New O'Hare runway seeing tons of traf...

New O'Hare runway seeing tons of traffic, and nearby residents ...

There are 64 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Dec 4, 2008, titled New O'Hare runway seeing tons of traffic, and nearby residents .... In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

The new "bad weather" runway that opened two weeks ago at O'Hare International Airport has been used almost every day, handling up to 350 flights daily and spreading jet noise to outlying suburban neighborhoods ...

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Glendale Heights, IL

#43 Dec 13, 2008
Oh, by the way, I LOVE the decreased air traffic over Des Plaines! I am very happy to see this new runway in use and hope that the whole mod program goes through, it will only continue to decrease traffic over Des Plaines!

United States

#44 Dec 15, 2008
Ben wrote:
<quoted text>
Thanks Mike for pointing out that Jay is COMPLETELY wrong and my original post is correct. Also would like to point out to Jay that O'Hare indeed used to use 22R, 27L, and 28 for simultaneous landings very frequently. They would simply time them so 27L and 22R wouldn't be landing at exactly the same time since the runways do cross at the end.
Tell ya' what... I don't care if I got the L's and R's backwards or not. We've only had a handful of planes overhead from the old SW Bensonville/ Elmhurst/ Villa Park flight pattern this week, as opposed to the "every 50 seconds" usage we've seen for the past decade or so.


Since: Oct 07


#45 Dec 16, 2008
I live in Bridgeport and occasionally hear planes approach what seems like downtown.. much much louder than ever before. This new runway must the reason.

Glendale Heights, IL

#46 Dec 16, 2008
I don't think Bridgeport would be effected by the new runway, it's a tad south. But if it is then than your crooked mayor for the added pleasure!

I still can't contain myself at how happy this new runway makes me!!!! One man's loss is another man's gain!

Hickory Hills, IL

#47 Dec 16, 2008
Jay wrote:
Please continue to keep the traffic off 22L/ 4R. Someone else can "enjoy" the noise for a change. But you do have my sympathy...
The new runway is 27R-9L. If you live near an airport, expect to hear jet noise.
Matt Tooley

United States

#48 Dec 30, 2008

Glendale Heights, IL

#49 Jan 4, 2009
While I can appreciate the efforts of the Park Ridge people, if their efforts only serve to defray traffic to other runways then it will be nothing other than the rich getting their way once again. If on the other hand, all the PR lawyers actually work to help people of lesser leans then by golly get to work! But somehow I doubt that is their intention, if it were then they would have mobilized long, long ago...

Chicago, IL

#50 Jan 5, 2009

Just for the record, I live in PR and have been dramatically affected by the new runway. I am not a lawyers. Also as a point of reference, I also know many people in this town (hundreds) through my daughters school, neighbors etc. I can only think of one lawyer. By the way, I also know a lawyer who lives in Des Plaines. Lastly, it is important that you know something - I AM NOT RICH!!!!!!

If you have an issue with people organizing and trying to make changes to things that have dramatacally affected their lives, the lives of their children, property values, education etc, that is fine. But please stop the generalizing about an entire community. It is nothing but a bunch of crap.

If you cannot come up with a more logical way to argue against my position than making assumptions about who I am, what I earn and what I do for a living please do not waste my time.

Glendale Heights, IL

#51 Jan 5, 2009

PR is the highest per capita income town in the area. It is a valid and logical generalization. Sorry you are not a rich guy. I guess you're the exception to the rule then. In my having lived in the NW burbs for 43 years I have yet to meet a poor PR resident.

By all means organize your heart out! I don't thin I ever said you should not. I simply suggest that if your intention is to defer traffic to other communities (with all the same concerns, schools, property values, etc.) it is misguided and hypocritical. If you intend to benefit your community WITHOUT harming another community, go for it. Great idea.

Just for the record, you guys haven't been nearly as impacted as residents of south Des Plaines. They truly have a complaint as they are no doubt getting the brunt of any real noise levels. And their property values have been given a double whammy of airport noise and a new casino. Count your blessings, you are in nowhere near as bad a situation as they are. Have you reached out to include them in your movement? For their sake I hope so.

