Red Light Enforcement Program
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Patch Master

United States

#21 Oct 31, 2013
Don't break the law and you won't have a problem. Break the law and you get fined. Don't like it? Don't drive. More cameras everywhere please, especially at school zones and drug hot spots. The same whiners complained about radar guns long ago, and they're still being used. Get over it.
No radar love

Park Forest, IL

#22 Oct 31, 2013
Patch Master wrote:
Don't break the law and you won't have a problem. Break the law and you get fined. Don't like it? Don't drive. More cameras everywhere please, especially at school zones and drug hot spots. The same whiners complained about radar guns long ago, and they're still being used. Get over it.
oh okay! How many times do u come to a complete stop at the sign? I guarantee its not every time! I bet you speed too! Maybe you don't get caught! You are just a perfect little non complaining citizen good boy, arent you? You probably don't mind when you get a tax increase either! People like you say "oh well, they wouldn't raise it of they didn't need it!" We are talking about traffic cameras! Safety is so important that its only a fine! Where as if a cop gives you one, it goes on your record! The city splits the difference with the company that owns the cameras! Gotta love that Cook County Democrat attitude! Don't question anything! Be a good consumer! The governments right, youre wrong! Now go buy your Obama care policy, Idiot!
Patch Master

River Forest, IL

#23 Oct 31, 2013
My politics has nothing to with that post, and I didn't call anyone any names so cool your jets. If I run a red light or stop sign, speed, or cause an accident, I do so knowing that I could be caught and fined or have points on my record. It wouldn't matter if a camera, computer, meter maid, or secret service officer caught me. Do the crime, pay the fine.

Your argument is weak, therefore you stoop to political pot shots. And you missed. I don't need obama care, and I'm pretty sure you don't either. My opinion is that more f these cameras will result in better enforcement of the laws. The more people know they are there, the more likely they are to eventually slow down or stop at the sign. If that's through getting a ticket or two, then so be it. If it's because they're good drivers, then even better.

Two classes of drivers here. Either they don't know, or they don't care. If they get a ticket and still don't slow down or stop, then they obviously don't care. And those folks I have no sympathy for. Ticket them all day and all night, and eventually wean them off the road.
See? I can disagree without name calling. So can you....
No radar love

New Lenox, IL

#24 Oct 31, 2013
Oh yeah, we are Really being over run by accidents! This is nothing more than another city tax. They are dealt with at the city level like a parking ticket!Like city stickers, UNNEED for any other purpose except to make the city money. I'm sick of it! All traffic cameras should be taken down or at least let the citizens vote on them!

Oak Lawn, IL

#25 Jan 17, 2014
I too received a red light violation for a right turn on red at 183rd Cicero. It was obvious reviewing the video that I stopped behind the vehicle in front of me and proceeded to turn when I approached the stop line. I petitioned in writing but was rubber stamped through some process. This intersection is a trap.......

Tinley Park, IL

#26 Jan 29, 2014
I got a phone call last night from Country Club Hills saying I had a red-light ticket from October, 2009. My first thought was are you serious. Four years ago I cannot remember if I paid it or even received it in the mail. What the hell.

Park Forest, IL

#27 Jun 11, 2014
I'm trying to find out exactly what the law is when it comes to right turns in intersections that have red light photo enforced cameras. When I'm at one I refuse to turn (although someone behind me may blow), I'm on a fixed income and can't afford $100 tickets. I've heard that it depends on the placement of the signs, or that as long as you come to a complete stop behind the white line you can turn or that you can't make the turn til the light turns green. I just received 3 tickets on the same day. 2 for 175th Cicero and 1 for 175th and Pulaski. The "violations" were recorded nearly a month before I received the notices, which let me know that there would be more coming. My 18 year old son would have been driving my vehicle at that time,(I don't drive often). Sure enough, while showing him the online video, there was an additional entry for a forth violation, again in CCH, again at the same intersection. I'm terrified to see how many where recorded before we received the first notifications.#Hatingtrafficca meras
Perry Mason

Blue Island, IL

#28 Jun 11, 2014
The easiest solution to your families problem would be to avoid Country Club Hills. There are neither hills nor a country club. I avoid it like the plague and haven't gotten any of their red light tickets. The only downside is the time and expense of driving around the long narrow sliver called CCH rather than driving through it.

Eden Prairie, MN

#29 Jul 17, 2014
Here is a petition I started to take down the cameras. Please sign

Chicago, IL

#30 Oct 22, 2014
Crook county is desperate for money! Just plain gready going back decades with traffic tickets for cars you don't own anymore. This world we live in, the rich get richer and the poor gets robbed.#Disgusted

Mountain View, CA

#31 Dec 7, 2014 I see I am not the only one questioning the Cicero and 183rd right turn red light violation....

Tinley Park, IL

#32 Feb 8, 2016
Got 3 at 183rd and Cicero. Been going on the street for months and now I just got my first ticket? I wouldn't have been surprised if I didn't do this before. Just thought they were getting more strict with them but according to this they have been giving them out for awhile.

Chicago, IL

#33 Feb 20, 2016
I just got a ticket in the mail for 183rd/Cicero. I was in the area for a funeral. I was unaware that you could not make a right turn on red considering there is no sign there. I will definitely be looking into this matter.

Park Forest, IL

#34 Jan 12, 2017
I have received my second and last red light ticket. Why do I say that? I only received tickets because I turned right on a red. I don't have the resources to "beat city hall" But I can protest. We must look back at the turn right on red. That was not always the case. Years ago, we just sat at the red light waiting a right turn and did not move until the light turned green. Well that is what I am going to do until this law is corrected. I am going to sit at all, and I mean all, red lights waiting to make a right turn until the light turns greens. I wish everyone would do this, until the money dries up from making right turns. "P"

Schererville, IN

#35 Jan 13, 2017
Your a moron-better yet stop driving one less moron on the road

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