Should cockfighting be legal?

Should cockfighting be legal?

Created by rooster on Oct 20, 2009

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who cares

K9 Yoris deserved better

Hampton, GA

#906 Mar 15, 2010
That was the biggest crock of shyt I've ever read

De Soto, KS

#907 Mar 15, 2010
I want to see a study done on ARAs I bet they will come out looking like a bunch of nut jobs that they are.
K9 Yoris deserved better

Hampton, GA

#908 Mar 15, 2010
war4sale wrote:
How does it cause animal suffering
The birds, even those who do not die, suffer in cockfights. The birds cannot escape from the fight, regardless of how exhausted or injured they become. Common injuries include punctured lungs, broken bones, and pierced eyes. Such severe injuries occur because the birds' legs are usually fitted with razor-sharp steel blades or with gaffs, which resemble three-inch-long, curved ice picks. These artificial spurs are designed to puncture and mutilate. =tD1JXaMBfPgXX
Hmm why even try


#909 Mar 17, 2010
Proud hater wrote:
most people who abuse animals abuse children also
For you to say this, you must have seen it done...have you called the proper authorities?

I have never seen the people who fight chickens raise their hand to their children, nor have I seen anything to suspect such behavior. Don't think for a minute I wouldn't have you?
Yoris deserved better

Houston, TX

#910 Mar 17, 2010
Do not answer trolls
For some HSUS staff, New Year’s Day offered no respite—but rather, a day of travel and painstaking preparation. They launched our programs and activities for 2010 by participating in a Jan. 2 raid on a large-scale cockfighting operation in Parker County, Texas. Working with outstanding personnel from the Parker County Sheriff’s Office and the USDA’s Office of Inspector General, they together raided a cockfighting pit, arresting 176 people and seizing 118 birds. Also confiscated was a custom-made trailer that had stalls in the back for transporting roosters to cockfights, and special features designed for any enthusiast of this barbaric pastime. The trailer was to be auctioned for fundraising purposes, perhaps to raise money to fight legislation we are readying in Texas to upgrade penalties for illegal cockfighting. While cockfighting is a felony in Texas, it's still perfectly legal to attend cockfights and own fighting birds and weapons.

Parker County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff's deputies arrested 176 people in a Jan. 2 cockfighting raid.
This derby principally featured short-knife fights, with each bird fitted with a one- to one-and-a half-inch blade on the left leg. HSUS staff found half a dozen birds who had probably won their fights, but were suffering from severe injuries that were inflicted by their opponents' knives. An equal number of dead birds had been discarded along the fence line, treated like trash as their bodies were piled up along with empty beer cans and bottles of whiskey.

De Soto, KS

#911 Mar 17, 2010
Copy and paste queen goes too Yoris..That shit is old why not copy and paste the racketeering and coruption charges they are facing or Wayne Parcelles ties to the MOB or even how they dispose of the own animals they are trying to save. HSUS is done they are getting it harder in the azz every day and Yoris you are a troll for the HSUS and one day you will realize how pathetic you and they are.Look at their tax records and see that only 5% of their million dollar tax exemt money goes directly to helping animals.They dont even pay taxes yet they want to tell us how we should harverst our animals and when.The HSUS has a way with making their news and one way is by overexsagerating evry so called raid is a big bust and they target minorities to get on the news.You are eveil animals dont have rights in this country cause they dont vote or pay taxes cause guess what they are ANIMALS..

Go picket a UFC fight or a BOXING match if you want to say cockfighting is imorral than why isnt HUMANFIGHTING? If you want to help the world be a better place go to the iner cities of this country and get the youth away from gangs and drugs leave the rural and hispanic gamefowl enthusiast alone ANIMALS are ANIMALS.

