Oregon's YOUNG(18-20)Sex-Offender law...

Oregon's YOUNG(18-20)Sex-Offender law's...it's a OUTRAGE!!!!!

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Eugene, OR

#1 Jan 19, 2009
I'm the Mother of 16yr old Twin Daughters, and 20 and 21yr old Son's.
The Sex-Offender Law NEED's to be adjusted!!
I personally know what young girls are capable of, and that is CRYING RAPE.....because of fear of Parents...Not the boy that she willing had sex with and got caught by her parents...or the (14) girl that wanted to get drunk and party and ended up with(having sex) the popular boy,but he didn't call back the next day!!!....I've heard it all and saw it all....these Girls need to be stopped(HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR HER ACTIONS TOO!) they are making Rape seem like a non-violent crime and these real girls that are brutally raped are ashamed to come forward because of fear of being labeled like the MANY GIRLS right here in Lincoln County...that CRY WOLF!!
Allot of young men(boys 18-20) are paying dearly for the rest of their lives over a consensual sex act they shared, Now I understand the Law was made for a good reason but they sure didn't leave room for the black and white area's.
Parents don't realize what kind of PRESSURE/FEAR those girls have against them to say "I was Raped" BY THEIR PARENTS....afraid of Dad's punishment if she just said I wanted to have sex with him Dad..
In Lincoln County alone I know of 5 young boys that had this happen to them, Now their lives are ruined and they really don't(truly) understand why????
I wonder if that 14yr old girl understands that boy she willing had sex with, may go to PRISON under a RAPE charge and be raped by other inmates every day of his sentence????????
It should be this....They Both should be held responsible for their action with counseling & classes on how to "NOT PUT YOURSELF IN THAT SITUATION"
I would love to hear other's opinion, because it's tearing me up inside watching this happen to allot of young men(boy's) and nothing is happening to these girls, I wonder how many of these so called victims of young-sex truly go to Rape counseling????
I think the Prosecutor's should follow up on how many of these victims truly get counseling!!
A girls whose been really Raped needs counseling and allot of support(rape is normally brutal)...these young girls who cry wolf need stopped...there is a BIG difference between "Brutal Rape" and "I'm afraid of my Parents....or he used me&didn't want to be my boyfriend...or I got drunk...Parents need to know that allot of this Fraudulent Rape claims are just that, and start understanding that their daughter's have sex whenever(behind your back)...and then get caught by you and cry wolf!!
Does anyone out their understand me?

Since: Feb 08

Eugene, OR

#2 Jan 20, 2009
I agree! The way the Law was wrote has left no room for counseling or classes(Just arrest the boy and ruin his life--over his girlfriend getting pissed-off)-(they were going out for 3yrs before he turned 18), and people(LAW) just don't seem to hold BOTH teens responsible at all! It's just arrest the boy & off to jail/prison/probation/sex-offe nder classes/mental Health classes/etc/etc.
This all could be handled for first-time offenders like this: "BOTH INVOLVED IN SEXUAL ACT" attend counseling & preventive classes. Oregon just jumps right into the legal system with the boy.
The girl goes to school the next day---the boy goes to prison.Rape was never the issue, the issue was he broke up with her! So now he's labeled sex-offender for the REST of his life.
Now that, I don't agree with at all. It's a miscarriage of justice & allot of young men are just ruined!
Jon Sanders Jr

San Diego, CA

#3 Jan 29, 2009
Sounds like all the more reason for young guys (18-20) to be very careful and take the lead and if your in question of a girls age you best leave yours hands off her! error on the side of what we used to call "Jail Bait" red flag and run don't walk away.
I am a little older now but when I was a young service guy I delt with this myself--some underage Navy brat(Chick) at a party--- looks as young as your kid sister back home? break for the door--and don't look back!
I never had a problem... Please get the message out to young guys of these underage chicks.
"YOU LOOSE GUYS" "EVERYTIME" Even if its not my Daughter.
Cindy George

