Dickson Police Chief Ricky Chandler i...
Occupy Dickson

Lebanon, TN

#42 Apr 5, 2012
Well looks like Minnesota knows the constitution and the law and makes their police follow it even when they didnt want too. Hey Popo its more cops than just Dickson. lol!
I believe we should take Ricks money and send it to the lab if its tainted.

Big tip or tainted cash? Waitress gets to keep $12,000 left by restaurant customer

By msnbc.com staff

Updated at 5 p.m. PT: A big fat tip or tainted drug money? Struggling Minnesota waitress Stacy Knutson said it’s the former; Moorhead, Minn., police apparently believed it was the latter.

The wad of cash was left in a to-go box on a table at the Moorhead Fryin’ Pan restaurant where Knutson works. Knutson said she followed the customer out to the parking lot to give back what she thought were leftovers, but the customer said,“No, I am good; you keep it,” according a story Wednesday in The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead.

Knutson went back inside the restaurant, peeked inside the box and to her astonishment found $12,000 in cash rolled up in rubber bands.

Like a dutiful citizen, she called police, who seized the money and reportedly told her she would get it back if no one claimed it in 60 days. But when that time period passed, she said police told her she still couldn’t get the money because it was part of a drug investigation. Apparently it didn’t pass the sniff test, because police said the money had a strong odor of marijuana.

Knutson filed a lawsuit in Clay County District Court, claiming the cash is rightfully hers.

On Thursday, her attorney, Craig Richie, said the County Attorney's Office and the Moorhead Police Department had agreed to let her keep all the money.

“We argued that most money that you carry in your pocket has drug residue on it,” Richie told CBS station WCCO.“She could’ve kept the money and nobody would’ve known. But she said,‘No, I’m going to do the right thing.’ So she called police and now integrity has now prevailed.”

Richie told Reuters that folks around Moorhead knew that Knutson and her husband were having financial problems raising their five children. He told the news service that he believed the money was intended as a gift to the family.

"Stacy is a very religious woman and this is the will of God," he said.

Read the initial story in The Forum here and a follow-up story here.


Kingston Springs, TN

#43 Apr 13, 2012
Dickson Police department is on the news every other day and it is embarrassing!!!Wish we had BETTER law enforcement!!
Occupy Dickson

Lebanon, TN

#44 Apr 13, 2012
That wont ever happen as long as Rick Chandler is in office. Only The Mayor Don Weiss can remove him. Start sending your complaints to him and Rydell Wesson the City Administrator. Rick and his
Lt Linda Nichols are STUPID!!!!!!!!!!
How about lets dismantle the 23rd task force all together.

United States

#45 Apr 18, 2012
Occupy Dickson wrote:
Hey Lunatic just to tell you the Greene case was in the city limits of Dickson it happened right at the railroad tracks down from the Holiday Inn where she worked that night. Look at your city map. You are correct on the Baxter case he was county but they are all crooked City of Dickson County of Dickson those names are not a coincedence. I'm not up to date on the Brown case so I'm not sure about this. But to be opposite of your comment if you thimk that Chandler doesnt have his hands in everything take off your rose colored glasses. He is a racist thief with a nice retirement he set up for himself by ripping people off. He is rude and arrogant and has the 23rd guys scared to do what they know is right. I have heard J Mann aka Rambo say out of his own mouth he was going to go pick up his bonus from a bust. C. Lewis has actually placed drugs and paraphnalia in cars of people he doesnt like or to help out some of his friends when they have enemies. My concern is, to support these crime infested law enforcers is to support the drugs in Dickson for your community and children because the ones they are busting is not doing much jail time they are back out on the street the next day with 11/29 probation. The out of towners are just screwed out of their money. Maybe thats why some of you that know better continue to cover for him so just in case it is your kid when they get caught they wont be going to jail.
Nope! The Greene case was handled by the Dickson County sheriff's office. Its true that the area that it happened is NOW in the city limits but was not in 1987. Google it. All reports on the case have DICKSON COUNTY detectives written all over it. And i just hope that all of these accusations can be backed up by something other than a "he said, she said" because i'm sure the outcome can't be good
Occupy Dickson

