do you know cynthia artis?

do you know cynthia artis?

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bad girl

Saint Ann, MO

#1 Jun 8, 2012
i heard this girl chose crack over her kids ,and is one big nasty coal hauler!tries to act tough but is all talk aint nothin but a crack head and a snitch. and thats just a little i heard!!

Since: Apr 12

Location hidden

#2 Jun 8, 2012
So you don't know this person, have no idea of anything about this person, you just heard what somebody else said about her and decided to try starting shit in somebody else's life not caring if it's true or may even negatively effect her life? Yup you will fit in on topix perfectly, ya frackin douche bag.

Kennett, MO

#3 Jun 9, 2012
Yes, I know her and I know she's made mistakes....who hasn't....but, she's taken the initiative to change who she was. She loves her beautiful babies with all her heart and soul and is there for them now. Sadly, there are haters out there like yourself, 'bad girl', that can't stand to see someone better themselves. Keep your chin up, Cindy and don't let people like this get you down. The past is the past...leave it there.
know better

Saint Ann, MO

#4 Jun 9, 2012
what are you talking about shes still making mistakes,you say she loves her babies then why dont she have them?i tell you why she loved her no good for nothing boyfriend and drugs more!everybody knows that even her own family if they would tell it!she tells people shes gotten clean and shes still crackin it up! ive known this girl ever since she was a kid ,spend a lot of time with this girl so i know her!!!!!!it might would be different if she really was trying to straighten her life out but thats something that just wont never happen. feel bad for those kids they sure didnt deserve her as a mother. mothers love there kids!
your right

Saint Ann, MO

#5 Jun 9, 2012
you hit the nail on the head about that girl and another thing she only likes black men shes been rolling with them so long shes forgotten how to speak english . all she knows is that negro slang shes so discusting.

Kennett, MO

#6 Jun 9, 2012
You may have known her, but to me, it doesn't sound like you know her now.
her nieghbor

Campbell, MO

#7 Jun 9, 2012
ive known this girl since we were two. And i am now her nieghbor. We all make mistakes but i do know that she does get to have her kids because my kids play with them all the time so someone needs to get there shit straight. She just took them home. her neighbor yea you know where i am
recovering addict

Campbell, MO

#8 Jun 9, 2012
i see her as doing damn good she does get her children she has 18 months of recovery and doing well for herself an if they wanna keep talkin shit how about taking to her your self since u say she all talk and she loves them babies more than life its self so stop hateing your just jealous ur not doing as good as she is
know better

United States

#9 Jun 9, 2012
go preach your 12 steps to somebody else!she will never change.if she has 18 months of recovery ,she cant wait till its over so she can get that crack rock, bet shes having withdrawles really bad.shes only trying to be straight now because she got in trouble and dont wanna go to prison, so i guess we know what shes doing now SNITCH! nieghbor you dont wanna know who i am!
recovering addict

Campbell, MO

#10 Jun 10, 2012
know better if u knw her n u should know she has been to prison and is turned her life around for the better so u dont know shit get u a life an leave hers alone none of this shit bothers her so keep running your d**k suckers an see where u end upan u really dont wanna know me
know better

United States

#11 Jun 10, 2012
you need to go back to school and learn how to spell country bumpkin!like im really scared please!!!!!!
smart girl

Campbell, MO

#12 Jun 12, 2012
Who doesn't know Cindy Artis? Yes it is true that she chose drugs and her negro bf's over her kids. She dated some blk dude from Malden and said her twins were his but come to find out they aren't even blk they are mexicans. She was with so many men she don't even have a clue who the daddy is. Then she got with another worthless negro named Jerome Artis who beat her ass for smokin crack. Knocked out some teeth. Then she was with some dude they call green eyes from Malden, now I think she is with another blackie named Red. She don't care about her babies, if she did, she wouldn't have gave them to Dorothy Rainey. Just signed a paper and let her have them. the kids were named Sky and Skyyler, now this blk ho named the kids some screwed up name and she says she named them that due to their mexican heritage. Yeah whatever! She only has Cindy's 3 kids because she gets a check on them. Money hungry is all she is. But about Cindy, if you see her, you best steer clear cuz the tramp aint nothin but trouble with a capital "T!" Oh and yeah she thinks she is tough, but she aint shit, she runs then snitches ya out! Worthless, that sums her up!
know better

United States

#13 Jun 19, 2012
can i get an amen on that ! cindy is a snitchen,crack smoken, negro fu**in nosey fat c*nt. who will get all thats coming to her.

Saint Louis, MO

#14 Jun 20, 2012
someone is too nosey for there own good.better tell your little posse from doniphan to back the f*ck off if you all dont wanna get hurt!
used to be a friend

Ballwin, MO

#15 Jun 25, 2012
i knew cindy for a long time.we used to hang out but this girl defintley had problems .she couldnt go in any where without stealing something. it didnt matter what it was she would take it.she even stole from her family. i seen alot of guys use her,if she did have money she would blow it on whatever guy she was with at that moment buying his ciggerates, beer , drugs. shes a diabetic she dont take care of herself.beleive it or not she used to go out with white guys, but then she started likeing blacks, mexicans who ever would show her love. she talked bout having kids all the time she had a box she kept baby clothes in.i thought that maybe she might would be a good mother if she ever got pregnant but by that time she was with one no good black guy right after another,then she finally did have kids she said they were black and belong to this guy she was with but they really wasnt his they were mexican but she still told people these kids were black,still today i dont think this girl really knows who her babies daddy is. this girl really has low self esteem.she falls in love with any guy that shows her a little attention. shes also a liar, which is why i dont hang with her anymore well that and alot of other reasons.she ruined her life with her habits.her kids that are mexican are being raised in a black family and probaly being told that there really black,this girl is a train wreck waiting to happen.she used to be alright but she has changed alot .i am glad i got a way from her.
smart girl

Senath, MO

#16 Jan 17, 2013
This ho aint gonna change she still nasty as hell. Got it all on her facebook sayin she gonna smack Angie for talkin smack bout her well b**ch come smack me cuz Im talkin sh*t I know is true. I known your skanky @$$ for a long time and you are one drug addict b**ch! You screw anything with a dick and some without girl. You are no mother to your kids that blck b**ch is and she dont even take care of them. You all talkin saying you been clean for 2 years yea yea sure you are. You still doin the same sh** you always done tryin to act all goody dood. You just a snitchin @$$ ho who spread your legs for anyone who would have ya. Pretty nasty when you f*ckin in the back seat of a car and people gotta roll the windows down to keep from smellin yo nasty p*$$y funk! Cheap ho is all you are. No this aint Angie talkin this mess its someone you know real well and I sure aint afraid of you I proved that a long time ago when I beat your @$$!! Gonna do it again if you dont stay off Angie!

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