United States

#4 Jan 30, 2009
I live in Toledo,outside of Siletz and until we provide opportunities for our youth they will continue to drink and use drugs out of dispare. No one makes good choices when drunk. And many of our youth are medicated from the beginning of there school age.Then we become outraged if they turn to medicating themselves. I have tried to get Toledo Police and our schools to reach out but yet all I see is harrassment and throwing them out to a lack of jobs, stable homes so many have no home or even food each day.I am trying to start a community garden to provide our youth with a place to grow food right at Toledo Skate park where many of our at risk touth gather. We need a community center where children can go for basic needs like a meal or someone who cares!
Jon Sanders

San Diego, CA

#5 Jan 30, 2009
Cindy George wrote:
I live in Toledo,outside of Siletz and until we provide opportunities for our youth they will continue to drink and use drugs out of dispare. No one makes good choices when drunk. And many of our youth are medicated from the beginning of there school age.Then we become outraged if they turn to medicating themselves. I have tried to get Toledo Police and our schools to reach out but yet all I see is harrassment and throwing them out to a lack of jobs, stable homes so many have no home or even food each day.I am trying to start a community garden to provide our youth with a place to grow food right at Toledo Skate park where many of our at risk touth gather. We need a community center where children can go for basic needs like a meal or someone who cares!
Good your doing something about it; if more people did as you do we would all be better off.
Thanks and good job!

Richland, WA

#6 Jan 30, 2009
if your worried about getting charged with rape... do not take your pants off!

wait till marriage...
at least a long term relationship..(1 - 3 months is not long term)
there are lots of other fun things to do they will not get you in trouble.

bottom line, i think the laws are fine...

You would not walk into a bank wearing a ski mask and holding a duffle bag... right?

guys and girls alike should just keep their pants on... dont be dumb its not worth it.

Eugene, OR

#7 Jan 31, 2009
Thank You all for your comments!!
Everyone's opinion counts!!

Charlotte, NC

#8 Jun 3, 2009
Well if the girl is 14 why is she at a party and why does the parent not know where she is at? In my house I have numbers and addresses and also talk to the parents before my child goes to another persons home. Especially at night. I will know where my child is! I agree however that if a girl is out and about and does these things there should be consequences as well. Teach your child self respect. If they are afraid of the parent chances are they won't be coming to them for advice or any other thing that might be going on. And as far as long term relationship? Forget that..wait until you are married. Preserve yourself for a committed relationship. not just a long term.
Curious girl

London, KY

#9 Jun 3, 2009
I have a huge problem with Oregon's Sex Offender laws...here's a story for you...
A guy I knew was just about to turn 18 and he had been dating a girl that was 16 for several months. Both parents knew about it and everything was fine...well, they find out she's pregnant a few months after he turns 18..her mother, who she lived with, took her to the welfare office to get assistance..not the girls choice, was the mothers choice. Anyhow, so, they are there filling out paperwork and in order to get assistance for a pregnant woman, you have to give the fathers name, they put his name and since he was 18, they charged him with Rape III. OMG, what a joke...these people not only stayed together while he was in jail because of her mother, but they moved in together, got married and even had another child..but would the State of Oregon see that this was NOT a case of statutory rape?? NOPE!! They didn't care and now thanks to that greedy mother, who will take a hand out wether it's needed or not, he is labled a sex offender for 10 years. He can't get a good job to hire him due to that status as a sex offender.
I understand needing laws, but when it comes to registering someone as a sex offender for 10 years or for life, it should be looked at on a case by case basis.

United States

#10 Sep 20, 2010
14 years ago oregon's crooked system including measure 11 was also my husbands obsticle, at the age of 19 oregon convicted him of first degree sexual assult of a child, they threw the measure 11 jail time in his face to scare him into taking A plea.he did , he took it because he had no choice, his public defender was a piece of shit, the kicker to all this ..... he was 12 or13 years old when he " commited" this so called sexual assult, the family waited 6 years. So yea this crime was commited 20 years ago, and he has to register " for life". We have been married for ten years and have three kids . heaven forbid if your have a curious kid in oregon,with oregons laws hell pay the price for life if the parents are jerks like jeff and michelle #$#!%$# of silverton
Girl On the Move