De Soto, KS

#912 Mar 17, 2010
While, as we have several times Indicated, the findings 1n this report are by no means complete, they do give us the best general profile of the American cocker thus far assembled.
It is difficult, of course, to estimate the total number of persons who ire engaged 1n some aspect or other of this form of behavior. If we count persons whose participation has been limited to a very occasional visit to a Derby, it is possible, by extrapolation from circulation figures of the three principal magazines, plus observational studies to estimate that something over 100,000 are more or less actively engaged in some form or other of the activity. An estimate of some 40,000 might be more accurate for those who are extensively engaged in the behavior generally described as "cockfightlng."
While generalizations may often be inaccurate, there ire a few salient features that have emerged. Cocking is basically a white (and Puerto Rican) activity in the United States, and is primarily a middle class activity viewed by the participants as "recreational" in nature, and while some gambling is usually closely associated with the behavior, this gambling is neither as intense nor on anything like the scale in which it accompanies other sports.
There are no serious psychological differences between those who en­gage in this behavior and those who do not. Certainly there are NO signs of psychotic behavior. On attitudes expressed, people engaged in this recreational form are basically conservative, highly concerned with health and outdoor life, strongly patriotic and strongly in favor of obeying laws and preservation of public order.
It is very clear that they do not consider themselves as a "deviant" group, and do not view their behavior as either morally or legally wrong in the deeper sense that It could be considered an action of real danger to society. It is a very "long-lasting" behavior pattern, and people engaged 1n it are very unlikely to cease their activity no matter what efforts are made to suppress it.
At the present time the entire behavior represents a good example of "decriminalization" in that while laws against it remain on the books of most states (albeit they are very vague in some) the enforcement depends almost en­tirely on local sentiment. Anytime enough pressure is brought to bear, or when the conduct is considered offensive by enough local citizens, it usually moves elsewhere.
About the only real effect of a national act of legislation to make this activity a felony would be to "criminalize" a considerable number of other­wise law-abiding taxpayers without in great decrease in the activity itself. Any behavior so strongly rooted in history and tradition will survive, but be­ing criminalized would bring individual grief to many citizens who are otherwise solid pillars of the community.
From this survey, it would appear that little could be gained in terms of national order by a national legislative act that is not now covered by local action.
There is no attempt in this survey to make any judgments on the "cruelty" or lack of in cock fights. Strong arguments can be made for both sides of this question, but they are basically emotional. We were concerned with whether, be­cause of their somewhat variant recreational behavior, these people were demo-graphically or psychologically "different" from general population, and whether or not these differences, if any, would be apt to create other problems, or breed general disrespect for the law or accepted moral attitudes. All the evidence to date indicates that this activity, which seems to maintain a remarkably even level of participation through time, poses no serious threat to the public order.
Professor William C. Capel Professor Clifton Bryant Clemson University VA Polytechnical Institute
Box 1506 and State University
Clemson, South Carolina 29631

De Soto, KS

#913 Mar 17, 2010
This clearly shows that the right to own gamecocks is being taken from the owners. This is a clear violation of the 5th and 14th amendments of the US Constitution. This is not a piecemeal thing, the attack against the gamecock industry has to be looked at as a nationwide issue. Here you have the same statements declaring the truth that gamecocks can not be owned for any other reason except the reason they have been genetically bred and raised over 3000 years for = cockfighting. This is the same thing that the President of the HSUS has said and the HSUS leading expert on Cockfighting has said and it is the same thing the cockfighters across OK have said and it even prompted a challenge to the state law where OK Supreme court Judge Winchester gave an oppinion that said "you can own them show show purposes". This is an obvious illegal ruling by an animal activist judge.

The law that was passed in OK deprives OK cockfighters of our property without a just and equitable compensation clause in the law. It is also a very clear truth that the ruling of Judge Winchester as he said "they can be owned for show purposes was a LIE and a fraudulent statement therefore an illegal rulling from the court" The law is very blatently unjust as it made overnight felons of approximately 30,000 rural OK residents. For these reasons our legislators can repeal this illegal law and end the assault on our animal agricultural industry and the endangerment of our lives for a chicken.



