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Middlesboro, KY

#1 Mar 4, 2010

A few months ago I met Jason Outlaw & Misty Gagne. They gave my husband & I a sob story, they told us she was pregnant, they were homeless and trying to find honest work that they didn't even have ID, or a social security car, or even birth certificates. Though I was pregnant myself, about 8 months so, and my husband was soon to be out of work we got them an apartment with a friend where they were staying RENT FREE since Sept. We were helping pay their water bill & even their electric. We got them a phone so Misty Gagne could talk to her mother in Milford, Conneticut. We believe her name is Helen? I also spent a lot of time getting their ss cards, birth certificates, ID's for them & my husband took them around to apply for work. I also spent a lot of time gathering baby gear, furniture, and maternity clothes for the them. We even let them borrow my son's tv.

Unfortunately as of today we have discovered Jason Outlaw & Misty Gagne are con artists & have been selling everything we let them borrow, including my son's tv. That was the only tv in our home. They have also left us with a $300 electric bill as we naively allowed it to be in our name since they couldn't pay a deposit. They went around to churches asking for money to help pay the rent that did not exist. And even worse, they stole over $2000 worth of tools, ladders, a stove, washer and dryer, etc...from my friends property and sold it all. Our friends trusted us enough to let people we believed were good people to live in an apartment they owned rent free and we failed our friend's trust and lost a lot of credibility with a lot of people.

They are currently now wanted in Hopkinsville Kentucky for 2 counts of Grand Theft, 1 felony count of Vandalism, and 1 count of Burglary. Possibly counts of selling stolen goods & fraud to come. They have also been arrested in CT for purse snatching, and have warrants for their arrest in the state of Florida. They also have felony strikes on their record from drug involvement.

Communicating with the police and their neighbors we've learned that Monday charges had been filed against them due to them burglarizing a neighbor over the weekend while the family was at a funeral. They then sold the electronics to another neighbor. Neighbors have come forward about being sold these goods as they didn't know they were stolen. All have filed reports and are witnesses that both Jason Outlaw and Misty Gagne were the thieves. One neighbor even witnessed him going into the home though he thought Jason had permission.

We are offering a reward of $100.00 to the first person who can tell us where they are staying(they left sometime in the last 2 days though were seen in Hopkinsville, ky yesterday). We believe they have gone to Paducah, though may still be in or around Hopkinsville, KY. Or they could try to head back to Milford CT or the surrounding area. They do not have a vehicle of their own.

Misty is caucasion and about 5'9, slightly overweight, blonde, where's glasses, wears baggy clothing and has a longish black coat she wears. She smokes, has a KY ID, no license, argues a great deal with Jason, has a northern accent, talks daily to her mother, has 2 sons that were taken from her and the oldest lives with the father and every few weekends stays at MISTY GAGNE's mother's home and the baby stays with JASON OUTLAW's Parents. They claim to be married and she claims occasionally to be pregnant. They will come at you with a sob story. She is in her late 20's, about 28 I believe.

Jason is caucasion and has dishwater dirty blonde to ashy colored hair, with a white streak in the front that is gray hair. He is 5'5ish, smokes, and has a FL ID still and no license. He smokes and is in his mid 20s. About 24 I believe. He is from Florida and says he met Misty in Conneticut.

Please help us find this couple and bring them to justice.
TJ Vise

Hong Kong

#2 Apr 26, 2010
I may have some information, not sure how helpful. I would like to get in contact with you, no interest in the reward, but I have had some bad experience with these two and would just like to see them brought to justice.

Junction City, KS

#3 May 11, 2010
Any picutres?

Bristol, CT

#4 May 18, 2010

Mount Kisco, NY

#5 May 26, 2010
they are conartists to thee max. she has one son here in milford and she talks to her mother everyday. she and jason will not be returning because they have alot of problems here alot of people dont like them and they have many warrants for their arrest. hes originally from fla with a little girl that he isnt allowed to see. he met her through my friend who misty was his sons mother. shes a very dirty person and wouldnt doubt that she has multiple stds she would have sex with 5 different guys a week. shes also a bad drug addict they are addicted to crack and prescription pills; thus why they steal. they are low life losers and misty always gets her ass whooped up here so if anyone meets her just beat her ass and call the cops.

