, 2009
earl wrote:
would anybody like a friendly discussion on this subject?
Earl you need to chill out it may have to be a black to save your sorry *ss life one day take a chill pill.
thomas 0764

United States

#14 Jun 20, 2009
Simply stupid! Go out and entertain yourself with a real job and try to learn something that is worthwhile. When you slam other people because of race, religion, or color of skin, you definitely must come from another planet. Get real! hello! There is a better life to live!
matter of time

Doniphan, MO

#15 Jun 20, 2009
how come no has bothered to mention how and why people of color may even be here... how many foster children of color are in our area? how are any of us to know that they have not relocated to our are to IMPROVE their lives and or be close to the lil ones that we brought here.

seems to me all you inbreed redreck hillbillies need to get over it and realize its only been a matter of time before the cities found their way here, after all it is kinda our own fault for making it seem like such a great place to live....

Delight, AR

#16 Jun 20, 2009
this world is sure in a bad shape anyway you put it,we better be thinking about the future of humanity period. Start "truly" helping in any way we can to improve all our attitudes. it is called love, and judge not! try speaking something nice about evryone we see and,or meet. it may be catching, it's about time and that's running out.slay them with kindness! True ,there are some that will respond harshly. maybe they don't know how to accept this kind of treatment.

Poplar Bluff, MO

#17 Jun 20, 2009
My my my, everyone here needs to step back and look into their family history, most of us who have descended down from ancestors who lived during slavery will know that are ancestors had slaves and much as we dont want to admit it but everyone knows it those slave owners would have relations with those young slave girls who in turn would have children...long story short who is to say you dont have some color in YOU?
None ya

Brookville, PA

#18 Jun 20, 2009
Black people living here doesn't bother me at all. Its the damn theiving MEXICANS that I cant stand being in this town. You notice the MEXICANS dont come out much after dark..LOL

United States

#19 Jun 21, 2009
AMUSED wrote:
earl u sure do get these people worked up.Sadly enough in a pc world they just wont admit moast blacks are trash.Thats not sayin theres any lack of white trash around.can live with a couple of blacks as long as im not outnumbered
Oh my goodness. I am amazed that no one responded to this person caling "moast" (real bright one here) blacks, trash. Skin color is just skin color. Morals and ethics are taught. If by some chance you racists get to heaven, you are going to be very disappointed to find it isn't only for white people.
gotta say

Doniphan, MO

#20 Jun 21, 2009
dont know couldnt help but notice the mexicans have been around quite awhile and NOW someone wants to pop off? not to mention a few of the hispanic families have brought some pretty good revenue to our county and city.

some of us are just not content unless we have SOMEONE to bitch about....

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