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#87 Oct 11, 2012
Brennan wrote:
Yeah, everyone wants to play the Monday morning quarterback when it hits the fan (John Patrick)...I had a fun night and would eat the roaches all over again even after all this mess!!!!....We knew the possible "dangers" involved with consuming live insects and I stand behind Ben Siegel and the entire event that took place...Shame on you people for pointing the finger...should've, would've, could've nothing!!!!! It was a very sad ACCIDENT and my condolences go out to Eddie's family and friends.
Obviously this was an ACCIDENT. I've not seen any posts to the contrary. Shame on you for claiming "everyone knew the dangers". I believe if anything is clear besides the ridiculous hate speech and misinformation, is that not everyone appeared to understand ALL of the "dangers". I'm simply relieved that questions are finally being answered about the accident. It's unfortunate that this happened, but determining exactly what happened, is the only way to prevent something like it from happening again. I'd like to believe that will happen in due time. And at that time, prepare your delicate sensibilities, a finger will be pointed.
Concerned Citizen

Pompano Beach, FL

#88 Oct 11, 2012
John wrote:
Michael Pelham,
Your kind of ignorance is what has destroyed our country in general. Everyone is sue happy anymore. There is no insane cover up underway being hidden. Are you not aware that insects including roaches are eaten worldwide. Most of them actually being wild caught and not farmed raised like the ones at the BSR Contest were? Please do some research and make educated posts if you're going to attack someone in a public forum. I'm sure BSR and their entire staff feels horrible about the passing of a human being as well as the issues this incident is going to create for his business. Have you ever for one second though stopped to think about what will happen if BSR is sued and has a multi-million dollar suit levied against them? Are YOU going to pay all of the people that could potentially lose their jobs as a result? Are you a business owner employing Americans to try to help our economy? My guess would be absolutely not. So as you sit behind your keyboard screaming for blood. Perhaps you should move your ass out from behind it and go try to make the world a better place through your actions and not your worthless posts!
Exactly. I will continue to support BSR and frequent their establishment. It was a freak accident. Bugs are eaten world wide. Michael needs to go back to wearing tin foil and wondering if 911 was staged. My condolences go out to the family who lost the loved one, and I think people should wait to judge until we know what happened from an autopsy.

United States

#89 Oct 11, 2012
This wasn't the first roach eating contest. A couple groups i belong to on Facebook held a couple roach eating contest without waivers being signed or medical personal standing by.
Ben Siegel is not the only one to blame,
It was his contest and his store but he didnt hold a gun to Eddies head and say eat all of these roaches.
And I'm sure in other countries, roaches are eaten in a daily basis.
Do you know how many roach eggs you consumed today?
Alot, it's on your food from being kept at warehouses.
This was a freak accident, and you all need to start acting like adults and quoting blaming people, especially if you werent even there.
Go spend time with your family or friends, you don't know how much longer they have so quit worrying over petty stuff.

Since: Oct 12

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#90 Oct 11, 2012
When I started this post, it was because little to no information was available. If I had known it was going to turn into "hate speech misinformation central", I never would have asked questions. I pray that answers come to those that need them, and comfort comes to those without it. If this post has caused harm to anyone, it was never my intent, and I sincerely apologize. I can't begin to imagine the pain and stresses one undergoes after such a loss, and anyone negatively affected by the event, or subsequent posts online, are in my deepest thoughts and prayers.
Shaun Jeffries

Indianapolis, IN

#91 Oct 11, 2012
John-Patrick your intentions are clear. You are here to abuse BSR. Hidden motives hidden behind all your "condolences and God Bless'". You should be ashamed of your self.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#92 Oct 11, 2012
John-Patrick& Michael Pelham... They two of you are hate mongers. John, for you to try and back pedal now after all the comments you made is a joke. You started this thread with bad intentions, if you hadn't, it would have read much differently.
Buck Hoover

Havelock, NC

#93 Oct 11, 2012
Shaun and Suzi your just showing your damn ignorance why dont you back off before you get your feelings hurt

Since: Oct 12

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#94 Oct 11, 2012
This post has become nothing but a incoherent rant of hate and misunderstood rumor and conjecture. That was absolutely not my intent. It was in hopes of getting some answers. It has been made clear to me now, I am not entitled to answers. I have accepted that, and on I move.
Mike Reed

Brentwood, TN

#95 Oct 11, 2012
One thing is obvious. In America today, people think they are entitled to know every detail of everyone's life. A tragic accident occurred. Is it really going to help to drag the family and the business through the wringer because you think you have the "right" to DEMAND answers to something that doesn't even involve you? Why not let the police and coroner do their investigation and those actually involved deal with the tragedy without your morbid curiosity making it worse?
Charles and Michelle