Lebanon, TN

#46 Apr 19, 2012
YEP! Yes this was in the City of Dickson at the date and year this took place or at least the city of Dickson took tax money from buisnesses further south of hwy 46 than the railroad. Maybe their is another theft case to look into if what your saying is correct. Do you actually think the truckstop at the time wasnt paying City taxes and the Holiday Inn too. I do believe that the County was doing the investigasting because the City didnt have enough man power to do this or the know how!
I'm not sure what you mean by the outcome cant be good it is going to turn out the very way the CHIEF wants it to and Don Weiss because they can make this type of stuff work for them by cheating, stealing. and lying to the citizens. The good city employees they dont wont because they prefer them to be crooked so they will fit in with the upperhands. Their is no he said she said it is the facts. If you like the City of Dickson that is great maybe you found the right place. But for me and alot of others we would like to see a change for the better hope the majority is on our side.

United States

#47 Apr 19, 2012
What i am speaking about not being a good outcome is the claims that are being made about officers receiving cuts of seizures or planting drugs in someones car without evidence of this actually happening. Naming people like this and not having any proof can end badly for you. Defamation of character on this great world wide web is covered under a thing called libel. And after reading through this forum and the other forums, actual names of people aren't that hard to figure out
Occupy Dickson

Lebanon, TN

#48 Apr 19, 2012
I'm not worried about me I have the right, for now to speak about what I know to be true. I would like to keep it that way but I will agree that is shrinking from our constitutional right fast. I have done some research on the city limits and the information that I received is the old Dickson motel paid taxes th motel has since been tore down. This would be beyond the railroad tracks, keeping in mind the city went down the hwy not off other roads from hwy 46S will keep you posted about the dates. By the way the county did most of the investigation but actually it is was turned over to the TBI and now a cold case.
For the drugs and money being confiscated we have this on video tape.
Scary thought

Kingston Springs, TN

#49 Apr 22, 2012
It is a nightmare to think that the police are so corrupt they would hide such a murder. But, if you watch the news, you will see Dickson County police departments on there about once a week for something crazy. It's time that everyone write your mayor and congress people to try and take back our county.
Occupy Dickson

Lebanon, TN

#50 May 6, 2012
Wow, we are rated 2nd in the US on crimes with the most police officers. Going back to leadership again. Car Rick Chandler where are you??

2. Tennessee
•Violent crimes (excluding murder) per 100,000: 607.7 (fourth most)
•Murders per 100,000: 5.6 (12th most)
•Incarceration rate per 100,000: 432 (22nd most)
•Police per 100,000: 404.8 (sixth most)
•Basic access: 81.0 (17th lowest)
•Total cost of violence:$11.67 billion

Tennessee is the second-least peaceful state in the country, and has in fact gotten worse since 1991. Additionally, the Nashville-Davidson-Murfreesbor o-Franklin metropolitan area is among the worst metro areas for peace. The state is one of the most violent, with nearly 608 violent crimes committed per 100,000 residents in 2010. The state also has among the largest relative number of police employees -- nearly 405 per 100,000 people. Tennessee also has one of the largest rates of children living in single parent households, one of the highest poverty rates, one of the lowest rates of income inequality and one of the highest rates of births among teenagers.

Antioch, TN

#51 May 7, 2012
Not a shock to hear what is going on in the Dickson area, it's definitely a "good ole boy" network. Corruption corruption corruption!!! Carry a large jar of Vasaline...
Occupy Dickson

Lebanon, TN

#52 May 8, 2012
How many people seen the news Mon night may 7th? Dickson was on the silver screen again with Ricks face just a shining. I suppose this tape was edited too but the ironic thing of all of this is it wasnt Chandlers fault IMAGINE THAT!!!!
Actually it wasnt the police officers problem he was trying to help but Rick is not going to stick his neck out on the line for his employeesa or anybody else.
This is ridicoulus does the Mayor and the Administrator not see the how this reflects on them everytime that Rick and his staff screws up.

