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Secret UW

San Dimas, CA

#1 Nov 16, 2009
Former flunky an Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney delivered a scathing criticism of President Obama's Afghanistan strategy Friday night, accusing the president of delivering rhetoric and not action in the war-torn country.

Romney has his own backyard to clean up in AZ, NM, MO and UT. Before this barking tree frog can even try talking about others.

But Romney went on to criticize Obama for not holding enough meetings with top generals, and inadequately preparing for the elections in Afghanistan.

La Puente, CA

#3 Oct 8, 2011
Another book which was blatantly plagarized by Joseph Smith to come up with the Book of Mormon was Ethan Smith's 'View of the Hebrews'.

This book was published less than ten years before the Book of Mormon, in the same part of the country as Joe and family lived.

Plus, Oliver Cowdery once went to Ethan Smith's church.

I guess just a few more of those coincidences we are supposed to ignore, and throw away our soul on the words of Lucifer worshipping polygamists who insist they are telling the truth
Garbage out

La Puente, CA

#4 Feb 6, 2012
what bothers me most about the Mormon religion is how they throw it in your face they go door to door like a salesman in the 50's.

They think they are above others and mostly because they do all this based on a blatant lie told by mr. Smith the biggest loser of all time.

I mean this ass made people believe a lie after it was proven false he used the old christian line" you have to have faith."

Amazing how people in modern times in a civilized country believe this line of garbage.
Up To Him

West Covina, CA

#5 Mar 7, 2012
This is he latests message coming out of he Mitt Romney Campaign headquarter's.

It would take an "act of God" for any candidate not named Mitt Romney to win the Republican nomination.

West Covina, CA

#6 Mar 7, 2012
Especially among older Mormons, racist rationale for the priesthood ban-linking it to Old Testament pretexts, or to moral infirmity in a pre-earthly life by the souls of Africans and African-Americans, and other racist apologetic mental gymnastics exemplified in Bott’s statement to the Post -persist and circulate, generally unquestioned and unchallenged.
Romney Jokes

San Dimas, CA

#8 Jul 1, 2012
Romney: all foam, no beer.
Romney Jokes

West Covina, CA

#9 Jul 1, 2012
I think Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin would be the perfect ticket.

She can't answer basic questions, and he has two answers for every question.
Romney Jokes

West Covina, CA

#10 Jul 1, 2012
Sad news for Mitt Romney.

He drove out of Florida with a live gator strapped to the roof of his car.
Romney Jokes

Covina, CA

#11 Jul 4, 2012
Willard Mitt Romney lack of thinking is based on inaction:

Let Detroit go bankrupt, let foreclosures hit the bottom, and wait for wealth to trickle down which it has "never done" and "will never do" for the middle class.
Cookie Gate

La Puente, CA

#12 Jul 6, 2012
Once again Willard Mitt Romney has proven he is just another IDIOT. This is a all to common a assurance when ever a IDIOT Republican or Tea Party Nation member's opens their FAT MOUTH.

In April 2012 Willard was meeting at a outdoor roundtable event in Bethel Park.

Made a STUPID comment about the cookies that were at his table, that proves his aloofness to the daily lives of Americans.

“I’m not sure about these cookies,” Romney said, and continued to JERK OFF one of the women at the table:“Did you make those cookies? You didn’t, did you? No. No. They came from the local 7-Eleven bakery or wherever.”

The cookies came from Bethel Bakery, now Bethel bakery are selling T-Shirts about the IDIOTS comments and special package of just those cookies that the IDIOT made his STUPID comments about.
Cookie Gate

La Puente, CA

#13 Jul 7, 2012
From time immemorial, a few super rich have been riding on the backs of the majority. If you consider the feudal system of old Europe, slavery and countries like Central African Republic where Emperor Bokassah and his Henchmen lived in the lap of luxury while most of his country languished in poverty; or even the French revolution and what brought it about: you will definitely agree. I am personally tired of people defending predatory economic practices of the few, that lead to the enslavement of the majority with mockery. The truth is that Romney and Bain Capital practiced capitalism. They did nothing illegal, they simply exploited the law to get rich at the expense of others. They were not in the business of rebuilding companies nor of making sure that people remained employed. They were in it to make profit and as much as they could. and they did make the profit. Even if others suffered as a result, that is not their concern.
Cookie Gate

La Puente, CA

#14 Jul 8, 2012
All we've been hearing from GOP leadership (for 3 years) their #1 goal is to defeat Obama.

