Patch thinks you are retarded

Patch thinks you are retarded

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Ol Patchy

River Forest, IL

#1 Oct 8, 2013
I don't know who this Waldrop is, but she is obviously a mental midget. Her series of articles on saving money are some of the stupidest things ever written.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck on Home Improvements Is honestly the biggest pile of crap on the internet (save for the responses to this post). Paint your room yourself? Geez, that's INCREDIBLE. Buy knobs for your cabinets instead of a $30000 rehab? AMAZING.

Theresa Waldrop, you are honestly the new dumbest person at the Patch. I suggest you resign and complete the fourth grade, and stay away from complicated machinery, such as spoons or zippers.

Dingbat of the year.

River Forest, IL

#2 Oct 8, 2013
Fourth grade? I think you're giving her a little too much credit. She trolls the internet looking to steal other third graders ideas then passes them off as her own. Typical patch employee.
Bob R

River Forest, IL

#3 Oct 9, 2013
No one reads that thing anymore. My neighbors all had a party last week and we laughed about how stupid the patch is. Really....a map for all the divorced women? That's reporting? You have to be flipping kidding me. I would be embarrassed to work there.

United States

#4 Oct 9, 2013
Seriously. I have no idea how much I should spend on paving for my driveway! Where should I go for advice??? And I reaaaaallllly need a place to talk Bears football. Gee, should I pick up the phone and talk to my friends, meet them at a bar to watch the game, or just sit at home and post on ditzy Denny's blog?

United States

#5 Oct 9, 2013
And there's more!!!!!! This dipstick lady know wants to know how much you're going to spend on Halloween!!

oh snap

Chicago, IL

#6 Oct 9, 2013
"Patch thinks you are retarded"

and they're right

River Forest, IL

#7 Oct 9, 2013
Oh Snap, You must be one of the currently unemployed former editors. Don't worry, keep those resumes going, I'm sure the new Hardee's will be calling soon.

To turn you down again.

River Forest, IL

#8 Oct 9, 2013
Fired patch editors like to go all over the web and talk about how "noble" and "proud" they were of their time at patch, but fail to admit that they were trying to con businesses into advertising with them by lying about the amount of clicks the site generated each and every day.

They fail to talk about the main reason they had make AOL money by selling ADVERTISING, not by reporting on the towns they supposedly "loved so much".

Their noble efforts included getting cozy with city officials so they could get those juicy interviews, only to NEVER, EVER CHALLENGE THOSE SAME OFFICIALS WHEN THEY WERE ACCUSED OF WRONGDOING.

In short, they lied. Don't ever believe them when they try to tell you otherwise. Don't believe us? Invest 5 minutes and search it yourself. Either way, your responses pale in comparison to the reality that the sites are closing, the jags are getting fired, and the rest of the journalism world agrees that former patch editors are blacklisted.

Jacksonville, FL

#9 Oct 10, 2013
Waldrop is a tool. The average IQ in her town goes up ten points every time she leaves the city limits. Same with Ness and the rest of these pinheads.
Ol patchy

United States

#10 Oct 10, 2013

This from Jim Romenesko's great Blog regarding the CLICKBAIT fallout over the incredibly offensive and potentially dangerous maps that Patch is using across their sites, showing where divorced men and women live in town. OH SNAP, shove this up your backside.

""""" Katie Ryan O’Connor, Patch’s director of editorial operations and content strategy, sent this memo to local editors explaining how they should deal with reader complaints:

More on the Divorce Maps, and Data Overall. Some of you got pushback on yesterday’s divorce map. The FAQ for weekdaily data is here to outline what we’re doing with data and how to best present it. Click through for the full rundown, but here are some excerpts you may find helpful.

The big idea to stress overall: Data is powerful stuff. We know that and we value reader feedback. Our goal with this ongoing series of maps is to allow users to understand their neighborhoods in a diversity of ways they didn’t before. We’re bringing increased transparency and context to our coverage with these maps, but we’re devoted to doing it responsibly.

There are a few important things to stress when you get complaints or questions about data. You can find more in the FAQ:

* Explain what you think is interesting locally, to guide the conversation in a constructive directions.(You can see examples of how to do this in the FAQ doc)

* Stress that we don’t publish discreet locations of individuals in these maps. A census tract is far too wide to target for crime. Some other news orgs have been criticized private residences. We don’t do that with these maps.

* Stress that these articles don’t exist in a vacuum, but are part of an ongoing series. In its totality, the series puts information about your town at your fingertips. If you see us cover one side of an issue, we’ve likely done the other side or will do it soon. If we ask about men, we’ll do women the next week, as we did with divorce #s. If we look at cheap houses one week, we’ll look at expensive houses the week after. Point your readers to the roundup you’ll be doing on Sunday.(We’re going to point users to the Sunday roundup in today’s post.)"""" """"

River Forest, IL

#11 Oct 10, 2013
When patch has a map showing where 30-something's who still live in mommy and daddy's basement, I'm sure Oh Snap will finally be revealed.

Off to get laid. Again.
oh snap

Chicago, IL

#12 Oct 10, 2013
RES wrote:
When patch has a map showing where 30-something's who still live in mommy and daddy's basement, I'm sure Oh Snap will finally be revealed.
Off to get laid. Again.
happy inflating!

just make sure you let the air out and put her back in the box this time

United States

#14 Oct 11, 2013
Aside from the usual dorky comebacks, the person has no way to counter the facts. Patch ain't about stories, it's about money. The editors know it and have been trained on it since day one. Bare minimum of information with the maximum price for advertising.

Shameless, disgusting way to con communities. Soon they'll all be shuddered and out of work. Can't stress enough that former patch editors are blacklisted by the rest of the journalistic communities because of their blatant plagiarism and absence of ethics.

Laugh all you want, snappy, but the jokes on you.

United States

#15 Oct 11, 2013
Couldn't care less about those comments. Patch has lost all standing in the journalism community, let alone all the towns they pretend to love.

River Forest, IL

#16 Oct 12, 2013
Now that it's official, and AOL has seen what these retarded editors have done to anger residents around the country, it's going to be fun hearing about all of them getting thrown into the street.

Sorry, kids, no more free laptop and're gonna have to start mowing lawns again if you want spending cash. HAHAHA LYING LOSERS

Patch editor = plagiarizing mental midget with no respect for the feelings of all the families who lost loved ones to tragedy. They hammered the stories for all they could, shoving those horrible memories in families faces week after week, while other ACTUAL NEWS services had the decency to report the story and move on.

I hope you all get spit in the face the one day by each and every one of those family members you hurt.
Laugh all you want

River Forest, IL

#17 Oct 13, 2013
Chuckle chuckle, editors. You still can't find a new jobs. Guess all that noble, altruistic work you were doing really doesn't mean squat in the real world. Throw another 1000 or so useless editors in the unemployment mix and it's gonna be fun watching them cut each other's knees out trying to get a new job. If, and IF the sites are bought up, the first thing the new buyers will do is can them all regardless.

Looks like another missed rent check to go with those returned laptops and phones. Now THATS funny.

River Forest, IL

#18 Oct 14, 2013
Another week, another set of patch sites biting the dust. Feels great to know the end is near for the cut and paste plagiarists at AOL and Patch. Maybe Nancy Grace, Mike F, and baba wawa can hold a vigil for them.

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