in delphos and lima
drug dealers

Warsaw, IN

#1 Oct 14, 2012
what ever happen to Ryan Lamb and his DIRTY "CREW"??? whats up w them now a days are they locked up yet? just asking??? like Jeff Brown a.k.a (clown), Billy, ext!!!

United States

#2 Oct 14, 2012
Nope Billy isn't locked up! He is with his family everyday! And Wat any of em do with their lives is THEIR business not YOURS! U guys are filled with nothing but drama that its ridiculous!! Billy is a damn good father. Get over yourselves n GROW THE F**K UP!!

United States

#3 Oct 14, 2012
How you know what Billy I was talking about?? Wow seems like that hit home huh or a soft I can ask what ever I want ours called freedom of speech last I knew hehehe!!!

United States

#4 Oct 14, 2012
I mean "it's" lol

Lima, OH

#5 Oct 15, 2012
well i heard that ryan lamb is clean and is doing great. I seen him and he looks hott. He has full custody of his daughter that he had with that slut Danielle Barnes i feel that he could of done way better than her. But i dont know if he even talks or sees any of his old friends. People do change and he seems to be doing great!!

Lima, OH

#8 Oct 17, 2012
so funny i know DANIELLE BARNES to and she is a $LUT. I know Ryan too not all like that but i c him from time to time and i know he is clean cuz its at probation. Im travis and i think that this person is Danielle too jenny thx for sticking up to this person with no life lol! Im sure Ryan is just got a jelous baby mama no his hands lol and i say mama but she is far from a mother.

United States

#9 Oct 17, 2012
Well Travis I'm not Danielle I can tell you that my name is Melissa...and clean he might b now I'll give him that but what was said is the truth about him...they both have a past wouldn't you say...and your right you don't know Ryan and pro don't know Danielle either am I right...say what you want and yes a person will stay clean when they have to get a life you p.o.s...your pro no better then Ryan....

Lima, OH

#10 Oct 18, 2012
omg wrote:
Well Travis I'm not Danielle I can tell you that my name is Melissa...and clean he might b now I'll give him that but what was said is the truth about him...they both have a past wouldn't you say...and your right you don't know Ryan and pro don't know Danielle either am I right...say what you want and yes a person will stay clean when they have to get a life you p.o.s...your pro no better then Ryan....
Ok i grew up n delphos my whole life. I know them both and heard all the stories of this small town. you have no clue what u are talking about and danielle or not i think u need to get a f'en life u looser no one else n this world would give 2 sh*ts what he or anyone else he knows is up to but the people who are not his friends. You know what i think if you dont know him now its proably because he cut u out of his life and i doubt he is sitting around thinking geee wonerd how millisa is doing. K MIND YOU OWN BUSINESS AND LEAVE THE MAN B!!!!!!!! ps u dont know anything and if u did u wouldnt have to get on here and ask lol. u have no LIFE

Warsaw, IN

#11 Oct 22, 2012
you can go f**k yourself idc what he is doing or what hes not doing! Ryan is not important to me. all tho i want him to try and stay in good health for "ARE" child. other then that i careless what hes doing or who he is with ext. i didn't start this post idk that they had this type of s**t on the net. you and "JENNY" can get on here and say as you please about me that don't worry me at all. what you say is only words that is not gonna kill me or hurt me in anyway. so you can say what you must about me and think what you want. i will say tho i was in my teens when we lived there and everyone has done some crazy things in there teen years and i am sure you have done the same. there is a lot in the past that i am not proud of and can't change but that has only made me the better person that i am today. i am far from a sl*t. and glad you guys eat up stories you hear. that town is full of a lot of SHE SAID HE SAID SH*T!!! lol you guys are fools. if you never hung out with either one of us how can you TRY and speak like you know facts about anyone. that would be like me getting on here bashing you and not knowing who you are or really know what you've really done in life if i went off of all that he said she said bullsh*t like you are i'm sure i'd be on here with some type of lies about you. some time in life people need to grow up when is that time gonna come for you. thats why i am so thankful that i got out of that dirty town cuz its nothing but trouble and so much drama. if i want to know anything about MY BABY DADDY i would just ask him. think about it for the rest of are lives we have a bond and have to have some type of contact we have a child together. you both need to clean up your own back yard before you try and clean mine. your on hear talking like you just heard another STORY yesterday about me i've not been in that town for 6 years. here goes the FACTS: i have a full time job,car,house,A FAMILY, also i've got something you pro don't have a LIFE!! so why don't you go tell FACTS about someone instead of what you have heard. i don't have free time to sit around on the net all day but i made sure i found time to tell you the TRUTH!!! idk and idc if you respond to this or not because i wont be back to see if you do. even if you get on here and say some of the sh*t you've heard about me 6 years ago will not break the person i am today. you can go stick your HE SAID SHE SAID sh*t in you AS*!! with that said hope you and jenny make the best of what you can with what that town has to offer. you guys have no life go try and make one for yourself. I DID!!!!

Lima, OH

#12 Oct 22, 2012
knew it dont try n get on here and ask about someone n play like u got good intentions n care how they are doing when all u want to hear is bad things bye danielle this is RYAN n i know u better than anyone else we have no contact n i dont every whant to c u agian is ok i was travis n jenny too lol get a life dont b putting my business out there n saying shit when u dont even know me or ur daughter!

Warsaw, IN

#13 Oct 22, 2012
my friend did get on here and put that shit ryan i really do careless about you. i didnt get on this dumb thing and trash you my FRIEND did. if i would of knew she was getting on here i would of told her not to. even tho i lost all respect for you i still wouldnt put you out there like that you call it what you want to. i keep up with children services about you so i dont need to get on here and ask about you or anyone for that matter. and you think calling and saying i am a sl*t is gonna hurt me lol your dumb. you are so brain washed by everyone that you dont even know how to think for yourself anymore and thats so sad. and do you really think i would put it out for everyone to see the messed up things you have done to her and what you have told me. you are so sick in the head thats my child like it or not. but im gonna b the bigger person and not air my life on here any more have a nice life if you have one and i will see you in court.

Warsaw, IN

#14 Oct 22, 2012
and why would you get one here acting like someone else lol get a life looser.. grow up...i wont be back to see the lies you tell...

Sedalia, MO

#15 Jan 7, 2013
Hahahahaha .... "ARE" child... haaha
RumplesForeSkinl ess

Marysville, OH

#16 Mar 18, 2013
Can tell by the grammar used in this forum how "Intelligent" the people of Delphos are lol. Proves evolution is false, because they definitly haven't changed for any improvements lol.

Delphos, OH

#17 Mar 18, 2013
she's not even from delphos but yea it's "our" and not "are." can't believe i wasted my life reading that glad.. Glad you doin good lamb and being good dad keep it up.. heard ur doin good too danielle keep it up!

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