My sons grand mother was going to come to LA and bring him out here to the desert to see her and his dad and family to celebrate
Christmas but she kept putting him off everyweek cause his grandpa is ill ,then his other grandama broke her arm so she couldn't drive out at all at that point so she asked me to get him a ride out there and I did and called her she didn't answer so I left her a message to before we came letting her know we got him a ride and when we got there she told us we were to late and don't even bring him here....He was then put off again till monday thankfully I have an older son that lives near by so he stayed there but when he again was to go to his grandmas when he got there he was told he wasn't wanted there and had to leave with his dad and so long story short he had no christmas except that he told me he was going to this TLC event and I'm praying he got there cause his dad lives in Landers and he said they were going to take a bus...I'm praying that something good happens cause I know his heart is breaking...Worst grndmother on the planet no names she knows who she is