De Soto, KS

#914 Mar 17, 2010
The HSUS openly advocates for and uses "lies, misrepresentations and anything else" to slander the farmers and ranchers of every animal industry. They have misrepresented the cockfighters of America for 50 years and we are asking every one of our legislators to start standing up and speaking out. Many of you personally know us and you know we are good people quit letting these extremists slander us and allow the urban majority to willfully promote endangering our lives for a chicken. To all of the legislators that have started speaking for us I would like to say "Thank you, on behalf of the estimated 30,000 to 40,000 cockfighters in Oklahoma".

De Soto, KS

#915 Mar 17, 2010
To understand why HSUS would do something so unnecessary, one must first understand HSUS. The "Humane Society" of the United States, a Humane Society in name only, alleges that it is the world's largest animal care organization. If you read the words of its Chief Executive/Lobbyist/Fundraiser/ Activist Wayne Pacelle, however, you understand fully that this is a "sophisticated political organization," that last year championed over 121 new state laws attacking dog breeders, farm families, sportsmen, and hunters. The organization furthermore hosts annual "Humane Lobbying Days" in every state capital to further engage activists in furthering the organization's sociopolitical agenda of taking meat off your plate, milk out of your refrigerator, and leather out of your closet.
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De Soto, KS

#918 Mar 17, 2010
Pacelle once again targeted the Center using Alinsky's 12th rule to target, personalize, and
polarize. By targeting the Center's founder Richard Berman, Pacelle sets up a straw man whom he can personalize and polarize. Berman's past work as a public relations professional involved work for tobacco giant Phillip Morris. Given the current societal stigma for cigarettes and the tobacco industry in general, you can imagine the slew of insults and invective hurled in Berman's direction. In fact, in a blog post asking HSUS' radical supporters to contribute a special $200,000 to attack farm families and the Center, Pacelle offered that "the donor who raises the most in this campaign gets naming rights to one of our animals... It's my fond hope to be greeted by a wild (donkey) named 'Rick Berman' next time I visit the ranch."

You get the idea how this works: by targeting the Center for Consumer Freedom, personalizing the Center through public relations guru Rick Berman, and smearing him as a champion of "big tobacco," HSUS deflects criticism of
their own radical assault on farm families and your civil liberties. Furthermore, Pacelle does what he does best: raises money. By targeting the Center and Rick Berman, he whips his loyal band of activists into a donor frenzy, and raises money of which he's already committed at least 50 percent to attacking animal agriculture.

HSUS raises hundreds of millions of dollars annually under the ruse of rescuing neglected pets, or sweeping in to help distressed animals in natural disasters like the Haiti earthquake or Hurricane Katrina. Understand, however, that as with Hurricane Katrina, less than 20 percent of donations to HSUS ever go to helping actual animals. In Louisiana, HSUS raised over $34 million, of which roughly $6 million actually went to help the animals of New Orleans. The rest went toward advancing HSUS' radical sociopolitical agenda, to raising more money for HSUS' war chest, and into the pockets of radicals like Wayne Pacelle.
Proud hater

United States

#919 Mar 17, 2010
DNFTT or the trash many occasions I have noted that violence toward animals is often an indicator of a similarly coarse or callous attitude toward human beings. Sadly, this phenomenon was in evidence at this raid. Some of the cockfighters brought their children to the fights—about 10 to 15 of them—and as sheriff’s deputies raided the facility, the cockfighters abandoned their children and fled the scene. Fortunately, Child Protective Services was on hand to help.

My special thanks go to Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler. "It was deeply disturbing to see the way in which live animals were handled and were expected to die by such a gruesome death," Sheriff Fowler told the press in a prepared statement.

At The HSUS, the eradication of cockfighting has long been a top priority. We launched three successful ballot initiatives within the last decade to outlaw the practice in Arizona, Missouri, and Oklahoma, and then finally succeeded in getting Louisiana and New Mexico lawmakers to pass anti-cockfighting legislation in 2007. Now that we’ve banned cockfighting in all 50 states, we are working to make cockfighting a felony in the last 11 states where the barbaric practice is just a misdemeanor.

