Do I still have to pay child support ...

Do I still have to pay child support if I terminate my parental rights ??

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United States

#1 Mar 2, 2011
I was just wondering i have a of set of twin, ages four years and my wife hounds me to give up my parental rights, so she thinks if i give up my rights then i dont have to pay child support. I do love my babies but she gives me hell over them..but she says if you can get that big child support payment dropped maybe we can have something..I am about to really just pack by bags and move out.. i dont really think any woman or man should act this way over children..she has 3 by her Ex husband , its ok to buy for them and do the things a dad does for his children,but she is a money hog . she wants the child support all to herself, but then again her ex pays her the child support but she doesnt want me to pay mine.. so but my Ex i know takes very good care of my kids and the money i give her for child support goes on wife is so jealous of my Ex Ex she is a very good looking hot mama, thats what my wife cant stand for me to be around her because she is just so jealous of the Ex...she has like this perfect shape and my wife is out of shape. LOL





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oh no

Enola, PA

#2 Mar 3, 2011
the way you wrote sounds like you want your ex back.and you put down your wife you got now and if you give up your rights to your kids you dont have to pay child support.but i think you should pay support for them.your wifes ex pays his so stand up for your kids.and show them you love a good proud to stand up for them thay will remember you for it

United States

#3 Mar 3, 2011
tell your wife that she has to give up her rights to her children and their child support money also....i bet she changes her mind....never let anybody talk you into giving up your right to your children
Child Support pay up

Roy, WA

#4 Mar 3, 2011
wow wrote:
tell your wife that she has to give up her rights to her children and their child support money also....i bet she changes her mind....never let anybody talk you into giving up your right to your children
you are so right, what i cant understand is why would a man stand back and let his girlfriend or boyfriend , husband or the wife talk about their children and tell them they are going to terminate the father's right or else..but it seems ok for them to get their child support for their children, and then they are just so dirty by terminated the other parents right they can keep the child support payments to use for their use,its wrong as heck..yell i would do the same thing tell that person to give up their rights when they start that crazy stuff about the kids and wanted the termination rights signed off just to keep from paying his child support payments..thats jealous and stupid to do something like that..but in order to sign your rights away it has to be for a good cause and someone has to be wanted to raise them and want the kid or kids.and the mother and father both has to agree to it. and they are no judge going to just let a parent sign their parenttal rights away just cause the other half wants him to do so and when the parental rights are terminated for a reason .yes the parent who pays child support still has to pay all back support to the child or childrens prent who has had the kids.
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United States

#6 Mar 3, 2011
In the state of WV, just because you surrender your parental rights does not mean you will no longer pay child support. You are required to pay child support until your children reach the age of emancipation or a court order lifts the child support (not likely, unless it is for a financial burden, etc..)...Think about your children, women and men come and go but your children will always be a part of you...If someone can't accept that you are man enough to support your children perhaps you should rethink your relationship with that person...Wish you the best!
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Happy Harry

Columbus, OH

#8 Mar 4, 2011
Sounds like a goofy old hillbilly that got his butt in a mess.

Hansford, WV

#9 Mar 4, 2011
Just stop and think how you would have felt if your parents gave up their rights just to keep a dime in their fat a$$ new spouses pocket...You are f**kin stupid to even consider doin this for some fat b!tch you obviously don't even like. Get rid of the fat chick, MAN UP and take care of the kids that didn't ask you to make them. You should be kissin their Mother's a$$ everyday of your worthless life.
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Peach Creek, WV

#12 Mar 6, 2011
If you give up your parental rights just to try to get out of child support then yes you will have to still pay it, however if you are signing away those rights so the children can be adopted then no, you will not have to pay child support. My brother is in a situation where his ex has hounded him for years to sign over his kids, which one isn't even his and he just found out!, so that the man that she cheated on him with and now is married to can adopt them. He really hasn't wanted that but since he isn't allowed to see them and she says that they don't want anything to do with him, he thinks that maybe its for the best for the kids involved. He has contacted a lawyer with the emails and paperwork that she has sent over the years about them being adopted and the lawyer has told him that he wouldn't be responsible for future child support but he would be responsible for any arrears that he had against him. However, since one of them isn't his, half of that is going to get dropped and then what he has paid in on this kid that don't belong to him is also going to be counted and that amount will then again be taken off the balance as well as he can sue this woman for fraud, which he is checking into. So if this woman of yours is jealous and just wants you to give up your kids, then yes you pay..if its for adoption, then no you won't.

