Harvey Street Gangs/ Where and who ar...

Harvey Street Gangs/ Where and who are you?

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Finchville, KY

#1 Jan 30, 2007
So,....Why are there Gangs in Harvey?
What purpose do they serve?
What economic legal good do they bring?
Why do they feel that they need to be in Harvey?
Who feels like they need to "control" what turf?
Why don't they try to improve the economy rater than destroy a town with rich ansestory & heritage.
That being said....Why aren't they "terrorists"?
So "Gang" people....Can you intelligently answer this.

Keaau, HI

#3 Mar 5, 2007
No they can't. Gangs are there to make money. We all know the Latin Kings are probably the slickist group out there, but they all could be stopped if the police would stop having there business deals with the gangs and start making good cases on these fools. Humm, let's look at why the gangs are still in Harvey. The police dept. has a so-called gang unit that hasn't been able to get the job done. I think they are getting cut backs from the gang in some form or fashion because they are still there and no real hard cases have been brought to court. If you get out there and talk to some of the fools they will tell you that they helped elect the mayor. WHAT!! We all know what's goin down and the gang unit ain't doin jack. I hope the next mayor will get someone in there who really wants to rid Harvey of gangs because Harvey and it's people deserve there community to have the best meaning I should be able to come outside of my home and not see the dummies hangin on the corner sellin. I know if you start gettin hard felonies on these fools and they start gettin some time in the pen the fools will think twice like dam I better chill or go somewhere other than Harvey cause they don't play.

Dayton, OH

#4 Mar 15, 2007
I tried to talk to these so called Gang Members......all we seem to find on here is punk kids with little tempers. I only hope that the State of Illinois is smart enough to see that they need to work in conjunction with the Canadian National RR which is matching funds with Harvey, Riverdale and most areas along the old IC tracks. The Canadian National wants to have these areas developed for wat is called "Transportation Oriented Development" or TOD. As these neighborhods become "re-developed" and more people ride the trains, they get more money, the neighborhoods become more developed, the tax base grows etc. This is (to me anyway) enough incentive to kick out these little drug dealing, bad tempered, followers, who pretend to be important.
king puff

Chicago, IL

#5 Mar 15, 2007
latin king luv GDK SDK

Dayton, OH

#7 Mar 16, 2007
What kind of little code crap is that? Can you talk english? Leave Harvey....Harvey doesn't want or need you! They need and want a safe drug and crime free town where every American can walk where and when they want. Citizens are free. Gangs are nothing more than another form of Slavery! Why don't you get a rel life, in the real world and do what you want....Not what your Slave Driving Gang wants you to do? Be free. Be American.

Addison, IL

#8 Mar 27, 2007
Ex- Harvey

Dayton, OH

#10 Mar 27, 2007
More little code crap. Got anything American to say? About improving your American town that you help drag down. It's EASY to do the wrong thing and hard to struggle toward a positive successful American Dream....but yiu know what "Initial guy"?? It's THE AMERICAN thing. Get a real life! Get an American life! What would Martin Luther King say about Gangs?

Finchville, KY

#11 Mar 29, 2007
Even tho these "so-called" gang members think they "say something"....They say nothing. Why? They have no substance.

Portland, OR

#12 Mar 29, 2007
Ex- Harvey

Dayton, OH

#13 Mar 30, 2007
HSSG....WDYGAFL????......CYTIR E?......WAYSCS?????.....SWTFYM ...DA!

Oak Lawn, IL

#14 Mar 31, 2007
The reason the gang bangers are making comments using initials is because they don't know how to spell or write a correct sentence. When they are in school, they do not make an effort to learn. Instead. they disrupt the classroom with disruptive behavior. If they would focus on getting an education instead of gang banging, they would stop using initials to communicate, because they would have the skills needed to write an intelligent sentence.

Oak Lawn, IL

#15 Mar 31, 2007
It is sad to see so many youth in Harvey involved in gang activtiy. What us even sadder is to see yhem having children by their teenage girlfriends, and with their three year old children flashing gang signs they have learned from their gang banging parents. and having to be passengers in their parents cars while loud, obscene rap music is being played over theeir car stereos. It is sad to see children in pre-school anf kindegarten acting like minature gang bangers.

Macomb, IL

#16 Mar 31, 2007
Well my comment is that most of the "gang bangers" whether what gang or organization they come from they are just trying to find themself or they have adapted to that way of living. See when you glorify Al Capone, John Gotti as gangster look at what they did over time they werent called "gang bangers" they were gangstas and when you have society not rappers "entertainers" influencing the youth your gonna have this problem. Society encourages the young women to be sexual look at television. Dont just blame the kids for what they do!!! Get mad at the parents that didnt raise their kids right or get mad at yourself when you see a LITTLE KID Doing wrong set them straight dont just keep walking!! See its a respect issue the Grown-ups have let the kids take over and are scared to do something about it. See alot of people blame it on the rap music or you blame it on a movie stop pointing fingers and do something about it. Harvey, Dolton, Riverhell, pick a place its not just harvey hell mayor daley is the biggest gangster in Chicago. See corruption dont start on the streets its everybody got they hand in the pot. Just a bunch of greedy [email protected] politicians!!!!!!!!!! See People have the power but we bow down to cops, politicians, etc... we dont stand up for what we believe. People this is America Look at George Bush He stole the white house and every American sat on their ass and watched and you complain about drug dealers the government is the biggest and baddest drug dealers out here so until they decide to stop its going to be a drug trade!! So until America Stands up or shut up and put up like you've done forever!!!!!

