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#22 Oct 8, 2012
Michael Pelham wrote:
I'm sorry I posted twice, it was saying my first was deleted so I reposted.
I am deeply saddened to hear about this!! However, I feel like Ben Siegel's is not completely to blame at all. I think that the people who were involved in the contest, and they all knew what they were getting themselves into. They did have them sign waivers, so even if they completely didn't understand all of it going in, they must have had to read about what they were about to do. I don't understand why there were no EMS, but I don't think in anyway were they trying to "hide" anything as others here have implied. Why would they want to call the news? I don't know why anyone in the crowd didn't call, but I am sure they were respecting the victim and his family. I think they would probably like to keep it under wraps until the investigation is complete...which would be pretty wise of them. I am sending prayers to the family of Eddie Barry, and also to Ben and his family. Please be respectful of both parties, until the investigation is complete. No one knows why this had to happen, or why things went the way they did. No use in pointing fingers at anyone until we all know.

Stuart, FL

#23 Oct 8, 2012
I think everyone that was not present should shut their mouths! Everyone has an opinion and out of respect to Ben and Eddie you should keep it to yourself. This was tragic for everyone involved, Eddie was just vomiting and he was with a friend that said he was taking him home. I don't know the guy other than he was a heavy guy with thick hair. Instead of taking his friend home he evidentially sat there for over an hour and did not help Eddie out one bit. He watched Eddie pass and did nothing, did not call 911 , did not ask for help, nothing!

Miami, FL

#24 Oct 8, 2012
If I was the family of the deceased, I'd lawyer up for sure and get the media involved if needed. They need to make an example out of this shop owner and maybe prevent this from happening again. The next time someone thinks up some marketing madness that puts people at risk without proper precautions, they will think about the people and not just promoting their business!

Jacksonville, FL

#25 Oct 8, 2012
Note to my family - If I parachute out of an airplane and die please don't sue the guy who was flying the plane.
kelly barry

Dallas, TX

#26 Oct 8, 2012
Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts. My Uncle was one of a kind and my days are less bright knowing he's not here with us.
Outraged citizen

Pompano Beach, FL

#27 Oct 8, 2012
"That being said, I don't think Ben Siegel's should be entirely to blame here. The contestants knew what they were getting into. Anyone who participated has a duty to research what they are about to do to their bodies and to know their limits. They put on an unbelievable event, it was well received and enjoyed."

A man died because a public event hosting and condoning the consumption of live roaches did not take the time to consider that eating large masses of disease carrying insects might be (IS) extrememly dangerous and unsafe?? They are the professionals and should have known better! And to not have an emergency service there to pump the stomach should there be complications? Reckless/unintentional murder. Was the other part of the event cobra handling? Whoever holds the viper longest without getting bit wins a turtle? So foolish. I hope the family sues for every penny.

United States

#28 Oct 8, 2012
A roach eating contest, this is what it's come down to? I hope his family does file a lawsuit and wins big. Even with a negligent case considering they had no EMS present during this spectacle!

United States

#29 Oct 8, 2012
Again, you were not there. People all over the world eat roaches and all kinds of insects daily with no harm. This is a sad event and all of you are making it worse with your ignorant comments. If anyone could have saved his life it was his friend that did nothing to help him.
Outraged citizen

Pompano Beach, FL

#30 Oct 8, 2012
Anonymous wrote:
Again, you were not there. People all over the world eat roaches and all kinds of insects daily with no harm. This is a sad event and all of you are making it worse with your ignorant comments. If anyone could have saved his life it was his friend that did nothing to help him.
Ignorant?? People in other countries eat small amounts of WILD CAUGHT and usually COOKED INSECTS as delicacies and treats. We are talking massive quantities of LIVE ROACHES who have spent their life in a bin, eating eachother and their own feces, carrying God-knows-what. To promote this as a business is negligiant and dangerous, and if the family gets a good lawyer, that "Waiver" can be used as TP when the lawsuit is over, cause they won't be able to afford any.

United States

#31 Oct 8, 2012
I disagree, it is partly if not fully up to the owner and promoter to guarantee safety first! He cared enough to make them sign a waiver but not enough to have EMS ready on the sidelines?

Get a lawyer and file a lawsuit! Make an example out of this shop owner and save someone else.