Newport, OR

#11 Sep 29, 2010
I see this everyday at my highschool young boys getting in trouble for stuff they did not commmit on there own, a women as a part of the blame, I know tons of girls who have really been raped and its wrong, I love my boyfriend of a year yes he is older then me I turn 18 in a month we don;t plan of having sex till marriage... :D


#12 Oct 27, 2010
Yes the sex offender laws are out of control. We voted them in. I'm sure at the time they sounded like a good idea. Until it comes to your home. All the hype that got these laws passed. Re-offence rates that were sited based on the worse possible crimes then paint the lot with the same brush. Why? Does this make money for the state? I have never really understood the logic. Yes if put in terms as they always re-offend and look what this one person did maybe at some point the risk looked so over whelming that we couldn't say no. Besides it doesn't effect us right? to be able to find out who is a predictor on some web site might be a good idea and that is what Oregon is doing. However they are also requiring lifetime registration with a bone tossed out that says someone can get off this after ten year if their crime was a class c felony or less and the victim was over 14. There are a few other stipulations but you can go to the state web site and it will explain more. However this accounts for a very small percentage. So its just a bone. Fact is most will never get off this. I have no problem with repeat offenders and predictors listed and they have to register every 90 days. Not a problem with that. The rest is over kill. Costly to the state and serves little or no purpose. After a person has served their time and probation not deemed a predictor then maybe listed for ten years after all that. If they re-offend well its already automatic life. But to place someone on it for life when there is no reason to believe they are anything but a low risk is a bit over kill.Our law makers are afraid to say anything about this because it might damage them politically. Who would want to stand up for someone on the sex offender list? No one as its political suicide. So if they are afraid of the backlash they will not. Its up to the people of this state to put a stop to the madness. Yes and that means standing up to the Federal Government also. time to change this as its been going on for decades now and every time you turn around they want to get tough on crime. did you know that 95 percent of the new convictions for a sex crime is someone not on the list? That's right its not the ones listed that are out committing all these crimes. Maybe if we spent the time and effort the State Police are in registering 16,000 people (and the number grows each and every day) educating maybe at some point we will see less of this. However it is job security for the police as they have to spend time and resources that we really can't afford any more to do this. They complain that we don't have the funds for schools and we need more State Police on the roads but just don't have the money. However a desk job registering the mass number of lifetime registrants is a good idea. Not so sure things are being managed. this has taken on a life of its own and the more laws passed the more expansive to the state. So what's the answer? Two things need to be done and one is to stay away from the Adam Walsh Act. This sounded like a good idea at the time once again but is the holy Grail of bad law. the other is to end the lifetime requirement. When Oregon first started the registry it was five years. Then went to lifetime a few years later. We need to get a handle on this and change how we do things. The Federal Government with all their good intentions has created such a mess and wants to make it an even bigger mess with ill crafted laws that are being forced down the peoples throats. Thing is I remember when hey why not doesn't sound like that bad of an idea and besides it will never come to my family.

Seattle, WA

#13 Nov 14, 2012
Our Oregon laws are to broad. One law does not cover all. A pedifile is certainly differant than two teens haveing sex. In Or. there is no burdon of proof to claim rape. Just a phone call and a report and the guy is in the prosicutors eyes as guily as sin. NO DNA< NO HOSPITAL REPORT< it could even be from six years back. Our son is 3 months older than the " alledged victum ". He wouldn't have sex with her and she was ticked. She filed a report , lied her back side off and shed a few tears. Our son has been in prison now for over seven years. Oh by the way she had threatened rape on 2 previous guys. How is a guy to know the true age the way some girls dress and carry on. Our politicians are cowards. They all know there is a problem but will not address the issue as it is politcal suicide. Judges disalow evidence that shows the past actions as it could taint a jury. We need to really address the sex laws of Oregon. Break it down and define it as it should be.I tell all my friends to make sure thier boys are never allone with a girl, you never know when they might get ticked. Should a guy require girls to show proof of age before dating.

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