Anyway, good luck with this anon. But I do think your arguing against way too big a political machine to make any headway.

Glendale Heights, IL

#52 Jan 5, 2009
PS Anon:

If by chance you are the same anon on the other thread, you actually thanked me for supporting you there! Funny that here I am full of crap...

Matteson, IL

#53 Jan 5, 2009

I just do not get your argument but no one had ever accused me of being a bright guy!!

How can you differentiate between some parts of PR and south Des Plaines???? What part of PR are you thinking of??? The proposed Casino location you reference is about a 10 min (probably less) walk from Maine South!!! I will be able to drive there from my house in less then 5 min!!! The high schools kids can go play the slots at lunch hour. My guess would be that at least they have a chance (slim I will grant you) of getting some tax benefit from the revenue of the casino.

It appears to me that the only difference is this picture you have in your mind about "rich" PR residents. The Des Plaines people you refer to are less then a mile from my front door as the crow flies.

Glendale Heights, IL

#54 Jan 5, 2009

I am not saying that it isn't unpleasant in PR where homes are, but compared to the homes in DP under the new flight the PR homes I am thinking of are east of Maine South, and about a solid 3/4 miles east of DP homes. So the planes at least look a lot lower by the time they hit the DP homes than when they are over the PR homes.

I guess the basic argument I would make is that it isn't any worse in PR now than it has been in DP (over near the Target/Allstate) for years and years. And the planes are lower over there in DP than they are in PR. That's all.

Again, I don't doubt that it isn't fun there in PR along Belle Plaine (ironic, Beautiful Plain!). I know that when planes take off going North and they fly near our home, and especially right over head, it is terrible. Absolutely ruins any chance of outdoor activities in our backyard, or peace of mind inside the home! So I can sympathize. And I suppose my perspective is skewed by reading this uproar on Topix! But it does seem a bit 'late to the party' or 'oh, damn, now it's effecting US' as this has been going on in other towns for decades. But I suppose I wouldn't complain until the planes are landing on my roof either.

But by all means, as long as it doesn't just push all the traffic over to others (i.e. results in lower traffic numbers overall!) then by all means go ahead and organize and I'm right there with you.

Chicago, IL

#55 Jan 6, 2009

I never said that many, including myself, didn't come late to the party. I bought my home 5 years ago and, shame on me never did the research.

A few things in your previous post bothered me. One was the whole rich people/PR thing. I saw, and still that as a usless, and from my experience false, argument.

The second thing is this whole thing about DP having it worse. Related to the new runway, of course anyone further along the landing path is going to have it worse then me!!! That is only common sense. You seem to be saying that my concerns are not valid because someone else has it worse. So the stick in my eye should not bother me because someone else has a metal rod in theirs?


