I have Multiple Sclerosis, Mj just became legal recently, but I have been smoking it for years already. My point is this, and this is reality. People in Dexter are smoking pot! You cannot fight it any longer. I have a medical marijuana card, yes I do, but my dispensary is 30minutes away from my house. What if you were told the Dexter Pharmacy could not carry your anti-depressants or Vicodin meds within the village, that you had to drive to Ann Arbor to find a city willing to make money for their budgets. The truth here is that I'm not going to drive to Ann Arbor or anywhere else. I'm going to call a person near me and buy it anyway. So you see, by NOT allowing a legal way for patients to acquiring their marijuana, they will do it anyway, in an ILLEGAL way within our precious little village. Our town make look nostalgic, but the laws are clearly changing people. If for no other reason, then do it so legal patients who suffer don't have to risk breaking the law.