i beleive they deserve what money they have coming , the tavern has been like that for so long ,and the holes are big ,so when it is pitch dark out side and you don t see the holes ,and you fall what do you do ,excuse the bar ,because they are to lazy or cheap to fix it ,maybe if thy had fixed the pot holes like the town told them to do they would not be in this position, people who have no idea of what the couple is going through are in no position to talk , i think the bar is at fault there is no ligts or any kind of safty there ,i lived here my whole life and that parking lot is the way it was then 40 yrs ago but with bigger holes to walk in ,give these people a break ,and stop defending the bar who should pay ,that is why they have insurance ,isnt it ,so if some one gets hurt they can be compensated , maybe if you knew them you would feel different.