Glendale Heights, IL

#56 Jan 6, 2009
The rich people/PR argument is not false. I have many acquaintances in PR. From where I sit financially speaking PR housing prices are much higher, property taxes are much higher, schools are much better, public services are better, overall standard of living is better from a municipal perspective. So yeah, PR is is a rich suburb. You can say that isn't a valid argument, and I suppose it isn't one that would be valid to argue in any formal setting, but in common experience it is. My point was and is, rich people do not want things in their neighborhood that are unseemly, like air traffic and the PADS shelter. The PADS shelter is a fact. You can easily look into that if you would like. Many people posted comments on the Journal 'Speak-Out' page that they did not want 'that' element in their neighborhood. That, anon, is classist. Period. Churches in PR wanted to help those of lesser means and in hard times and the rich did not want it because it was unsavory. You don't hear of people in Lawndale complaining about homeless shelters coming to town. You do in rich burbs where there is a perceived threat to property value and standard of living. Pretty obvious if you ask me.
You and others have stated over and over that the noise level is 'unbearable!' This is a relative perspective. I am saying that when I have been over near Belle Plaine, where everybody is in such an uproar, it is not all that bad especially when considered alongside those who are in DP along the SAME flight path where the planes are significantly lower. In comparison, both visually and audibly, you have little to complain about. I also stated that I can understand your complaints, BUT you have it no worse than anybody else anywhere around the airport. One difference, and you did not post this, but others have, PR has money. This was implied by another person who referenced all the lawyers (I never did, despite your earlier post attributing that accusation to me) and how they would fight this in court. This is something only the wealthy can do as it takes money, and much of it, to fight in court for an extended period of time.
I am sure the sudden drop in home value because of this runway, along with the correction in housing prices, is going to mean a lot of PR and DP homes lose significant value. Yeah, I would be outraged too. I am outraged that I may very well end up under water on my own home if it gets too much worse. But that's life. You admit that you didn't do your homework. I am sure that makes this even more frustrating. But the fact is that PR is getting no more of a raw deal than any other burb. None. Your stick in the eye is the same stick any other burb has dealt with. The uproar on Topix and elsewhere makes it sound as if your stick is a log when others' are merely toothpicks. That is a false claim and that is what others are calling PR residents on. And I think they are correct.
Were you lied to by the FAA et al? Probably. Welcome to Illinois and Cook County! Should you strive to change that? Sure, best of luck, you're gonna need it. Should you seek to divert air traffic away from PR and onto other communities because you can financially sustain the maneuvering? No way! Take your lumps with the rest of us.
Last night I was again privy to being over in that Belle Plaine area when the planes were lined up and coming in one by one. Today, for some reason, planes are taking off going north over my neighborhood. Guess what? You haven't got it any worse then me. Not at all, in fact, planes landing are not at full throttle as they are when taking off. So tell me, why should YOU get up in arms and divert air traffic and I should take the brunt of it?
Again, if you are seeking to help the entire region decrease OHare usage. Fantastic. If it is all about PR ALONE, forget it. Deal with the noise and welcome to the party. Remod the basement and get used to entertaining down there.

Glendale Heights, IL

#57 Jan 6, 2009
Look, anon, I think we are probably much, much closer to agreeing than we are disagreeing overall on OHare noise. I also think that apart from this specific issue (PR specific/only outrage) we would probably get along swell! I also understand your/PR's getting riled up about this. There is no comparing railroad noise, expressway noise, general traffic noise, with aircraft noise. Aircraft noise is one after the other after the other, continuing on and on all day. It's enough to drive anybody insane with anger. Last summer for some meteorological reason we had N/NE winds for two straight months! That meant planes taking off over our neighborhood everyday, all day, for two straight months! I just about shot myself in the head after three or four weeks of it! But, I do realize that there are millions of others in the same boat as me. I haven't been targeted any more, nor any less, than anybody else. Basically, that is the crux of my argument, wealth/town aside. And from that perspective PR is no worse off than anywhere else.

It is my hope that a renewed vigor will result that unites ALL surrounding communities to fight Daley and the OHare Mod Program, resulting in a decrease in OHare usage and a diverting of air traffic away from this urban environment that is causing distress to many, many Chicagoland residents, all for the money the city of Chicago gets from an increase in flight capacity.

Chicago, IL

#58 Apr 3, 2009
Careful frank, if anon thinks you like him you'll never be rid of him!

Chicago, IL

#59 Apr 3, 2009
Frimark sux and should be voted out of office because he has not lifted one finger to do anything that would help the people of Park Ridge. He is a bad man who will do anything to keep the control he thinks he has over everybody. His agenda isn't to move Park Ridge forward. Frimark's agenda is to line his own pockets and the pockets of his friends.

Chicago, IL

#60 Apr 3, 2009
I hate jet noise. I hate all noise!

United States

#62 Apr 6, 2009
O'hare is seeing tons of traffic and my man Howard Frimark is seeing tons of cash pour in from special interests! All is right in my world.

Buffalo Grove, IL

#63 Apr 9, 2009
Is all really right in your world Hysterical? Frimark is gone.

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