carl harp preacher????
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Carl Harp

United States

#21 Jan 9, 2013
Hey, "innocent bystander"[isn't that like calling a fat man "Slim"?], you forgot foul-mouthed boozer in your first post about me.Yes, it's really me,Carl Harp. Your persistant foolishness has prompted me to write this rather lengthy response. I have never been a drug addict,so you had no right to call me that . I haven't stolen anything since my childhood days,which was long before you even knew my name.You had no right to call me a thief. In fact, you never saw me do any of the things you accused me of.Apparently,your newest "news" is over 10 years old, that being my becoming a minister.By the way, the amount of money I get from the church was,and still is,zero dollars and zero cents per year.So much for bilking those innocent people out of their "hard earned HONEST dollars"!I freely state that in my past I[the old me]have stolen.that made me a thief.I have also lied,which made me a liar.I have committed adultery.That made me an adulterer.I also used to use filthy language and drink a lot. Even you,though, would have to admit that what a person DOES matters more than what he HAS DONE.Otherwise, we'd still be calling you "Poopy Pants"[at least I hope you outgrew that]. Here are a few more things you may not know.After leaving the ark,Noah[referred to in the New Testament as "righteous Noah"]had a little too much wine and got drunk.God forgave him.Moses,whom God called His friend,murdered an Egyptian man and hid his body in the sand.God forgave him.Jesus forgave a woman who was brought to him after being caught in the act of adultery.Simon,whom Jesus surnamed Peter,lied three times about even knowing Jesus.Jesus forgave him.As He hung on a cross dying,Jesus forgave a thief who was hanging on a cross next to Him after he asked the Lord for mercy.And the day I fell on my face and asked the Lord for forgiveness,He was merciful and God's grace did abound,and I became a new creature in Christ.You,however,are still a liar and a gossip and a mean-spirited person,driven by hatred and/or bitterness.God will forgive you,too,though, if you"ll just ask Him to[and mean it!].As for the "threatened violence", sometimes violence IS called for.Like when the prophet Samuel killed King Agag,or when David killed Goliath,or when Abraham killed Lot's captors and brought him home safe again.What about the time Jesus overturned the tables and drove the moneychangers out of the temple with a whip?Was that an act of violence?Are you gonna tell Him He was a bad boy?As for your "calling me out"... BALONEY!!! You have NEVER called me ,or probably anyone else,out,and I have never hidden from anyone,especially the likes of you!Just post where and when to meet you in a PUBLIC[for your sake as well as mine]place and I'll be there.Regarding the accusations against me:Your first post was full of ridiculous accusation.Your second post was just a bunch of lies.Your stupid lies don't hurt me.I don't answer to you.I answer to God[as you yourself will someday,one way or the other].They can and do hurt you and perhaps others, though.If you have no proof and no witnesses,you have no case.If you are too cowardly and/or ashamed to let the other people who are reading this post know your real name or let me the accused face you my accuser,I stand unaccused.That's not only God's,law,that holds true in any court in this nation.I'll be waiting.
innocent bystander

Harviell, MO

#22 Jan 9, 2013
it was after graduation your husband,and two others by the names of harris and durbin came to my house for a big party i was having and stole a truckload of dope.....i investigated (i admit i was mean in my investigation) and those three names were the ones i got as to who the thieves were,,and yes my actions in my investigation are what got me sent away,,,and now here i am and your husband was the only one i could have him think back,and tell the tale,and direct me to the other two cause i REALLY want to talk to those boys
Carl Harp

United States

#23 Jan 9, 2013
I have no idea what you seem to think I did to you or who the "other two" are. If you know so much, smart guy, why don't YOU tell us and then we'll all know. If you got 'sent away it was probably your own doing. I think this is either a case of mistaken identy or you ar just a NUT!!!!!!As for the "screeching wife",I wish you had a spouse a good as mine.Then you'd be happy,too.
Carl Harp

United States

#24 Jan 9, 2013
By the way, not too bad for someone who is too uneducated to turn on a simple machine or navigate a website, don'tcha think? Sleep tight,genius[I figure if you can call yourself a ridiculous name that doesn't fit you at all, then I can, too].
innocent bystander

Harviell, MO

#25 Jan 9, 2013
my work is done here bore seein you
Carl Harp

United States

#26 Jan 10, 2013
Now we ALL know who is really gonna hide when "called out".

Searcy, AR

#27 Jan 12, 2013
So all of this is from a minister and his wife? Wow how did all this happen? The bible was even quoated lol sure convinced me to get out my soaps and go to church..drama so much better.
he is not

Park Hills, MO

#28 Jan 12, 2013
carl harp is no preacher we all know that
concerned citizen

Doniphan, MO

#29 Jan 14, 2013
To even discuss such nonsense in public shows proof of a novice and is a disgrace to the General Baptist organization.
Kathy Harp

United States

#30 Jan 27, 2013
I answer only to GOD himself...But, Concerned Citizen...I agree this should not be discussed openly...but does a person face their accusers in whatever forum they attack you or simply allow venom to be spewed forth with no defence? By the way...we are NOT General Baptist. Neither is GOD.I read and believe in the Bible and its doctrine, not the doctrine of man. No offense.Even Jesus got angry and even got physical with some.
To: He is Farmington....who are you to make that accusation?
Jacquelyn Young

Sheridan, AR

#31 Sunday Apr 10
innocent bystander wrote:
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA......well least i got the screeching wife's attention,he knows what they did whether he tells you or not is beside the point.get him to tell me where the other two are at now,and our discourse will be finished,think you can manage that screechy?
That lady your referring to is my mother this maybe be a few years old. But reading this now and how you word shit I know who you are and I will be seeing you again. Enjoy your face while you can. Gonna be a hell of a day when we do. I'm not perfect I'm a sinner and I'm gonna fuck you face completely up... Never talk about someone's mother but I'll tell ya that in person...

Naylor, MO

#32 Wednesday Apr 27
Kathy Harp wrote:
your so funny...hahahaha..not getting any satisfaction from your little game is making you to into a petulant name calling is not making me angry..I think it's funny. I don't think he did anything to you. I believe you have nothing better to do with your time than to create stories. I have already asked him which friends you are referring to, he just needs a time frame..during school or after graduation..give him a reference point. Are you sure you have the right Harp?
Evidently , He is happy where he is , whoever this person is , should let it go . after all this time. scripture says , Paul became a minister after murder , didn't he ? only God can satisfy her soul !

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