Portland, OR

#17 Mar 31, 2007
im noy a gang banger i just dont like gangs. LKKN means latin KIng killer nation. i wouldn t even call it a code because all thats doing is makeing them think there smart and important. I think is really dome because how is that going to help you in the real world.
Ex- Harvey

Dayton, OH

#18 Mar 31, 2007
You're right in the fact that kids who in gangs are trying to find an identity. They're to find the three emotional needs that they're not getting, or not getting enough of at home. They are the need to love & be loved, the need to belong to something, and the need to be recognized. At any time, a good parent, teacher, neighbor, etc. can replace one or more of them for a gangbanger. It takes educaton, caring and discipline.
Corruption does start with politicians, but gangs do provide great kickbacks, and scared or cooperative people provide great cover. This is where the battle must start.
Neighborhood watch prgrams that are tied in with the state police, media and statre departments. Media exposing street gangs and state police exposing local corruption will scare gangs into moving. They don't like exposure.
There's not going to be a drug trade in Harvey if people mix media and standing up for the town with the state.

Hilo, HI

#19 Apr 8, 2007
Everyone knows that gang members are punks. It takes a real man to stand alone and get his own by doin what is right. get into those books and get someting in that head so when you become 18 or over you can get that job, pay your bills, taxes and maybe one day buy a home and raise a family. Kickin it is cool and all that but if or when you get caught up you have no one to blame but yourself. And the bro's in the pen are just waitin for a fresh young thang like you to trick you out. Let's hope that we get a good, honest leader in Harvey who will get a no nonsense Chief of Police that hates gangs and will go full speed to rid Harvey of them. Harvey need to go back to the old days when that's all they did was stay on the bangers rear end. Also start making these parents responsible meaning if there child does something dumb, make the parent pay a hefty fine for non-supervison. I bet you once ma start gettin loot takin out of that pocket things will change. I don't care how hard you think you are once inside my boys will get you. In everything we do there there are 2 choices, yes or no. So keep on acting a fool.

Finchville, KY

#20 Apr 9, 2007
I feel that Bill! Tellin it like it is! I remember th "old days" in Harvey, where if a kid was on the street during a school day, the cops would be questioning them & hauling them back to school or the police station, just to keep them off the street. You are also right about getting a police chief who hates gangs. A town is a community business, and gangs ruin business. The whole "Pyramid Scheme" of Gangs is so easy to see, but these kids are too dumb to see it as a pyramid scheme. They can be selling vitamins or Avon, and do alot better than banging. Hell, the average salary of a Vice Lord 2 years ago for a "solja" was like $2,200. You can make alot more makin' & sellin' "Beats". Stupid kids. Like you said...they need to read, and find little hobbies they can legally do. If they wanna be hard....Lift Weights. lol

Hilo, HI

#21 Apr 12, 2007
True, Ex-Harvey. And just think about this my young bangers. Let's say you stay in school, find something you like to do and pursue it. Go to college, any college and finally get that good job. Work hard as hell and the money will roll in and guess what, no one can take that away from you because you earned it. Now let's say you stayed in the gang. I promise you that you will either get convicted for something or get killed at a young age then the hommies can pour some drink on your grave. I know some of the young bucks know dam well they don't want to do that crap forever. If you do this shit until 16-17 y/o it's too late unless you have a good family that can stear you in the right direction, if not then it's GED and welcome to MCdonalds may I help you.

Tinley Park, IL

#22 Apr 18, 2007
Man forget all these gangs out here in the SUBURBS>. THATS RIGHT, THE SUBURBS. We aint in the city. There aint no real gang bangers out here. All of them aint nothing but pop offs. They'll shoot their own mother just to get a rep in the street. They aint nothin and nobody should worry about them. If they wanna bang they need to go to a city and a real hood, a real set, where they actually have a good chance of gettin popped at evry 5 minutes and have a good chance of gettin caught up wit da law. Go to Chicago where there is no parental guidance and kids cant run from the county. All these little Flakes out here are jokes and I laugh at all of em.

Finchville, KY

#23 Apr 24, 2007
Where my street gangs at?

Y'all gonna "improve" Harvey now that Mayor Kellogg is re-elected, or are you gonna go on being junior terrorists, and "slaves" of the "Pyramid Scheme" of the Gang System? Ever think of banding together as "Real Americans" to Help your neighborhoods, it's children, and it's streets, or are you just going to "Think of yourselves" and try and obtain "identities" through the loser guise of gangs? Are you so much of a follower, you can't see that you're not being led?
Let's see if you can answer without some little cheap K-mart cuss words. Use some intelligence. Ever think of joining the military? You take orders already. Might as well fight for our country like an American and secure an American Future instead of a loser career.
Let's hear some thoughts on this, because you know what? Pretty soon, we should be banding together and improving Harvey and America. We soon, may all be attacking real terror cells who don't care about your gangs, your mamas, or your houses or street corners! Now is the time to turn it around. Stop thinking of your selfish self, and think about Harvey, America and what you can do.

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