jim theiss and judge feeley relations...

jim theiss and judge feeley relationship- ethical?

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concerned mama

Cincinnati, OH

#1 Oct 5, 2012
it appears mr. theiss and judge feeley are very close friends and the judge always rules in mr. theiss favor. any examples where that is not true? i've seen mr. theiss in court- he is very disrepectful and flat out rude. he plays to emotion versus the facts. anyone seen otherwise? i don't know how the judge could respect this man unless he's being paid under the table by mr. theiss. i can't believe the court of appeals hasn't looked into their relationship. my son is starting the divorce process and i'm nervous that his soon to be ex wife already won because she got to jim first.
should be concerned

Jasper, FL

#2 Oct 6, 2012
I had Theiss a few years ago as my lawyer. He doesn't know how to keep things I would tell him in confidence. He lived in the same small town I did and my neighbors would know things that I had only told him. He was very rude and I am sure he hasn't changed, people with his power never do. He seemed to enjoy trying to make me look like an idiot when he talked to me or about me. But very eager to take my money. That whole town of Lagrange are in cohout with each other. They all know how the trials will end before they even begin. Your best bet is move before you need another lawyer from that end of Ky. Just stating the fact as they happened to me. I think Ky still has freedom of speech or does Lagrange still allow that?
Someone skeptical

Plymouth, MN

#3 Oct 24, 2012
I need to go to family court and I am scared to even initiate for this very reason
just wrong

Cincinnati, OH

#4 Nov 9, 2012
so basically the only way to win, when you are the father is to appeal. nice. cant believe how much these attorneys rack up in the process. all this money could go to childrens higher education, disney world, etc. just a shame that his court is different than many others in ky. and i guess the appeals court sees that.
Former Kentuckian

Wayne, NJ

#5 Nov 29, 2012
just wrong wrote:
so basically the only way to win, when you are the father is to appeal. nice. cant believe how much these attorneys rack up in the process. all this money could go to childrens higher education, disney world, etc. just a shame that his court is different than many others in ky. and i guess the appeals court sees that.
No, fathers can win but you have to have the right attorney, possibly provide some $$$ to the opposing attorney and be willing to make up trash about your ex-wife and child's mother. I am living proof of this situation.
Help Me

Louisville, KY

#6 Dec 14, 2012
So tell me who is the right attorney, I'll glady pay the opposing attorney for my children.
just wrong

Cincinnati, OH

#7 Dec 21, 2012
in oldham county- jim theiss. him and the judge are best friends. get him first. whatever jim proposes in court as far as custody, money, atty fees, etc- judge feeley gives. it's a shame no one is looking into their relationship. it's a total scam and fraud. fathers have zero rights in oldham county unles you get mr. theiss as your atty.

Lexington, KY

#8 Jun 6, 2013
Jim is a great guy! Sadly OC operates on "the good ole boy" philosophy, and that will likely not change anytime soon! Best bet is to hire Jim in OC, or do your filing in Jefferson Co. This is the way it works in OC! Neither Jim nor Judge Feeley started the "good ole boy" philosophy. Perhaps they were friends before Feeley became a judge. That happens!

Bowling Green, KY

#9 Jun 12, 2013
Does the person owns Theiss Furniture Store?
another violated parent

Louisville, KY

#10 Oct 10, 2013
Money,embarassment,manipulatio n of marital law, purgery under oath, the insurmountable and unethical judge/attorney relationship. So many ways to discribe the wrong doing of any divorce in Oldham and surrounding counties. Regardless of gender, theiss will manipulate your divorce, especially if it involves children!!How can any judge,father,and human keep any loving and providing parent from seeing his or her kid(s)for over 27 months and counting??? Talk with any of us that has suffered thru their "good ole boy" BS and we will say the same..... There's more to the relations between feeley and theiss. If I were a betting parent (can't afford to be, nor am I willing to wager my parental rights), they are invloved in a "behind closed doors affair".

I pray for all mothers and fathers that go before feely and his hired linch mob.
mommy done wrong

United States

#11 Oct 17, 2013
Former Kentuckian wrote:
<quoted text>
No, fathers can win but you have to have the right attorney, possibly provide some $$$ to the opposing attorney and be willing to make up trash about your ex-wife and child's mother. I am living proof of this situation.
I could not agree more.I am also living proof of that situation exactly. I almost wonder if my ex husbands attorney tells him to make up specific things. and I could swear that my original attorney was paid off. he took over $5,000 from us in one month time .we only went to one hearing and one motion hour. I have been blown away ever since for the last 2 years we are in there every 2 to 3 months. I'd the mother finally ran out of money in am defending myself. my ex husband and his new wife makeup false accusations about me over and over and over again. CPS has been called 4 times always nothing found and closed cases. I have taken a drug test I have done evaluations also always found in my benefit. I took it upon myself to have a 6 month hair follicle test just to prove there was no drug use. I didn't know about uation where they stated that I was a perfectly fine mother with no problems also took a drug test for her. I do not understand I do not get it. I raise four step kids and one other child of my own. my child hashas not spent the night in my home for a year and a half because of them lying and saying that I was acting weird which resulted in a evaluation saying that there was nothing wrong. the judge then said I would not have overnights for 6 months it's now going on a year and a half. but get this I have been saying the only reason my ex did this was because he was planning on moving. well he wants to move out of state 12 hours away with our son. the judge granted and Ii was some whatwhat in favor of it if visitation was to go back to some type of normal visitation. so the judge is allowing me 5 weeks a year overnights totally normal visitation with my ex paying for all the transportation. here is what does not make sense why do I not have overnight here and only get them once they move? it makes no sense at all. I know that the Court did not do what was right for our son. when our son lived with me I never put him through any of this II always let him see his father no matter what. it is not right for the child. that is somewhat why I was in agreement to let him go to Alabama because I feel that if they stay here my ex husband will just keep doing this every two months. our son has completely changed towards me while going through this. I only see him on Sunday for 8 hours in on Wednesday for 2 hours. my ex husbands new wife has completely scared the school about me.me. she has told them lies and that I am crazy I am on drugs and I might come steal our son. the Court does nothing. they were lying about how much my ex travels and I finally proved that last year he travel 250 days out of the year. so basically two years ago my son was given to his stepmother to raise. we still have legal joint custody. I am at a loss I do not know what to do anymore. when I tell people about the judge's ruling so they cannot believe it. it is a judge Feeley thing. I swear money has been handed back and forth on my case. how else does any of it makes sense at all?
not right

