In Pittsburg, Ca, Police don't enforce parking. Anyone can store a car, or other vehicle on the street for months, without being ticketed or warned.

This practice has gone on for years. Police "IF" someone working for the city knows who you are (a property owner occupiant) and has a gruge or some kind of dislike for anyone (who complains), which such an individual knows the vehicle belongs to some one they just want to give a hard time, THEN ENFORCEMENT WILL TAKE PLACE.

In the City of Pittsburg there are streets to narrow to safely allow on street parking. If/When a property owner request enforcement of parking ordances & laws, Police "PLAY" the complaintent (with verbalized expressions which are harassment), and don't enforce.

Buy a home in one of the neighborhoods with narrow streets. Expect your renter neighbors to park as many vehicles in front of your home as can fit.

If anyone out there has a need to dump a stolen vehicle Avon street and the sorounding neighborhood area, are great for a get away, police hardly ever react to abondonded vehicles.

Time has told the whole story. When any Police Department "WANTS" more funds, the mangement make a moves, issuing orders, not to enforce, certain laws in certain areas, this stirs public alarm. Then the Police get the money they "WANT".

"THEY" really can get by without it, but this is how it has been done for over 90 years in America. It is nothing more than another minipulation by authorties. Actually it is extortion of rights.