Ogden, AR

#13 Mar 14, 2011
This HAS to be Brian Messer asking this. Right?

Salt Lake City, UT

#14 Mar 14, 2011
ok i got one for you if my ex refuses me to see my kids and has moved out of the house she got awarded got remarried changed her number and has stopped me from talking to them all together and if i sign over my kids and if her new husband adopted them do i still have to pay child support?
free and clear

Peach Creek, WV

#15 Mar 15, 2011
No, you won't have to pay child support if they are adopted. However, if you have any child support against you up until the order is signed by the judge you are still responsible for that.

Columbus, OH

#16 Mar 16, 2011
jasper wrote:
ok i got one for you if my ex refuses me to see my kids and has moved out of the house she got awarded got remarried changed her number and has stopped me from talking to them all together and if i sign over my kids and if her new husband adopted them do i still have to pay child support?
Did you allow another man to adopt your children,if so you are a low life and don't deserve children.
why is that

Peach Creek, WV

#17 Mar 17, 2011
why would that make him a low life? Obviously he wants his kids to have a good life, and since he is not going to be in thier life, he is letting them have a dad. Sounds to me like he is doing the right thing. Not everyone can get along with thier ex and if one parent cant, or wont, be in the childrens life like they should be, and a step parent will, then move out of the way and stop making the kids miserable. Sounds like the right thing to me.

Columbus, OH

#18 Mar 18, 2011
That is because you are also a low life and have no morals,and were raised by greasy hollar trash.
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West Hamlin, WV

#24 Mar 21, 2011
First of all, I'm not Sherry..Now on to bigger things. You got the picture of Sherry off her facebook and she said herself that she was drunk..maybe you should go and read the privacy statement that she has on her page before you post those pics..and considering that she is now dating a logan county cop it will be soooo much easier to get you in trouble. She doesn't care about Bobby paying child support, never has, she just doesn't think he should pay for children that aren't his. And even if the records were sealed, which they are not, they are public record, Bobby could still get a copy of EVERYTHING in it because he was part of the divorce STUPID! LOL! And sherry is still friends with bobby and she is still gonna help him do whatever it takes to stick it to you and your daughter as well as we are. We are sick and tired of her trying to be friends with us and then talking about us behind our backs laughing and telling people that we are turning our backs on bobby. She is the one that is sick, not sherry. And considering that you and your daughters are some of the biggest whores to grace the face of the earth, you should watch about throwing stones at her saying she is a slut. And her ex isn't asking for a DNA test considering that he knows for a fact that those kids belong to him because he didn't have to worry about her running up and down the road sleeping with anything that would stick it in her like your daughter did. And you want to know something Flo, sherry is pretty, inside and out, and that is something that you or your daughters will NEVER be able to say. I mean you look like a wicked witch in that way too little blue dress showing your ass like you're a hooker, and corina looks like a golf ball with all those craters in her face from her acne and well we won't even start on the youngest but she seriously needs some help..but they already addressed that at the mental hospital that she just had a stay in didn't they? LMAO! You are never gonna win this war and you are just making things harder for your kids and grandkids..Since the mom of these two boys is trying to get her life right, why don't you lay down and quit causing them trouble? If they are as happy as you say then why don't you get a life and be happy for them? Oh yeah..then your pathetic little miserable existence would finally sink in and you would realize how pathetic you truly are!
I dont know what your problem is but my gosh you have stalked these women and the little girl all over topic.its written out all over your ugly face , JEALOUS . A cop would not date you Sherry, dont discrace our cops like that.. you have laid down for so many men . you cant ven hang on to one..havent they been one night stands or stoned and when they come to their senses they run away... why would you even dare to call Flo and her daughters whores!! They are all beautiful and thats what you can not stand..they are not whores. arent you the one jumping from man to man and whatver will have you other then what animal you may sleep with. thos girls ar made very pretty and i love going out with them and having a great time.. so you cant those girls whores .(you big fat bimbo.) INCASE YOU CANT UNDERSTAND THAT WORD BIMBO IT means hoe bag ,slut , nasty *****, or it could also be the gurl that flaunts it on the street a hood rat thats what it is!!!!!!hahaha..dang Bobby said that looked like chopped up hamburger meat left out of the freezer for a wk and has a very bad smell....Girls pay no mind to Bimbo. she is mad cause she is herslf and sh wants to b somone else and she can never be.
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West Hamlin, WV