Louisville, KY

#12 Nov 12, 2013
I wish a tv station would investigate what's going on in Oldham county. how can a stranger say a dad or a mom can not see their kids the same amount of time. especially when no experts have said otherwise. it's a shame and it's doing nothing but destroying families and the children. fathers have just the same rights as mothers. they are not ATM's and that is what judge feeley believes. trash and lies win in his court. and that's a shame, it should be about what is in the best interest of the children. saying a dad or mom doesn't have the same rights to see the kids the same amount of time.... how is that in the best interest of the kids?????

Louisville, KY

#13 Nov 20, 2013
Just because the good ole boy system "happens" does not make it right! I would think it is high time that the people of Oldham County would want a less corrupt system. I an anxiously waiting for someone to have the guts to file against Feeley for Family Court Election in 2014.

Phoenix, AZ

#15 Feb 27, 2014
Someone skeptical wrote:
I need to go to family court and I am scared to even initiate for this very reason
You NEED to be afraid of family court and for very good reason! Be very, very, careful as a "select few" currently on the bench are "devils in disguise!" I am currently in the process of attempting to make one specific judge accountable for the most unethical and unprofessional actions and the bias and prejudice that is evidenced on the audio/video tapes, very clearly!! I WILL NOT stop until this judge is held accountable!
bendoverinLAif aman

Lexington, KY

#16 Mar 13, 2014
Mitch Charney
bendoverinLAif aman

Lexington, KY

#17 Mar 13, 2014
If u have judge feeley an your a man. Forget it. My ex told me I didn't have a chance 8 yrs ago cause judge knew here boss. Big shot in lagrange along with his whole family. She was right. He has givin it all to her an some. Just got court papers today today where she said I owe her for $111 for medical and I showed him that I just paid 550 bill for the kids. So 550-111 is 439 that she should owe me right. Lol not in feeley court. He just sent me order to pay her 111. My boys in 8 yrs have been in all linds trouble with law an school all at her house. Never had any trouble at my house. My oldest son won't even take my grandson to her house cause they have 4 big dogs and 4 cats in there house and shit everwhere. An kids r allergic to cats an been tested. But I have pay for allergy meds an inhalers. He harasses me tells my kids I'm a piece of crap and 20 pages proof don't mean a damn thing to any of the people involved in family court. Overpayed in child support by over 200 month for 2 yrs. He don't give a damn. And same story every guy in 0C without top attorney. And if they got Theiss u better get Mitch Chaurney from louisville. 340 an hour but look him up. And they all know him too he just not in there pocket. We need picket the courthouse an show them where tired of being treaded like dirt. And feeley not bought laws. Trust me its all personnal with him. Found that out today. But I just got started. Appeal everything he makes a decision on. Spread the word
Strangers get your kids

Crestwood, KY

#18 Mar 13, 2014
I also have been victim to this good ole boys club...theiss and feeley. My sons gets more time with step dad than me. No drugs, no criminal background, no abuse no neglect on my part. Just didn't have theiss for an attorney. It's a crying shame they say the system is suppose to work for the best interest of the child. How do u suppose that's in the best interest of my child? Not to mention all the lies that we're told in court! I hope someone help change things for future dads and moms who honestly just don't have a fortune to spend. Where are poor people suppose to turn? Help!

Louisville, KY

#19 Mar 28, 2014
I will picket if we get enough participation. We will all wear paper bags to cover our faces as we are Frightened Fathers because of the repercussions we may face from this biased family court judge. I will call the Lívlle tv stations and news papers. We will get coverage!

Unless there is abuse involved, NO FATHER should get less than 50% parenting time. Itís child abuse to not let the child build a quality relationship with BOTH of their parents. We will use that as our crying march. FREEDOM FOR FATHERS. If anyone is serious about joining the effort, you will need to post and Iíll set up a email in order for us to communicate.

Columbus, IN

#20 May 21, 2014
fathers are too afraid to put their email addresses on here. but i know of 30 men and women that will picket and if we can get the oldham era and tv stations to investigate this low down worthless man then now is the perfect time. right before election. oldham co needs to see who is making decisions that harm our children and award mothers things they are not entitled too. stripping a child from a father and never allowing him to bond with his kids is disgraceful, screw the money part. the lack of time with the kids is what is just alarming to me. we need to find another way to all get together without being afraid of the backlash if he sees our names and email addresses.

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