My heart and my prayers go out to the family of Tyshawn Bierria. My GOD keep you and bless you during your time of lost.
All I kept saying when I heard this is when are we going to get it together. Here we are in NYC still mourning the death of Sean Bell and we have young Black Men killing each other. How are we going to succeed in getting justice when we show no respect for ourselves. Shame on these young men. In the same breath I feel sorry for the parents of the murderers. This incident doesn't identify them as bad parents. However, this nightmare will walk with them the rest of their lives. On their jobs in the community and in their churches.
As for Delhi, What up with the fact that outsiders are welcomed in and out as they pleased. There are children living their. Do the Delhi staff have stangers coming and going out of their homes without knowing who there are. This is ridiculous.
I am so tired of America and the things we wait to late to address. How many young adults have been hurt on a campus in the last 12 months? You think by now heavy security would be a must.
Thank GOD, my child has decided to leave Delhi!!!
This is an unfortunate tradegy but not the first incident since she has been a student and she has only been there since September.
Get it together people. We are destroying our selves as a nation. This has nothing to do with color. We are just out of control in all nationalities.
Peace and GOD Bless the Bierria family