AP Exclusive: Union members appointed...

AP Exclusive: Union members appointed after $10,000 donation

There are 7581 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Mar 3, 2008, titled AP Exclusive: Union members appointed after $10,000 donation. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

Two members of an elevator installers union were appointed to a new state elevator-safety board about the time their local gave a $10,000 campaign contribution to Gov.

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Big Al

United States

#26 Apr 27, 2008
Brad, I talked to Frank Christensen and he told me that there is no subpoena and it was lies being perpetrated by yourself and others. If you have proof of the documents then come to the Union Meeting and show them, if not you should not spread lies to the Members. The reason why you won't come to the Union Meeting is because there are no documents and you are liar


#27 May 1, 2008
Who is this Brad ? Why would he do that ? Your union meetings are staged, you know like professional wrestling where the outcome is prepared beforehand .

The TRUTH will come out & we will see who the liar is.

I was also sorry to hear a officer was beat up on his way to a deposition and could not offer there testimony. Almost sounds like obstruction . Who is the liar here ?

The only RATS at IUEC Local 2 are the ones who are obstructing justice & not compling with a subpoena that was served over a year ago by DOL seeking financial & other documentation, with a "Return of Service" that IUEC Local 2 recieved this subpeona via FAX. If there was nothing to hide, WHY don't you comply ? Who paid for Eddie's car?
Big Al

Woodridge, IL

#28 May 2, 2008
It is hard to comply with a subpoena that doesn't exist. Do you have proof af this so called subpoena if so come to the union meeting and show it to the members. You can tell TLD that his sources are wrong and that Brigham has not been indicted and how did he like being moved to service on our request.

I hope you are not passing around those false documents like the SOL members are. I am sure the feds do not take passing around false documents very lightly.

Frank Christensen has been nominated for IUEC Humanitarian of the Year for his charitable work and how he trats the membership. Remember, great things happen to great men.
Big Al

Woodridge, IL

#29 May 3, 2008
Once again you do not speak the truth. An officer was not beaten up on his way to a deposition, you must live in fantasyland.

If an Officers does not want to testify at a deposition he does it at his own free will. Remember this is a lawsuit in which two great officers Frank Christensen and Terry Shanklin were defamed, We all know that Terry and Frank are the most honest officer in the IUEC, just ask them.

So what if they refuse to turn over their taxes, so what if Arnold Elmhorst and Ted Shank refuse to testify at the deposition. I asked Frank and he told me that they are both afraid of getting in trouble. He said, if there were any overpayments then it is Arnold's fault for overpaying the honest officers. Frank thinks that Arnold was working with the Sons of Liberty to set both Terry and himself up.

Ted is worried because he allowed the companies to manipulate the hiring list and Frank Christensen has the proof. Because of Twed now our apprenticeship program could be decertified and hurt every member of Local 2. I asked Frank, why did Ted do this? Frank said, so Ted sould get a job at Kone and I suspected him of being a rat for al ong time. I also hear the Ted has gone to the DOL to lie about Frank to them. That is the reason why Ted is afraid to go to the deposition.

It is sad, every time Frank trusts someone they always hurt Frank and the Union too. I thank God everyday that Local 2 has a leader like Frank and I hope we can keep him here at Local 2 for a long time.

Chicago, IL

#30 May 4, 2008
Wow! It sounds like that Union is dysfunctional. I agree if there was nothing wrong then there would be nothing to rat on. Stewdoggie continue to fight the fight until this crooked union is gone. I thank god I don't need a union to do my job. Unions are as yesterday as the dinosauers and dodo bird.
Terry the Canary

Chicago, IL

#31 May 7, 2008
The Chairman of the Illinois Elevator Board Frank Christensen has been ordered in front of an Illinois Senate Committee on May 8, 2008 at 11:00 am. Chairman Christensen, was ordered to appear by Senator Susan Garrett (D) to answer questions.
A River In Egypt DaNILE


#32 May 9, 2008
I'm sure this didn't happen also. Just like the United States Department of Labor's subpeona for financial records. Why would they have to subpeona them. Why wouldn't they willingly give them up ? Sounds like they are hiding something. It sounds like to me that this Frank wants ALL of the power but does not want to be responsible for his actions that are detrimental to his members, sounds like a selfish individual. Why doesn't his brother Ed, or General President Wana Brigham do something about this spoiled little brat? Maybe a closer look is needed ? To the members under this selfish Frank: sounds like to me that he is doing more damage than good, your forefathers sacrificed for you, but,because of him you will feel HIS effects for a LONG TIME. He and he alone has done this. He has mislead you BIGTIME ! United States Department of LABOR is supposed to be our friend not a enemy who can and will enforce COMPLIANCE!!!!!!!!!! You were legally served a subpeona comply ! What is so hard about that? Oh yeah dana doesn't want you too!
Wang Chung