Mount Kisco, NY

#6 May 26, 2010
oh and for the record the first son the great grandmother has legal custody and her family rarely sees him and as for the second baby he is in foster care due to being born a crack baby. theyre not married and he has a mysace he goes on stillhis father or mother not to sure lives in bridgeport ct right by treeland and he had a dl in ct but it got suspended and misty has just always been a low life druggie.they both have no contact with the kids and wont be coming back to connecticut. so best of luck on finding them

Hong Kong

#7 Jun 3, 2010
Please contact me at I have some information that may be useful to you. He does not have a daughter. I know his family and he just made contact and I will pass the information along if you email me.

Mount Kisco, NY

#8 Jun 3, 2010
he does have a daughter that he had to sign custody over to his family cause he walked in on his babymother having sex with another guy in fornt of his daughter and beat him u thats why he went to jail look at his rap sheet. obviously you dont know him.

San Antonio, TX

#9 Jun 6, 2010
Very sick people , everyone has tried to help them and we all got screwed big time.
The child in foster care has now been adopted by the people, state tried to find misty and jason but no communication so state just terminated there parentalship.
Both kids are well taken care of with familys that only the GOOD LORD could of picked.
Hopefully they never enter the kids lives, stay away and never mess them up it would be the only thing good they could do.
concerened in Fl

Ashburn, VA

#10 Jun 22, 2010
This is for TVise.
I have some friends in FL that think they came across these losers, They were fed the same bull but didn`t fall for it.
We are looking for them to report it to police.
Do you have any new info on them.

Hopkinsville, KY

#11 Jul 7, 2010
We had them pinned for almost a month in Nashville, TN but the Nashville police couldn't seem to get their thumbs out of dark places and get their act together enough to arrest them. Our police here were chomping at the bits to get them, all they had to do was cross into KY, but their mom let them know they were hunted and they took off to con more people. I persdonally think, at this point, the mother should be held accountable considering she aids and abets the conartists.

On another note, he has only one child(that was ever menuioned) and it's a son with her. She has two children to which she makes contact whenever they are taken over to her mother's house for visits. She sends them gifts she steals and chats every chance she gets.

Yes, they are drug addicts. Yes, they are conartists. Yes, they are VERY violent. I can't even begin to describe the damage they did to the house from throwing each other through walls and punching holes through doors. We found out they also stripped a truck's motor in the neighborhood that was sitting there needing break work. They also used their foodstamp card to trade for drugs. These are absolute, verifiable facts.
Mfd used to be friend

San Antonio, TX

#12 Jul 7, 2010
I was just told about this site and I`m not surprised, hung around with Misty since we were both young, She has done drugs since she was 12 maybe earlier. Her mom Helen Gagne will not believe she is bad even tho misty has robbed her also. her mom blames everything on who ever she is with at the time. misty has told her so many lies she either just doesn`t get it or is a little slow.She always has an excuse for her but yet never showed her any love or guidence the family are a class of there own.
Misty met jason and really can`t stand him but they only have each other so guess they stick together.
They are exactly a like.
By the way any friend she has had would never bother with her again she is just trash.

Guangzhou, China

#14 Jul 27, 2010
I probably met Jason 8 hours ago...(and probably i know how to meet him again)

Is his full name JASON ROBERT OUTLAW from Hamilton (CANADA)?

Tattooes on his arm(s)?

If yes, please contact me...
skype: geco4u

South Salem, NY

#15 Aug 7, 2010
I am a family member of misty and I'm sad to say that i am! Doesn't surprise me of all the crap she has done what a looser!!!! I hope she and that guy gets arrested. She has also robed me in the past when she lived in CT such a scumbag. And if her brother Bill and Mother Helen do know where they are they will be charged with abating a fugitive and they will go to jail. So i cant under stand why they wont turn them in? If they still have contact with bill or helen you can do a phone trace to where their last known location was the police can get a phone bill warrent for helen and bill i do have helens and bills phone number if it will be of use to whom ever is trying to catch them if it will help let me know