In 2010, priority states include Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Cockfighters have demonstrated that they’ll migrate to misdemeanor states, so we have to make it a felony everywhere if we want to root it out for good.
Proud hater

United States

#920 Mar 17, 2010
doglover wrote:
District attorney Paul Bowden
po box 1252
Tifton Ga,31793
fax 229///386///7957
Regina Wells
278 Ga Hwy 1255
Tifton Ga 31794
Hope they all get Avian flu
pass it on
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#922 Mar 17, 2010
This is an example of why progressive liberals think they have the right to take away freedom, because some people are too stupid to know what is good for them. This is probably one of the very few times I am inclined to wonder if they have a point.
Proud hater

United States

#923 Mar 17, 2010
report animal fighting 877//847///4787
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K9 Yoris deserved better

De Soto, KS

#925 Mar 17, 2010
Proud hater wrote:
report animal fighting 877//847///4787
I like it in the azz and I hope you do too
Proud hater

De Soto, KS

#926 Mar 17, 2010
Well they dont even pay the rewards I have heard maby stories about HSUS not paying anybody that 5K reward.So even bother to call.
Proud hater

De Soto, KS

#927 Mar 17, 2010
The HSUS openly advocates for and uses "lies, misrepresentations and anything else" to slander the farmers and ranchers of every animal industry. They have misrepresented the cockfighters of America for 50 years and we are asking every one of our legislators to start standing up and speaking out. Many of you personally know us and you know we are good people quit letting these extremists slander us and allow the urban majority to willfully promote endangering our lives for a chicken. To all of the legislators that have started speaking for us I would like to say "Thank you, on behalf of the estimated 30,000 to 40,000 cockfighters in Oklahoma"
Proud hater

De Soto, KS

#928 Mar 17, 2010
HSUS, Others Sued Under RICO Act
Published Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at 04:53 AM
Feld Entertainment and the Ringling Brothers Circus are suing the Humane Society of the United States, its lawyers, and several other animal rights groups, under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. In a lawsuit filed on February 16th, Feld leveled bribery, fraud, obstruction of justice, and money laundering charges against HSUS and others.

David Martosko, Director of Research for the Center for Consumer Freedom, says - America’s farmers, ranchers, hunters, fishermen, research scientists, fashion designers, and restaurateurs have seen for decades how the animal rights movement can behave like a mobbed-up racket. After reviewing all of the evidence, Martosko says - a jury could actually do the humane thing and finally put HSUS out of business completely.

Earlier a Federal Judge ruled that these defendants collaborated to pay more than 190-thousan dollars to a former Feld employee who was an elephant “barn helper” for two years in the late 1990s, in exchange for his testimony against Feld. The testimony was declared - not credible - and was disregarded in its entirety. That lawsuit was dismissed.
Proud hater

De Soto, KS

#929 Mar 17, 2010
What do Ponzi schemes, corrupt cops and organized-crime families have in common? They’ve all been taken down under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. This is a law that can result in enhanced criminal and civil penalties for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization.
But the latest RICO defendants aren’t wiseguys from a real-life Club Ba-Da-Bing. They’re a handful of animal rights groups, their lawyers and a pay-for-play federal court witnessLast month the owners of the popular Ringling Brothers circus filed a federal RICO lawsuit against the Humane Society of the United States, two of its lawyers, a Washington, D.C. law firm, and several other animal rights groups. The defendants are accused of committing bribery, fraud, obstruction of justice and money laundering, all in a nine-year scheme to prosecute a bogus elephant-abuse lawsuit against the circus.
These are pachyderm-sized charges. But the evidence is compelling. In December, federal Judge Emmet Sullivan dismissed the activists’ 2000 elephant suit, ruling that the plaintiffs paid more than $190,000 to a former Ringling elephant “barn helper” in exchange for his completely unreliable testimony.

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