#26 Mar 21, 2011
WOW! Just got some very interesting pictures of my own there Flo sent to my email of your daughter in a very responsible parenting postion..drunk at a bar, half naked, her friend getting bent over and both with their tits hanging out! LMAO! Now there is some responsible parenting! And to think she wants to throw stones at bobby for stuff he did in his past! He doesn't even drink now! Oh and the pictures really don't do her face justice..the lighting really accented her deep pores and acne scars and that nose of hers? you say sherry has a big nose! LMAO! maybe you should check out your own daughters! That thing is huge and takes up half her face! So you really want to have a battle of the photos? Game on! I'm sure that with the ones that we have of all of you dressed like prostitutes,drunk and getting bent over I'm sure that sherry and chelle will come out looking like roses! Let's play!
you stupid bimbo why do you set and make up lies. Flo has not sent you no pictures to your -mail she would be scared her computer would get a disease. go get al th picturs you want Sherry they have nothing to hide. Corina has always been a good woman, the bigest mistake she ver made was Bobby .but the only thing good came out of that was my little cousions.Josh and Ryan.. wtf are so jealous of Corina's face !! sh has a beautiful face Sherry. her nose is as cute as a are the bitch with that big ass nose and holes in your face..i say you are one ugly bitch with your clothes off a little lone with them The girl you se bitch in the picture is me dancing with pretty Calida. shes Corina's friend. we all had a blast this past weekend.. those girls wernt dressd like prostitutes...
prostitutes you and Chelle cant be prostitutes because you would never even get a man to have sex with you ugly would come out smelling like shit not roses..oh Bitch Corina"s pretty tits dont hang hell she onehot looking chick now..Corina doesnt hve dep pores . its you bitch who has them and a bad case of being ugly. haha... its ok if ths girls wants to gt out and dance and have their sexy clothes on..your just mad Sherry because you have a very ugly body and not attractive at thospictures so people can see how pretty thes women are and why you are soo soo jealous of them.. gee now i have sen some really ugly pictures of you and that fat daughter of yours ...hahahahahahahahahaha. Corina lts her facebook page stay open she is pround what sh post up on need to delet yours before you cause someone to have a hear attack bitch...No dontcall me Flo , Corina or Calida or April or peaches..because i am a male ....your nose is so big you could screw Bobby up the ass with it and make him scream bitch to ya.haha

Harrisonburg, VA

#27 Mar 21, 2011
Don't ever let a woman keep u from ur kids I know how it feels when ur dad isn't in ur life my dad wasn't most of my child hood

Harrisonburg, VA

#28 Mar 21, 2011
Listen my dad has full custody of his kids and they make his ex pay child support
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Peach Creek, WV

#30 Mar 21, 2011
AllBalls wrote:
oh shut up you ignorant hill billy.You get out of the hollar every month when your check comes and want to act like you're a lady about town.Pull your jeans down you'll be wearing old dirty underpants,trying to act so cool.Now stop it!
You couldn't have hit the nail more squarely on the head with these ones! They act like they are such good parents but yet they were out, to a bar, drunk and high (got the pics to prove it) letting guys get behind them and act like they were doing them doggie style with their tits hanging out for everyone to see! Good thing they have morals, LOL! And where were the kids when this was going on? At home by themselves! Wonder if they will be following in momma's footsteps???

Harrisonburg, VA

#31 Mar 21, 2011
Just to make it clear if u know me then what's name and I don't know who u are but I guess u think u know these ppl right

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