And Romney's their guy?

Does that make sense to anyone?

I keep asking myself "what's really going on" The only thing I can come up with is the GOP doesn't completely understands the economic mess we are in the middle of.
Social Politics

La Puente, CA

#15 Jul 14, 2012
Willard Mitt Romney is a lying piece of traitorous America killing garbage.

The only time he's not lying is maybe when he isn't saying anything, but that's just because he's thinking about saying more lies.

What the Republicans want is the complete destruction/subjugation of the non-rich to give everything to the rich (wealth, power, rights, etc).

If there is an option that helps the non-rich, the Republicans will automatically oppose it, and Willrd Mitt Romney is no different.

Willard Mitt Romeny via his influence with Bain Capitol single handedly liquidated/looted/destroyed many buisnesses, and directly caused millions in unemployment both by direct job loss, and the ripple effect through the job markets.

I made a video about unemployment, and how we can fix it.

It’s at my YouTube channel Zarrakan, and here’s the link: ...

Watch it, share it, and join the fight against those who want to kill all of us with destructive social policies.

La Puente, CA

#16 Jul 15, 2012
LOOK Everybody! It's Willard Mitt Romney, You know?

The Guy who KNOWS what it's like to be ' Unemployed '.
With his Buddies The Koch Brothers, in The Hamptons!

I Wonder if Gordon Gecko ( I mean Mitt )....checked His Mailbox for his UNEMPLOYMENT CHECK?

Never Mind....He Probably has it SENT to one of his BANK ACCOUNTS In The Cayman Islands, Germany, or WHEREVER the Hell he has it!

EXCEPT The UNITED STATES of AMERICA! The Country he want to DESTROY!( I mean Lead?)....


San Dimas, CA

#17 Jul 19, 2012
Willard Mitt Romney and the COP/Republican/Tea Party Nation member's are plum full of;


They as a whole can't makeup there minds of either being just plain stupid or ignorant all at the same time.

West Covina, CA

#18 Jul 26, 2012
Willard Mitt Romney opens his mouth and inserts his big fat feet, again.

All politics are, in fact, local after being forced Thursday to clarify remarks about London's preparation for the Olympics, which prompted a minor uproar in the British press.

Willard where is your wife? she might be able to keep your feet out of your mouth?

La Puente, CA

#19 Jul 31, 2012
Willard Mitt Romney’s trip abroad had three goals:

1.) Establish his credibility on foreign policy while in England.-failed

2.) Woo the Jewish vote while in Israel.-failed

3.) Entice Catholic voters while in Poland.-failed

Looking bad, he should have stayed home and spent the time in Ohio, Virginia and Florida.-failed.
NBC sewer

San Dimas, CA

#20 Aug 4, 2012
It's not surprising considering the sewer NBC has built for itself in the US.

What is surprising is they didn't tag the end of the commercial with "I'm Mitt Romney and I approve this message".
C Hangers

La Puente, CA

#21 Aug 8, 2012
Willard Mitt Romney would take womans health care back to 1950s.
Crazy Ryan

La Puente, CA

#22 Aug 14, 2012
Crazy Paul Ryan and his flawed thinking:

Paul Ryan is a anti-choice extremist.

Ryan co-sponsored an extremist anti-choice bill, nicknamed the 'Let Women Die Act,' that would have allowed hospitals to deny women emergency abortion care even if their lives were at risk.

And he co-sponsored another bill that would criminalize some forms of birth control, all abortions, and in vitro fertilization.

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