Pompano Beach, FL

#32 Oct 8, 2012
Has cause of death been determined? There's rumors that anaphylaxis played a part, which if that is the case, blame can be put on no one. Has any other contestant come forward with health issues?

United States

#34 Oct 8, 2012
No issues with any of the other contestants. None at all.
Elizabeth B

Hollywood, FL

#35 Oct 8, 2012
Kelly, condolences to you and your family. I'm so sorry for your loss.

I think it's more of a wait and see case. People like "outraged citizen" is why this country is so messed up in my opinion. People jump to all kinds of conclusions and automatically sue, taking their pain and rage at life out on a business owner just trying to throw a fun contest and support reptiles, and yes, his business, instead of really trying to figure out what happened.

We all sit around on t.v. and watch Fear Factor and noone thinks about suing them. In fact, no one ever would because they're attached to a big network and everyone knows you wouldn't win. But somehow people see a small business owner and think cha ching instead of having compassion for the whole tragedy and them as well. It makes you not want to run a business in this country.

Yes, this death was preventable ... if Eddie never went to the contest. But he took a risk and from seeing him that night was really enjoying that risk. Some people are more like that. But to turn around and blame what appears to be a truly tragic and unfortunate accident on the business owner and suggest suing them for it is just messed up. They have always struck me as super nice business owners and people. Several of my friends will only go to them for reptiles and have trusted their shop for years. I heard Ben himself called the EMTs when he saw that the guy's friend had done nothing to help him and it was one of the shop's employees giving CPR. That does not sound like people who do not care to me - quite the opposite.

United States

#36 Oct 8, 2012
Kelly, please get to a lawyer right away. Don't waste time! I'm sure Mr. Siegel and his supporters are all over this and hoping it goes away.

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#37 Oct 8, 2012
The longer you wait to get legal representation the more difficult it will be if you have a case. I know this must be a difficult time for you and your family but get some legal representation right away working on this and overseeing it for you.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

#38 Oct 8, 2012
Tanya you are an idiot. Will money bring a person back to life? Will it stop the pain? The answers are no! You are the lowest common denominator. Skim of the earth.
Augie Dyers

Pompano Beach, FL

#39 Oct 8, 2012
@ Tania

No one is saying that the business owner is a bad/evil character - only that this was not a well thought out "game" and the result was, tragically, a death. The business owner(s) should have put some thought into encouraging their customers to participate in consuming large quantities of roaches.

It's great that people had fun, and I'm sure that (and the promoting their business) was the intention. But in the name of "fun" and free promos a life was lost needlessly.

If the store owner had done their homework, they would know that roaches in large quantities can be toxic. AND many, many people have extreme allergies to roaches that they don't even know of. Eating one or a few would cause a mild reaction, but eating large quantities like Eddie would cause the type of reaction that he displayed, and in obvious cases, death. Given that most people who are allegeric to roaches, don't even know it, this was NOT a safe game, and the owners should have done their homework, used common sense, and chosen another game.

And Fear Factor (which is no longer in production) I'm sure did a series of allergy tests before allowing them to eat ANYTHING, as I'm sure their lawyers advised.
Clark Thomas

United States

#40 Oct 8, 2012
He did enter the contest willingly and that in on the individual. Regardless, EMTs should have been there to prevent such from happening and leading to someone's death, and that is on Ben and his shop as the promoters. What a tragedy that could have been avoided with some commonsense safety precautions. I feel for his family.
Jeannie B

Pompano Beach, FL

#41 Oct 8, 2012
A horrific event. I agree with most of you, extremely preventable. The store should be held accountable. You just assume that if professional reptile/insect experts are saying it's safe to eat roaches, that it is.

As far as "jumping to conclusions" as Tania put it....eddie ate a large amount of roaches at the encouragement of Ben Siegel reptiles, and within the hour he was dead...how many conclusions are there?
And since Ben has taken down every question that people have posted on his site about the death and all the videos have come down AND most of the promo stuff for the event has been taken down...it would seem he knows something is wrong too...

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

#43 Oct 8, 2012
He did not pass " within an hr" it was at least few hours later. His friend put him in the truck and everyone thought they were gone. His buddy said he was taking him home, instead his buddy watched him pass away without doing anything to help. Also it took EMS more than 20 minutes to get there after the first call. Eddy was asked if he was ok when he was throwing up and he said he was ok, he just wanted his friend to take him home. The friend also had the balls to ask for Eddies snake that he won after the ambulance took him away.

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