The VER PLANK RD mother muder..forwar...

The VER PLANK RD mother muder..forwarding clue.

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Mar 25, 2013
It's the mothers muder on VER PLANK RD in the David Renz attack rape and murder story that beagn off NYS police as a "car JACKing" That IS the forwarding clue now..The rape of the 10 year old girl is a over played drama on my sisters CHRIS BOWERS ROGUES part..Its got something to do with A Fulton man Terry Reynolds who stle some thing sfrom my apt around 1995 or so..Paper work partial paperwork..Half the story documentation..that could be VERY misleading if in the wrong hands..I believe that is exactly what went on off it..

The AGE is wrong..but close..but the murdered mother being a former Oswego, N.Y. librarian is the closest they could come to "association" and the VER PLANK RD attack on them by David Renz..too "perfect" esp under the circumstances of his background and arrival there that night..

Someone has completely taken a story about my son ans totally distorted it..The Oswego County Family Court JUDGE David Roman in the case off the "Angie baby" phone call that started it all was completely accurate in his decison made..I made sure of it myself.

That is also why Floyd Boyntons death is a line up with my fathers birthday in all of this. "They" disquised it medically..Judge Roman was the Judge also who made that decision I believe..So the partial paperwork Terry Reynolds stole from home on ONEIDA ST one night while he knew I was at my mothers ..has ended up in the wrong hands..and This "THRILL OF THE KILL" has evolved from it..

It all beagn fromthere.. My sisters did NOT find court important enough to even show they BOTH left it up to my mother ..BOTH completely aware of the issue.."Angie baby" is the one who called state police over the matter ..then I was told.

Now from there it all became talk to scumbag about "proof" called "The look on her face." Then "they" gave the sodium P stories..I was drugged on more than one occasion at least 4 times.."crazy" as it sounds..I WAS drugged..there is no doubt in my mind..

Todd Bower calls it "the starwberry marks on your foot" An ID "they" will use..he said this in 2004..after my sister CHRIS started to claim I had been "talking in her sleep" and "confessed" this was about a year after "the look on her face" very close to the 3-29-05 "reverse" date she hit my parked Jeep..YES this all went on I tried to say it many times..

Now the distoted image of my son in inthe David Renz post standard story..My son wento counceling -probabio etc..He went more than orderd by the MY request..well so did Renz I see son masterbated while holding a child..MO not the issue..

Someone was trying to create an Alan Jones. David renz "profile" of my son on him..Now my sons HATES me..calls it abuse..those stories were being circulated way back about me windows were always open..and my sons mouth then was the cause..he had no signs of physical abuse..or mental..he had a chip on his shoulder I lived in my parents home for too long with him we all had chips..

Moving in with Chris suddenly off it all and all her issues did not help either..

If my son abused as I myself have told him many times..go talk to someone about it..Dont get drunk and tell your friends..Don't come here and hate me now..Don't try to help me..etc..

BUT I could see what windows scums are pushing in his head now over there in the slumlord GEORGE .."trying to help" house.. Then they recreated the "CARRIE" scene' he would look "Just like his mother". Thats my familys REAL claim behind all the "help" they are acting out....all part of the "we'd like to learn to help yourself" MRS ROBINSON "soundtrack" guide....called my mother controls the money offers..or nothing at all..10:52 t 10 -25..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Mar 25, 2013
The part about hwo JUDITH DEVENEYS HISPANIC daughters..were told to name the dogs the names they did came off others..

That was all part of how scumbag recruit "JUDITH DEVENEY" of CO RT 85 in Hannibal, N.Y, was moved into position in this..They set her daughters some degree..the plan was "EVERYTHING" for her husband target..I dont belive from talk way back in 2008 they knew the in depth behind it all..They were very young girls then..

JUDITH let the DOGS put in time for the coming HER KIMER "scene" off it all..JUDITHS dogs name are Midnight= that a well established 12 trick clue in this..JOHN NY thats mans name..with a 3-19-12 BUBBLES the party at the GOV mansion in New York (link her 1206 cell phone and the Andrew Cuomos 12-6 BIRTHDAY_ZODIAC move clue way pack Pamela Jean Waltz's heartattack death on 12-6 was the clue my mother making fun of me and Lundy becuase Valerei Dedich was inthe process of her "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" clean up and rebuild by surgery of her body) These scumbag military a plan hat images from 4-5-07 as my FATHER doings...While the deadly recruits from Beverly Davis of crosby Hill traler park in Fulton and her swan daughter Valerie Dedich of the Oneida Village Maureen levea birthday 11-5 "anangram" birthday address. the scumbag ICON "HE" picked Valerie as my backup replacement and worked into the position that way off a humble image of her..Valerie played her role till GOOD scumbags got on her..then Dorothy Mills and "partner" Bill 8-11 McCarty THE new BILL FACTOR to it all set me up on to a 3-19-12 JOHNS wife birthday coming in my future..BUT first the PIT STOP home of Peggy Deveney at 143 Oneida St in Oswego, N.Y. the "reverse" Margaretville this time in Oswego..fromthere Scumbag military recruit Aftin Deveney beagn the motions of the SANDYHOOK gun control shootings set up us "association" right down to the name Lanza..An attorneys name link now who never did really PUSH how "JUDITH DEVENEY" got herself arrested for trying to stop her husband while she was "menacing" him that day on 9-6 that her husband was now on trial for..
A charge that was "dismissed" after he paid and went through so much off it all..