Rick be a man and show some ethics if you cant be a police cheif at least be a Real MAN.
Communication is not the problem its you and the lack of leadership you have. You could start by doing us all a favor and get rid of LT Nichols then keep going. Once you have wiped them all out step down yourself. Dickson might be a better place!!!!!
Citizen of Dickson

Dickson, TN

#53 May 9, 2012
Its true there is alot of the "good ol' Boy" thing going on here, and as others have said, it goes on everywhere.....We all have to stand together to change things for the future of our children, it may seem that you are only ONE person, united we are thousands,,,,,,I myself have seen the effects of what can happen when a person travels down the wrong road, I have a child who took the misleading path, every time a certain officer who arrested him for possesion of one joint and a pack of rolling papers passes him on the road, if he is the passanger or the driver this officer pulls him over, he will find something petty, last time he seen him pull in a market, waited, pulled him over when he merged onto 46 after he found nothing, he advised my son that he was pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt, but he looked high and he had a good mind to take him in to be drug tested....I know that corruption is here, I see it, I hear it, my husband was sited in Hickman county, where the officer wrote him a ticked for having a tail light out, the bulb was loose he fixed it on the spot, he was still sited, after writing the ticket my husband was asked if he knew a certain person with the same last name as his, turned out that they were looking for a third cousin of his, that officer kept his ticket, told him that he had four days to come up with the address of that cousin and he would make that ticket disappear! Then he drove away with the ticket in hand after my husband had signed it, I myself had a conversation the next morning with a Tennessee State Trooper and asked how this was legal? Misteriously, that afternoon, the job sight where my husband was working,(he had told the officer the day before where he was doing a job at) a police car drove past then low and behold the ticket was thrown out of the car and was laying on the ground,,,,,I could tell you more than I have time for, so,,,,it is happening, only the citizens can stop it, they can't do it alone, so for all those out there that know the answer, here is your chance, tell all of us american people HOW IT IS DONE!
Occupy Dickson

Lebanon, TN

#54 May 15, 2012
To: Mayor Don Weiss I hope you dont ever have any competition run againist you because you will be gone on the other hand that might be a good thing. This topix is not about you, but if you would do your job along with the city councilman's we wouldnt have this problem.
Mayor you can do something good with this city get Rick and his crew under control if you cant get out of the way and let somebody that can. He and his commandor that follows him around like a puppet and Greg that is just waiting for Larry to die to take his job and bragging about it my God what is wrong with you people have you became so high your bending at the waist instead of your knees. I pity all of you!!!!!!!!!!

United States

#55 May 25, 2012
Who is larry and greg? And where is curly and moe
The Outsider

United States

#56 Jul 2, 2012
Lulu wrote:
Dickson Police department is on the news every other day and it is embarrassing!!!Wish we had BETTER law enforcement!!
But I bet you'd call them in a heartbeat if you had an emergency ... I hope they remember this when Cheatham Co isn't close enough to you ... I hope they just keep driving ...

You shouldn't put such a generalization on law enfforcement ... not all of them are in the news and they all don't act the same ...
Occupy Dickson

Lebanon, TN

#57 Jul 2, 2012
The outsider: I would wonder what the city of Dickson would be doing so close to the cheatham line anyway. This is the City we are talking about not the County. However 23rd judicial is all over the county and the best I have to say on that one is you can have them and keep them in Cheatham Co and no I wouldnt call them if I found all the drugs in the history of the state they would take my house, my money, and the old french fries in the backseat. I would just soon take my chance with the cartel being more honest.

United States

#58 Aug 21, 2012
lunatic wrote:
Im sure your conspiracy theory is grand but i was just pointing out that ricky chandler has nothing to do with those three cases because they didn't happen in the city of dickson. They were all handled by the county
THE BROWN case has a connection to his brother...possibly.It's rumored he was killed there(at Bobby's house) and then moved to Lee Brown Rd.
help please

United States

#59 Aug 21, 2012
BTW..the Brown case is still active,if anyone can help...please do so.Thank You.

United States

#60 Sep 26, 2012
Dickson altogether is a joke!
occupy Dickson

Lebanon, TN

#61 Sep 27, 2012
I hate to say this but since the citizens of Dickson voted Rick in as one of the members of the school board I dont feel sorry for anybody their. Those of you who got out and voted for the lady who has 25+ years expierence teaching. I praise you and feel sorry for you the rest of the citizens deserve everything he takes from you and the beatings and unsafe living he brings to your town. Did it ever occur to people why would he be running anyway? His children are no longer in school he has no teaching expieerence in a public school so their is an alternative motive somewhee. I'm glad to be gone and hope I never have to come back. PATHETIC HE IS along with his task force.

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