I don't like league city girls

Houston, TX

#42 Nov 3, 2008
Dam Robert ! We're sure going to miss ya !
I know the girls will be much prettier in Memphis.

Washington, DC

#43 Nov 3, 2008
Robert - You should do yourself and the world a favor... just end it all man. Find a creative way to do it though. Ever seen the movie "Dead Zone"? All you'll need is a black coat and a pair of scissors.
The Mad One

United States

#44 Nov 6, 2008
nunya wrote:
Robert - You should do yourself and the world a favor... just end it all man. Find a creative way to do it though. Ever seen the movie "Dead Zone"? All you'll need is a black coat and a pair of scissors.
People In Clear Lake just need to act right! I have decided I am just gonna be a one night stand man anyways screw em then leave em cause relationships these days are not good for ya...Studies show that ALL women lie cheat and steal and its just not worth it... screw em then send em down the road, you will be more prosperous that way...

Spring, TX

#45 Nov 7, 2008
Robert: maybe if you didn't look like a thug and act like a thug, those pretty League City girls might pay a little attention. No matter what the societal ideal is, how you look DOES make a difference.
A clue: doesn't matter how "tough" you are -- there's always someone out there who can take you out. People like me aren't that big, but we're vicious when cornered and more than one gang-banger has discovered that I'm pretty scrappy for a 50-year-old. It's true that girls chase the "bad boys" for a quickie, but when they get ready to settle down, they look for the guy who is even-tempered and stable.
Second clue: dressing like a gangster is a turn-off for most women, despite what the videos tell you. If you're looking for a permanent relationship, try looking like something worth catching. Cover the tatts. Wear normal pants instead of that baggy crap. Put on a real shirt. Dressing like a gangster automatically loses you respect from men like myself, and I most definitely would not hire you if you came into my business dressed like some thug.
Keely Jowers

League City, TX

#46 Nov 7, 2008
I agree with SSH girl, I live and work in the south shore area and not all the girls are the same. It sounds to me like you havent found the right girl maybe your looking to hard and its not the area its YOU...

Have a great day:)
The Mad One

United States

#47 Nov 8, 2008
Keely Jowers wrote:
I agree with SSH girl, I live and work in the south shore area and not all the girls are the same. It sounds to me like you havent found the right girl maybe your looking to hard and its not the area its YOU...
Have a great day:)
Ok ok i'm sorry I have stopped scowling and girls are responding differnet in a good way if I might add OK i admit I was totally wrong and I'm sorry!! People in Clear lake are ok it was me and my attitude and I'm changing my ways I'm taking it one day at a time. not moving to Memphis gonna move to Austin instead cause its a party town love 6th street and I have a good freind that lives there, I will make admends....

League City, TX

#48 Nov 8, 2008
It takes a real man to look inside and make changes, best wishes to you wherever you settle.
Josh Norton

Houston, TX

#49 Nov 11, 2008
This is a put-on of some sort, right? I mean, nobody ACTUALLY writes like that, right? This is some sort of Andy Kaufman-esque performance art!

Oh, dear GOD please let me be right about this, because the alternative is just too depressing.

Spring, TX

#50 Nov 12, 2008
Believe it or not Josh, yes, there are lots of guys out there who really truly do think like that. Remember, they've been brought up by our public schools to believe that personal gratification is all that matters, and if it feels good, do it. Their parents have been minimized or have actively abandoned parenting and thus we have a large number of young men now in their 20s who really, truly believe that the "rap videos" they see on TV and listen to in their boom cars describe REAL life.

Englewood, CO

#51 Nov 12, 2008
WOW how old are you people... are we in junior high? do you all have nothing better to do than talk about people.. you cant place judgement on a city as a whole. every person is different. stereotypes are so dumb. why dont you all just worry about yourselves. keep your negative thoughts to yourself..beacuse talking bad about someone makes you no better than them... whats the point of making comments about the girls in league city where does that get you in life.. no where.. so why dont you just live your life and leave those people alone!

Mesa, AZ

#52 Nov 13, 2008
please just move to another planet dude we dont need any more cookie cutter fags like you haha guys in wife beaters and have tatts are a dime a dozen haha get a life dude and austin wouldnt want you either im sure you arent that cool and unique i bet you are a juggalo with no brain at all what type of tatts do you have anyways a barbed wire around your biceps or is it a crazy unique dragon on your lower back you slut hahahhahahahahha i bet you are a neo maxi zune dweebie hahahahaha i bet you are just a geezer sitting on your computer complaining about being soooooo weird in your comunity when really you are just like everyone else yourself get a life and grow up lameo plus you say that everyone judges you because yo are so weird but arent you doing the exact thing talking about "preps" what are you in 7th grade dude oh yeah you said you are 28 hahahahahha i dont believe it you sound like your 8 hahaha goodbye.

Mesa, AZ

#53 Nov 13, 2008
i am soooo scared of you you wear wife beaters and have tatts i bet you are so weird and unique i would be frightened if i met you you said you could kill me in one punch so tuff hahahahhahahahahahahahahahhaha hahahhahahahahhahahahahha i bet you shop at hot topic dont you i bet you walk around the mall everyday and show off your scary clothes i bet you walk to abercrombie and fitch just to make sure you look tougher than them hahahahahahahahahhaha i bet you are so scary you probably have either a shaved head or a crew cut and acne and juggalo pants with zippers and 100000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000 pockets and listen to icp and korn and probably marilyn manson so scary so goth i hope you dont punch me through the computer screne since you are so tuff.

Dickinson, TX

#54 Nov 15, 2008
lamf77, learn to punctuate. You won't seem so stupid.

League City, TX

#55 Nov 17, 2008
I don't think a religious girl would want to be with someone that wants others to rot in hell. That is not very religious. Look I grew up in League City and I am far from anything that you described League City girls. You just sound like someone turn you down and you are trying to get back at them on this thing. I don't think looks matter one bit its whats on the inside that counts. I am not didn't marry someone who is preppy or has money. Who are you to judge people? You are not God...

Baytown, TX

#56 Nov 24, 2008
Robert, maybe you are the serial killer that LC is looking for. where did you grow up and why hate so much.

San Antonio, TX

#57 Nov 25, 2008
KIDS KIDS KIDS!!!! ARE WE SERIOUS?? THIS BLOG?? seriously. c'mon..let the guy hate girls, and thats it. He hates girls, they hate him, and thats that. next topic - that actually means something please...PLEASE!!!lol


and yeeeehh, i'm originally from Texas City..wuss good to the 4-0-9.
Dirty White Boy

League City, TX

#59 Mar 4, 2011
Wow whats funny? I am tattooed up bald headed guy in League City. The chicks in SSh and League City panties get wet when I step on the scene. I work hard play hard and them wussy guys? Yea when they are together at the store the chicks always checking me out is what's funny. It's not even a thing to load one up right in front of her boyfriend or puss friend whatever comes first. League City woman and SSH girls are just fucked up on drugs Robert.

PS I am 36 and still can pull more ass then most 20 somethings...and that's real

League City, TX

#60 Jun 20, 2012
Son I would bust u in the face!!!!!

Houston, TX

#61 Jun 19, 2013
I think your problem Rob is your attitude. Grown men dont walk around looking for fights thats junior high stuff. Thats how you end up in jail. Women want a guy that makes them laugh and is fun to be around. Anger is the dark side come to the have a beer and have a good time crowd man. Maybe buy a golf shirt. People think your a dirtbag walking around in a wife beater. Smile at people and be polite. Or continue down the dark alley of assholeland.

League City, TX

#62 Jun 20, 2013
Duh....to this whole thread.

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