"JUDITH" got arrested that day by ME because she was lying to police just like she did under oath through the trial..while she using "crying" as sympathy ..same way she stood on the corners in Hannibal looking for her "missing" DOGS..

Now whats intersting JUDITH as far a is know is NOT military therefore shes seems to be being protected a different way.

Thats a "crying" clue she made on 1-24-13 when she got away for destroying my things becuase NYS ROGUE OFFICER L JESSE does not know how to do his job right when it comes ot scumbag recruits all part of the THE THRILL OF THE KILL: out to help orotect deadly ROGUE NYS POLICE OFFICERS..who just tried ot work a "car JACKing" image off a 10 year olds rape and her mothers murder..CUOMOS seat in thw Whitehouse is THIS important? Can you imgine what will happen to this country now?

Did ROGUES back CUOMO off or buy him in?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Mar 25, 2013
See let me note this..It all comes back to the GOV a cell phone clue te CLUE of CLUES..

There is NO way right now I believe that GEORGE LUNDY..had helped set up the issues that beacme the VER PLANK librarian murder "line up" with the SANDYHOOK shootings..the FBI clues me whats up..shots their own to do it..can't deny it.

Those murders were the result of "profiling" and how I was clued in 2008 at the Syracuse FBI on 4-15-08 ..that the FBI is "working the case"

Its redundant this way..the JUDGE ? the prescutors reccomendation that Renz wear a bracelet off the SERIOUS child porn charges agaisnt him..Like Oswego CO Court JUDGE Walter Hafner ? the "depreaved indifference" approach on the charge on Jones..and the system is helping "JUDITH DEVENEY" out and some others too in clever ways. In the nd cops it's a DOG clue..called JOHN NY continuation plan..

Did GEORGE LUNDY have a role inthe Hannibal childs truck driver murder..? I dont think so..BUT he was part of the scumbag miltary recruit doings..before and after I "throws" the 12-5-09 casino money offers..That is how Valerie Dedich's new life evolved out of it all..It was "profiled" I would..knowing what I had to "HUSH" about behind it all..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Mar 25, 2013
So now off all this NYS and THE FBI and the miltary scums..desperately have to hold to BILL VICKERYS version of the story..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Mar 25, 2013
Let me further explain..YES the "Angie baby" FORD RANGER Scott Tucker- Cha lone drive 1993 truck with the 48408 NYS LIC Plate tires..well guess what THE BREAKS are FIXED assholes..

RANGER same color as my sons GREEN acheiva..I dont think Tucker knew..The whole story..they set him up? off his drinking habits..? The truck is where they wanted it..Would NOT be if the GOODMAN auot SAAB charade had not gone on..So that mean no tires NYS LIC plate CHARLES RUNGE-VER PLANK RD coming link either.."So long ago" "Second time" "Second place"

RANGER the "reverse" way I was tauntd in 2001 during the Marla Miller role in all of this about if she keeps it up "US Marshals will come"..The JOKE was on me.. The RANGER is here for a deadly MIDDLE RD "accident" set up plan onmy boyfriend off it..and those "perfect" NYS LIC Plate tires off he Rittman Rd.

So anothe rlittle girl has been raped..inthis "reverse" plan off a rape claim that even CHRIS knew she could not prove even with Bills "statement"..its the after sex..and other issues..its NOT my fault. You don't get "used" to sex off a rape..and then ask for more.

That was the part Todd Bower conronted her it makes sense.

its why its called the BILL VICKERY FACTOR and CHRIS BOWER out herselfinthere to help protect him trying to kill mee on it..then the "statement is wide open to "find" by the FBI..BILL told her about it and she now be a vicitm..

If that plan fails the "look on her face" CIZ verified video kicks in..well that kicked in FIRST the ROGUE way of narrating it..HOLY SHIT.

Anyone esle have another version off what takes place..This IS THE MOST DEADLY YEAR..13. Began om 12-13-12 to a SANDYHOOK "line up"

So "he" and :they want me nickelles sand inthe sticks in the CHRIS BOWER "reverse" shack plan now..after all those MONEY offers ? Giving them to deadly tiuckers now ..
"HE" recruited some a new takers..

"HE" wants ablsolute control..

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