#33 May 9, 2008
Why would Frank have to do that? Did he laugh at her? What Senate Committee ?
Jim Croce said it best "You don't tug on Supermans cape, You don't spit into the wind".
Illinois State Senators


#34 May 10, 2008
To the Illinois State Senators that are standing up to the presumptive "Status Quo".Congratulations are in order. I'm glad that somebody is taking charge. Emil jones & rickey hendon have one motto "Show Me The Money" in whatever way they can get it that is obvious! To incinuate that she (The Honorable Senator Susan Garret)lives in "Richville" is not only childish but shows he only cares about money just like his buddy BLAGO ! Birds of a Feather FLOCK TOGETHER !
Ms Garret Thank You for your anti-corruptive efforts We appreciate the fact you are trying !!
How's Frank ?
Dr Phil

Chicago, IL

#35 May 10, 2008
The United States Department of Labor listed the 10 most honest labor unions in the United States. The most honest labor union was the International Union of Elevator Constructors and the most honest local union was Elevator Constructors Local 2 according to a press release date May 9, 2008
Mirage Boy


#36 May 11, 2008
To the international union of elevator constructors Honesty is a "Mirage in the Desert".
What happened in front of that Senate Committe? Why would a he (Frank Christensen BM) even be summoned before them? Was there some "Ethics" concerns? Is that elevator safety board filled with objective people or people that are yes people to Frank ? Does that constitue a "Kangaroo Court"? Has anybody voted against him on anything on that board ? If he is so honest why would he refuse to be held accountable to anybody or answer a United States Department of Labor subpeona ? Honesty is not in IUEC's vocabulary.
Soprano Wanna Be s


#37 May 12, 2008
I think Egypt boy is right. Answer the subpeona issued by the United States Department of Labor. Why not ?
Something tells me the members do not know the truth.
Honest Abe


#38 May 12, 2008
Would be ashamed of this international union of elevator constructors. Dana brigham should also be ashamed for not doing anything or lifting a finger to insure that coruption is not going on in Chicago. Why wouldn't he make them comply with the Department of Labor subpeona? Honest Abe wants to know. Cronyville ?
John Adams


#39 May 14, 2008
A letter could make it better !
Barb Langer

Chicago, IL

#40 May 17, 2008
The Illinois Elevator Act is the hottest topic in Springfield. Every Senator and Representative knows about the $10,000 Contribution funneled through Rezko to Blagojevich for the Board appointments. The Senators know about the building owners representative is really an owner of an elevator company. The Senators know about the manufacturers represenative has a part interest in an electrical company that does fire recall. Lisa Madigan's Office has been made aware of this and has sent the information to the U.S. Attorney.
John Adams II


#41 May 20, 2008
Ms Langer,
As a facilitator of change I would also inject that everybody on that board is a crony to IUEC Frank Christensen and in my opinion is biased to him ! That would also include the inspectors/administrators for that board who are biased to Frank and will do ANYTHING for him! If they don't I think he would go out of his way to destroy there livelihoods.
Has anybody voted against him?
It is sad that frank has to drag the rank and file members thru the mud with him. The members of this union do not have a choice, there international will do NOTHING to bring DEMOCRACY back to this local union. Puts up a major red flag for me and calls into question all kinds of international activities (work pres, organizing,etc).
Thank You Ms Langer, your efforts are commendable!!!!!!!!!!
John Adams II


#43 May 21, 2008
Musical Chairs


#44 May 22, 2008
Hey, when is the music going to stop on these thugs/punks at local 2? These companies are going to be so agitated and take it out on the members because of these thugs. It is a vicious circle they have created for the members who want to make a living, do a good job and strive to be the best at there craft.
I've seen some EGOMANIACS but these thugs/punks take the cake!!!!!!!!!!
Egos R US


#45 May 23, 2008
A lot of egos at that union.
John V

Chicago, IL

#46 May 24, 2008
We at Local 2 are claiming complete victory!!! The subpoena from the DOL is a dead subpoena according to our glorious all-knowing Business Manager. All that is left to do is get some cockroach spray and it will be all over.

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