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#1 May 20, 2012
Warning: These are not all cheats that work. If one of them do not work contact me.
Also, I have just copied these so plz do NOT report any "bad words."
Pokemon Diamond
First Pokesav Generated Team replaces first 6 slots of box 1 TES
Pokesav Generated
Replaces first 6 slots of box 1
Pokemon made to look legit, as if ev trained from level 1.
Pokemon team includes the following with sick nicknames :
Alakazam - Alkamaz
Tyranitar - Tyrant
Metagross - MetalHead
Salamence - Salamander
Dragonite - TinyDragon
Lucario - Lucky
6 good pokemon. Made by pokesav
This code give you spiritomb, charizard, thplosion. Blaziken, infernape and mewtwo in box 3 slots 1-6. Changes box name to special and changes background to one of red and blue. All Pokemon are level 100.
Spiritomb: Nicknamed wondertomb. Has wonderguard and is shiny. Knows dark void, dark pulse, shadow ball and magma storm
Charizard. Shiny holding flame plate. Ability is drought knows fire blast, solar beam, sky attack and blast burn
Typlosion ability is same as charizard held item is a charcoal. Knows blast burn magma storm solarbeam and sacred fire.
Blaziken has same ability as charizard and is shiny held item is a charcoal. He knows closecombat, blazekick, solarbeam and sacred fire
Infernape has the same ability as charizard and is holding flame plate. He knows superpower solarbeam blast burn and sacred fire
Finally mewtwo is shiny, holding leftovers (the apple thingy wich restores hp) has wonderguard and knows psychic shadowball aura sphere and heat wave
Name Change In Pokemon Daimond
I have found a ARC on a website and it works.
You need to go to Eterna City and go to the building next to the builing with the blue roof(Poke mart). Then go inside the builing and you will see an old man sitting behing a table . activate the code then talk to him. He say that he knows how to change your PKMN name. select 1 PKMN and change the name into a name you like, but don't make it longer then six characters (if it is longer then six your game will freeze if you look at your trainer card ) add a random charachter and delete it with the b button press R + L and delete the name. Watch your trainer card and your name is changed
This cheat replaces everything in your party, so don't forget to put something crappy in it. It will give you A shiny Rayquaza with Immunity who knows Dragon Pulse, Fly, Ice beam, and Thunder. A defense form Deoxys with No Guard ability who knows Extreme speed, fissure, recover, and sheer cold. And a Spiritomb with wonder guard, Dark pulse, dark void, substitute, and mirror move. All have 999 stats until you put them into the PC where it changes to just being IV/EV maxed. Tested and working, not recommended for online gameplay, you will be banned.
Yes it is long. I recommend Copy and pasting into the folder to use.
Last code for diamond Happy Halloween!
I take request
BOX 1 SLOT 1 START SELECT to activate
1 of my favorite Pokemon so please enjoy it!
BOX 1 SLOT 1 START SELECT to activate.
Shedinja mstley normal except for EV's
BOX 1 SLOT1 START SELECT to activate

Manchester, IA

#2 May 20, 2012
It's shiny also available in other games probably add them in all of the DS Pokemon games.take a look at it's stats!
BOX 1 SLOT 1 START SELECT to activate
BOX 1 SLOT 1 START SELECT to activate
Evolve it to get a snorlax when you raise it!
Gengar also has dark void and nightmare.
BOX 1 SLOT 1 START SELECT to activate
The special thing about this Pokemon that it has Darkvoid and nightmare. Hope you like!
BOX 1 SLOT 1 START SELECT to activate
It's shiny so at least give it a try since not much people play diamond or pearl....
BOX 1 SLOT 1 START SELECT to activate.
An arcanine don't remember what lv so find out! BOX 1 SLOT 1 START SELECT to activate.there is a pearl version of this code 2!
Capture trainer pokemon and Catching rate 100%
It works on diamond and pearl I don't know if platinum 2
ultimate darkrai
This is the best darkrai you can ever get. It has leftovers as it's item and wonder guard as it's ability. Only the moves which are super affective will hit 100 has moves which does 130-140 damage.
Warning:it deletes the last or first Pokemon in your party.SO SAVE before activating.
L+are to activate.

Manchester, IA

#3 May 20, 2012
For diamond and pearl
Beast Rhyperior (for move combos)
Pokesav generated and works. This rhyperior has the best move combos. HP,Defense, and SP.Defense are 999. The attack is 250 and sp. Attack is 200 and speed is 150(see the moves and you will see why) it has quick claw and it's ability is no guard. This rhyperior has 999 happines. The moves Rhyperior have are:
Hammer arm
Gyro Ball
Horn Drill
My combo here is Hammer arm causes a huge 100 damage. But it lowers you're speed. Which is where Gyro ball comes in.
Gyro ball's power depends on how slow the user is (This is why the speed is low)the slower you are, the stronger it is. So what if you have to sacrafice going first by using hammer arm. If you use Hammer arm 6 times to put yor speed at it's lowest, the power becomes 120.
Return, the happier Rhyperior is, the stronger it is. And 999 hapiness= a whole lotta pain!
And of course, Horn drill is a 1-hit ko. And The "No guard" ability ensures every move is a success.
x999 Max Elixers
Gives you 999 max elixers. Max elixers restore a pokemon's PP on all it's moves.
become a male or female (L+R to activate, go through door or fly
Name says it all. Just go through a door or use fly while holding L+R. Both tested and works 100%. Pokesav generated (I didn't feel like searching through all these codes....)

Manchester, IA

#5 May 20, 2012
All of this so far is Pokemon Diamond.

Columbia, MO

#6 Dec 2, 2012
where do u play at in town? i used to play wednsday nights at the library but they stopped tht. send a email to [email protected]

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#7 Feb 19, 2013
big colored guy

Manchester, IA

#8 Jan 21, 2014
Why wrote:
did you email me?

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