Doesn't Recommend
High Security?. A blue awning spotted in the distance stands out from other stores on the beautiful renowned El Paseo. Sadly, I wish it hadn't so I wouldn't have been tempted to explore this "boutique" run by prison wardens. I walk in to the dark room trying to ignore a musty smell, and see flip flops-- A must have for all who inhabit Palm Desert. Without even moving the shoe from where it sits on the ground for display, I quickly try it on. The lady yells from the counter to wait for her to assist me....try on flip flops...I did not understand. Furthermore, how she saw I had touched these precious shoes from the other side of the store, I have no idea. My best guess is security cameras or crazy ESP. Whatever, I don't need flip flops that cost 25 dollars, I can go to target for identical shoes and buy them for less than 10. I move over to the other shoes which were displayed on a table this time. They were ugly. I don't know how to critique a store without criticizing the buyer. The buyer needs to be replaced. I have never seen anyone in my entire existence wear shoes so horrendously ugly. I feel bad saying this because I'm sure there is someone out there who thought they'd be cute-- and some of the shoes were-- but there were so many ugly articles of clothing in this store, it can't be ignored. Anyways, me and my friend were looking at a child's shirt with bedazzled rhinestones on it in the shape of a Superman "S." We were wondering how sturdy the stones were on, our main concern being if they'd fall off in the wash. The lady abruptly rips the shirt's hanger out of my friend's hand and orders us to leave. Confused, shocked, and insulted, we leave the store. I couldn't help but laugh. The store was such a joke, it was only fair that our exit be as ridiculous as the boutique itself. I have been to the store, Pink Club as well, and I hear the two stores are run by the same owners. This is the second worse store in all of El Paseo, and most likely, the second worst store in all of California, closely beat by Pink Club in both categories. Save yourself the stress, confusion, and frustration.