Former Lindy resident wrote:
Lindehurst sucks !! I lived there for over 25 years! They do have to many people renting apartmets/houses packing n as many families to one space. Code enforcers dont do anything. I know for a fact that on 40th street there are 3 cops families living in one area and the one cop has a bunch of step kids(sons) and they are criminals...drug dealers....thats why we couldnt wait to get out! the mother was a W&%re and would sit in her car rolling joints w/ her mother !! AND since that have been so many illegal immigrants that they school I have heard that the high school 10 -15 yrs ago had to install metal that true> that town has gone to the crapper.....all the "new" people shot it to hell!!!!!
. No the HS does not have metal detectors.