This poll is just plain silly. Minot will not double in population unless something big happens to attract people to Minot. So far, nothing has been said or presented as far as new jobs, statistics or studies that would indicated this new influx of 50,000 people to Minot within the next 10 years. If minot doubles (which I doubt) it would be larger than Fargo and surpass Bismarck. I am guessing Bismarck would double before Minot. If people are thinking OIL is going to be the reason. So far Oil has not had as much impact on Minot as some Minot city leaders are saying. When you look at Job Service statistics. There are not very many people working in the oil industry in Ward county, let alone Minot. As towns like Williston, Watford, Dickinson, Stanley, Tioga, etc... build more and more housing, people will move to those towns before Minot, since those towns are where the oil jobs are at. Minot is recovering from a flood that damaged or destroyed over 4,000 homes. Thus for the construction boom to repair or replace the damaged and destoryed homes. Also, Minot leaders keep forgetting to give credit to the US AirForce Base and its personal. The base in Minot has had a large increase in new people due to an increase in the Minot Air Force base getting new programs and jobs commissioned for the base. But 100,000 people in 10 years? I really doubt it.