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#96 Oct 11, 2012
The story has spanned the globe and if you take time to read ALL of the story you would find that this was a freak occurance. On 5 different reports from 7 separate experts, this was the first any of them had ever heard of this kind of tradgedy. How do you prepare for something thats never happened before. An average of 3 people die annually at Walmarts around the country during Black Friday. A woman catches the Flesh Eating Bacteria after falling into a stream. It is a very large and bizzare world and you cant forsee everything, if we could Eddie would still be here to dazzle us with his wit and wisdom. It was a terrible loss and my thoughts, and those of my entire family, go to Eddies family and to Ben and his wife. Its hard to deal with a loss but its harder with the kind of hate-mongering and circus like atmosphere the media and people who see this as a forum to get attention for themselves. The South Florida Herpetological Society is accepting donations for his daughters, please give even if its just $5.00.
Charles and Michelle

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#97 Oct 11, 2012
@ John-Patrick ??? not your intent ? Please go back and re-read your posts.
Charles and Michelle

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#98 Oct 11, 2012
Bring it on Buck.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#99 Oct 11, 2012
You Johhn-Patrick should stick your head in the sand. And remain there.
Bobs bro

Holdenville, OK

#100 Oct 11, 2012
TLF wrote:
The contest winner, Eddie Barry, is dead. And I think all of his friends and family would like answers to all of your questions as well. I'm thinking Bob Segeils should get some representation, and then answer them.
Number one it was not bob Ben Siegils fault this happened .... And second Who the hell is Bob Siegils ?

Henderson, KY

#101 Oct 11, 2012
When I first saw this story after seeing in on my cousin's post I thought it was a joke. I am very sadden by the fact that someone dear to someone lost their life. I also feel bad for the promoters of the event as they too are I am sure shocked and in distress that this happened at/or right after one of their events.
Wether they are in the right or in the wrong I know that it is not my place to assign blame. Each of you have to ask yourself the same question..is it your place? I don't need or want an answer the question is meant as a rhetorical question posed only in hopes that both sides of the case will take a step back, breathe and try and look at it from other angles.

I also noticed in my own effort to try and see both sides that there is a third side that could be blamed if you really must do so.

What of the audience and other partipants? How many were there and enjoyed their time until the tragic event occured? Were there any of them there that thought it was a dangeous/bad idea? If so did they speak out before the contest? Did the other particpants say, Hey this maybe dangeous so maybe I should not partipate? Is it possible that if someone voiced their expert/or not, opinion that this should not happen? If any one or more persons there had spoken out would this have happened? Would it have influenced any or all of the particpants to drop out thus making the contest not occure at all?

I know that many will hate me for my comments. I'm ok with that as I have my personal opinions of some of the ones I read as well. But I am not here to point fingers or 'stir' up angst among the other people reading this.

I may not agree with every one on here but I respect that others have their own views.
All that I hope for with this message is that some will stop and think is this doing anyone any good?

Isn't it enough that a loved one lost his life and that the owners of the business must feel the grief as well as their intentions were to bring people together and have a good time. It is like a sucker punch to the gut to know that you planned an event that went so very wrong. I am sure they never dreamed that this could happen. Just as the spectators and particpants did not either (I am making an assumption here as I have yet to read anything where someone protested this idea as dangeous before the fact, forgive me if my assumption is mis-laid).

I see respect being mentioned in the majority of the post. But I do not see a lot of respect happening.
People are making rash judgements and turning on each other. This is not respect and only serves to add pain to both the family/friends of the man. As well as the event promoters and the people that care about them.

Let the people charged with investigating do their work to find honest answers with out the influence of bias from either side.

I know it is hard to do. I have witnessed a horrible accident a few years back at a public event.

It was shocking and gut wrenching for all concerned even the by standers. But at that event there too had no one who thought to speak up and say. "hey should we be doing this?"

We can always look back at any horrific event and say this could have been avoided if...

Sometimes their is blame on on side of the parties some times the blame is on both.(including by standers)

Some times it was just a horrible mistake/accident that we as a society all hand a hand in either by our actions (particpating or observing) and in-actions.

With that said I will now bow out. I hope at least one person here sees my point of view. Most of all I ask all to at least respect it as I will theirs.
Sarah B

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#102 Oct 12, 2012
I read the last slew of comments since the last time I posted a response here. I want to thank those of you who have come forward and said positive and constructive things, and will not stand for the hate that has been pouring in from all corners. This is our community. I'm glad to see we still have good people contributing to it.

Charles and Michelle, where can we donate to the Herpetological Society for Eddie's daughter? I think if we put a link here we could make it a little easier for us to all help contribute, if we so desire. I'm a poor grad student, but I will certainly try to give what I can.
J Wellington

Pompano Beach, FL

#103 Oct 13, 2012
Here is the link to the south florida herpetological society donation page. http://www.southflherp.org/

here is their facebook page-amazing group of people with big hearts.


Ottawa, Canada

#104 Dec 30, 2014
TLF wrote:
The contest winner, Eddie Barry, is dead. And I think all of his friends and family would like answers to all of your questions as well. I'm thinking Bob Segeils should get some representation, and then answer them.
who the f is "Bob Segeils" ??
Way to read dipshit!

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