Hong Kong

#16 Aug 8, 2010
I see there has been a lot of activity since my post, but I only got a update email today. you can email me at Few things I can assure you of, his mother and father are not helping them. I know them very well and they are as fed up with their shit as anyone else.
What I can tell you for fact!
I am married to Jason's sister. The rest of Jason's family are good, hard working, respectable people. Jason's parents live in FL, myself and his sister(Rachael) live in SC. Rachael/Jason's parents (The Outlaws) bought a house near me to stay in when they come up to visit us, and possibly move into if/when we have a child. Jason had over the course of a few months while in FL convinced the Outlaws that he had turned his life around, he held a job for several months and supposedly stayed clean. He talked them into letting him move into the house near us as a clean start. This is while Misty was pregnent. Jason broke into my house and stole several things including some guns etc. I went over to confront him about it because I was certain it was him. They were not home when my wife and I got there, but we had a key to the house and went in to wait on them to show up. We found evidence of them smoking meth, crack, or something, don't know for sure what since I don't know much about any of it. Also several items were missing that belonged to the Outlaws. Confronted them when they arrived home, ended up evicting them on the spot at the direction of the Outlaws, because he obviously hadn't changed. They hung around Spartanburg SC for a while, Misty gave birth to a son at Spartanburg Reginal Medical Center, my wife and I told the Hospital about the drug use and they tested the child at birth who tested positive for Crack. The child was placed in protective custody by the state. Jason nor Misty never did any follow up with the state to try and get the child back and skipped town. They may be wanted in SC for child endangerment since they never went to court. This all happened just before the incidents posted at the beginning of this thread. The foster family that had the child when it was first taken away asked to adopt the child. Jason's parents are older and not ready to raise another child that wasn't theirs, they adopted Jason from another member of their distant family that was a piece of shit. My wife and I talked about it, but eventually agreed to let the foster family adopt because of how good they were to the child, and it would put more distance between the child and Jason and Misty. Those records would be confidential and Jason and Misty would not know where the child was. I made it very clear to Jason that if he ever showed up on my property again that I would consider it an act of aggression and drop him where he stands. He tries to call the outlaws from time to time but they do not answer unknown or blocked numbers and he leaves a voicemail from time to time. They have said that they will cooperate with law enforcement to give them the numbers he has called from and where what he said he is doing. Email me and I will help get you in contact with the outlaws. They just do not feel comfortable posting their contact information on the internet.

“Deployed Again”

Since: Apr 10

Mayo, SC

#17 Aug 8, 2010
To the original poster! Please email me at, or
big time losers

South Salem, NY

#18 Aug 9, 2010
DATED; October third, 2006 in the New Haven Register newspaper from Milford,Ct.

MILFORD- A Park City man and a Milford woman were arrested on conspiracy and credit card fraud charges after they allegedly snatched a purse from a car at Silver Sands State Park Friday,police said.
The pair escaped the park but was arrested after a credit card company notified police that the stolen cards were being used to make purchases at the Buck Stop store and later a jewelry store in the Westfield Connecticut Post mall, police said.
Jason Outlaw, 21, of 98 Lynne Place, Bridgeport, and Misty Gagne ,25 of 42 Orient Avenue of Milford Ct.were arrested about 9:30 a.m. Friday near the mall and wer arraigned Monday at
Superior Court.
Outlaw was ordered held in lien of $10,000 bail. Police said that a witness to the car break-in tried to give chase, but a man later identified as Outlaw and Gange fled in a dark-colored car.
After the credit cars were reported stolen the company reported that someone was trying to use one of the stolen cards for a $569 purchase at Belen8s Jewelers at the mall and police detined the pair and the witness identified them, police said.
Outlaw and Gagne are scheduled to appear next Oct.23 at Superior Court. Outlaw is charged with one count each of third-degree burglary, tampering with a motor vehicle, sixth-degree larceny, theft of a credit card, illegal use of a credit card and interfering,as well as three counts of third-degree criminal mischief and two counts of fifth-degree larceny.

Ashburn, VA

#19 Aug 9, 2010
After reading the above artical again in our paper it makes me sick.
They went to jail for 3months waiting to be sentenced and when they faced the judge he let them out because they pled gulity they were laughing there ass off. they were on probation and skipped town so they are wanted for that also.

then they assaulted an old man at 3am with a baseball bat just got change that is all he had., they haven`t been charged that I know of but the cops might have enough evidence now. The man was afraid to identify them.

They lived in a rat motel in Devon and when you saw there room they had all stuff they robbed from people. then they pawned it.

They also pan handled outside of the Mc Donalds there.

South Salem, NY

#20 Aug 19, 2010
The bastard got me too

Zhaoqing, China

#21 Oct 8, 2010
It seems this bastard gets around..
I am in Guangzhou in CHINA.. and this smooth talking bastard took me for a 100 rmb..
Tats on the arms.. showed me an old Canadian of Jason Robert Outlaw.. yep matches the description perfectly..
He approached me at the train station with a sob story about having lost his wallet and his phone and needed 90 rmb (about US$12) to get back to the town he was staying in, about 3 hours from Guangzhou.. but then that was probably bullshit too..
It is pretty hard to get money off me.. but then i thought about what the hell I would do if I lost my wallet AND my phone in China.. even getting back to my apartment 3 hours away, would be a major mission..
Maybe I will go back to the station and see if I can spot the bastard again..

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