Lomita, CA

#21 Sep 28, 2011
the street you turn left on is rawson road,you take it all the way up to green trail rd.after some snaky turns about i mile the house is on the left.an addition was added as was a bar overlooking the wash.i lived in that house for about 6 months,with a friend of mine and his wife .who lived there about ten years.
Sally Dow wrote:
If you want to know where:(The cabin thing happened about 14 years ago.)
As best as I can recall, if you are heading toward Yucca Valley on the main highway soon after you enter Morongo Valley you turn left by, I think a VFW, or something like that. I do not know if that building is even still there, but then you turn where it USED to be.
Then you go all the way past the regular housing and just keep going. Finally you will see, if it's still there, a cabin. It you keep going a little ways, you end up at a precipice that is so steep you cannot even see down into it. It's kind of creepy, but I was never scared there except for that one morning. The road ends at the precipice - it's like a big bowl. It you reach this - YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR; however, you would know that you were in the right area.
In Lucerne Valley (though I wouldn't rush to call it a "haunting") we were (I think) at
Camp Rock Road and the desolate little highway that runs through there.(It was nighttime, if that matters.) If it wasn't Camp Rock Road then it was soon after.

Joshua Tree, CA

#22 Oct 31, 2011
i live in paradice , and i see people walk down my hallways all the time when people arent here . and sometimes this thing takes the image of the kids , it just disappears , SKIN WALKER ? why is there skin walkers around my house ,sometimes i fell like i am not alone , what was paradice back in the day . yv ca is very interesting... contact me on psn . cardz27 if you can

Cathedral City, CA

#23 Nov 3, 2011
Want to see a scary sewer bill...? just keep on listening to your town manager.

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#24 Nov 6, 2011
I hav actually done a few investigations myself in yucca and 29 palms. As an investigator I have also felt like nobody has any ghosts. Would luv to find any more haunts.

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#25 Nov 6, 2011
I used to liv in paradice too and the house we were in had a spirit named mark. I did my own investigation and that was an evp I got when asked wat his name was. It used to feel pretty intimidating. With so many deaths in paradice, I'm not surprised that people see spirits or other paranormal happenings.

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#26 Jan 27, 2012
I lived at a house just off hwy 62 near the old Morongo Inn.. I saw a women walk through the hall attached to someone else. It was strange because she seemed to be going somewhere fast. But if you want to feel something very strange go to the old abandoned homestead in the Mojave preserve,, it right off the road near Kelso..

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San Diego, CA

#27 Apr 3, 2012
Sparkle wrote:
I lived at a house just off hwy 62 near the old Morongo Inn.. I saw a women walk through the hall attached to someone else. It was strange because she seemed to be going somewhere fast. But if you want to feel something very strange go to the old abandoned homestead in the Mojave preserve,, it right off the road near Kelso..
I've seen to ghost in a house I rented in morongo, they were from another time.
Not Okay

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#28 Jun 1, 2012
House in Landers, I'm the Realtor. Things move there. Texted the previous occupant and she confirmed. House is crazy haunted. Not going back. She said there used to be Indian burial grounds there and she feels like if she didn't move away from that house she might have been killed there...

Palm Desert, CA

#29 Jun 3, 2012
I live in Wunder Valley (but the realy good part) This place is strange enough without having to deal with the "wheel barrow man" Ya he got his legs blown off in the "war", and rides around late at night looking for aluminum cans. Scares the hell out o' me and the kids. Only seen his reflection on the side of a cabin in the firelight. He just wears rags and big dirty gloves that he uses to propel his wheelbarrow. You should here him, its just THUD THUD as his fists hit the ground and SQUEEK SQUEEK from his rusty tire and the rattle of his cans. Very annoying. Real Story

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#30 Jun 4, 2012
Annoy is kind of a drive from Yuccas but it is hands down the creepiest place around here

Palm Desert, CA

#31 Jun 4, 2012
Speaking of Amboy, did you ever here how it got it's name? Seems when they were building the r.r. tracks,(july 1938) two coulored fellas were talking on their break and one says "you show look hot" and the other says, I show amboy I must have inhearited my moms sence of whats funny (cant spell humour) i think g'night Dad

West Covina, CA

#32 Jun 7, 2012
Lol dad :) can you tell them the story about the yucca man?

Hacienda Heights, CA

#33 Jul 5, 2012
Sally Dow wrote:
It had something to do with chopped up, burned up bodies, but there were no bodies there... Very recently, my friend and I were in Lucerne Valley ...
I found this posting by doing a Google search 'lucerne valley satanic killing'. Your description matches my own experience. In the 70s we were riding motorcycles in Lucerne Valley and continually saw very large fire rings filled with human bones. Whenever we'd see them, we'd turn around but could never re-find them. Later in the week we discovered a cave with the exact configuration, only this time it was real. True story. We haven't camped there again in forty years!
Stephen Johnson

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#34 Sep 29, 2012
I have a house in Johnson Valley and I used to take care of the only natural water supply around for miles at Rock Corral. The site dates back thousands of years as source of water for wildlife, native americans, pioneers and outlaws on the run, like Willie Boy. Filling my hauler late at night I heard so many unexplained sounds I got used to it. But one in particular still makes my teeth chatter and I heard it several times. The best guess I can offer is that it is a Texas Longhorn steer tht went missing from one of the local resident's small herd during the heavy rains we had a few years back. Most people believe the thing drowned in one of the many flash floods we had at the time. But even though I nor anyone else has seen it I can tell you its alive and well up in that canyon somewhere and lets out a lonely bellow at night that would curdle milk.
This little valley has had more that its share of gruesome murders that will spawn ghost stories for years to come. There's the bar owner that shot his wife and three others as they played bridge. Then there's the guy who murdered and buried his wife under his house and it wasn't discovered until 20 years later when new owners started some additions.
Moreover there's the man who discovered his wife and neighbor having an affair and killed the neighbor but didn't bury him deep enough to prevent the discovery of body limbs protruding out of the ground a short time later.
And most recently there's stories starting to emerge about the location where 8 spectators were killed at an off road race. There's plenty more I'm sure.
Oh yes, Willie Boy still walks the canyons and ravines.

Yucca Valley, CA

#35 Oct 8, 2012
I have never experienced paraormal things personally until my husband died about 5yrs back. I have lived in my home for 20+ years and until he passed away I had never had anything happen here. Well there has been a few people experience seeing a large ball of light float through my house. Most times you will catch it from the corner of your eye but one day we had a visitor over and he was facing the same direction as my boyfriend and I was facing them. They both did a double take at the same time and then they both said at the same time "Did you just see that?" it was the large orb and it floated past the wood stove and into the next room and went up the stairs. I saw lights one time I was sitting up all alone and it made me think someone was pulling into the yard because it made me think of headlight glow on the wall but it moved the same pattern as the guys saw and I got up to look to see who was there or see if there was a car going by and then realized that the blinds were closed and it was 2am and I looked out and it was dead quiet outside..So??? I dont know. And my daughter that is now 3 used to talk in her crib all the time and still does at times, but when you ask who she is talking to she says "The Boy" and she says he plays "Bubbles and Beads" with her. She pointed out a "Boy" in a picture I have that I brought out and she pointed and said he was a "Boy". Well it was a photo of my late husband when he was a child. Its hard to open myself to the possibility its him because I know there are things that appear that are not good and could try to gain your intrest and trust. My fiance was living a mile or so away when we started dating and after our first date he went home and was asleep to be woke up at 2am by his cats hissing and hair all fluffed and then he saw what they did...it was my late husband and he said he talked to him and told him it was okay to date me and he asked him to take care of me and then warned him if he ever hurt me he would have him to deal with. LOL!!! It made a believer out of him. He told me about it a few weeks later and has had heard my late husbands voice when he was searching for a water leak we had. We had very high bills and knew there was a leak but couldnt find it. well as walked the property looking for water he said to himself he wished he could find that leak. and he said it came to him as clear as if my late husband was next to him and he told him to go out to the trees and in front of them he would find his leak..He went out and looked around and then notice the quarter sized wet spot and began to dig and then found it was gushing but had been going underground. Well that was the leak and it was fixed and bills went way back down. I would like to think that our loved ones are still there in some way...but I will always be a sceptic and distance myself from unexplained things.

Palm Desert, CA

#36 Oct 8, 2012
dawnofthefalll wrote:
This town is at least 1 Million Years old, and there's got to be some kind of creepy/scary sightings, houses or something along those lines. I'm looking for info in locations where haunting thing's occur. Anyone?

I was driving alone one night on Highway 62 going West. Something large and transparent ran across the highway in a split of a second. I am not sure what it was or what I saw. This t5hing didn't touch the ground!
Intrested Dude head

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#37 Jan 21, 2013
Hi, everyone! Does anyone know about UFO's and Extra terristerials being about the Giant Rock Area? I heard a story of some guy who lived under the big rock, found tunnels under there and was visited by alien beings. Have you heard anything? Do you know his name? I want to write an article about him and the area! Lacerne and Johnson Valley is very cool!

Lucerne Valley, CA

#38 Jan 26, 2013
57872 Ivanhoe drive Yucca Valley california Is haunted, I am 12 and I used to live there with my grandparents and I used to see shadows and my chair would go back when I was on the computer and I got cold chills

Lucerne Valley, CA

#39 Jan 26, 2013
Not Okay wrote:
House in Landers, I'm the Realtor. Things move there. Texted the previous occupant and she confirmed. House is crazy haunted. Not going back. She said there used to be Indian burial grounds there and she feels like if she didn't move away from that house she might have been killed there...
What is the address? I just wanna know if I have been/seen it
Intrested Dude head

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#40 Jan 30, 2013
I was a security guard and had a the grave yard shift midnight to 6:00 Am. Late at night wierd things would happen at my site. I guarded a bunch of solar racks in the middle of no wheres ville in the desert. At midnight, or One A.M. I would hear wierd sounds like someone hitting a very taught steel cable with a stick. Also...I saw a skin walker walk by my car and disappear into the night! I jumped out of my car to see if it was a person. There was nothing there...just the long dark road going off into the pitch dark.

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