Sara Marie E (the future Mrs. Brenner...

Sara Marie E (the future Mrs. Brenner) to Recorder

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a fan

Columbus, OH

#1 Nov 12, 2008
Let's all work together to put Andy's fiancée into the Recorder's office when he goes to Auditor.
Of Course

United States

#3 Nov 12, 2008
Being a makeup artist uniquely qualifies you to be Recorder.
SaraMarie Is The Best One

Columbus, OH

#4 Nov 12, 2008
She should be the Recorder once Andy assumes the Auditor's office. She deserves it. They are a cute couple and the political powers in the County.
Oh Thats It

United States

#5 Nov 12, 2008
Cute. Of course. Qualifies. Nice job Sarah Marie.
Someone who knows

Springfield, OH

#6 Nov 12, 2008
No chance in h-e-double hockey stix.
Brenners R DCR Power

Columbus, OH

#7 Nov 12, 2008
They rule the DCRP and we should get behind them, Who knows what can happen if we work hard to get them in the game. Nobody ever heard of Sarah Palin maybe our stars can go all the way to 1600 Penn. Ave.!!!
Kris Jordan

Wooster, OH

#8 Nov 13, 2008
I'm sorry. WHO rules the DCRP? Not these two.
Brenners R DCR Power

Columbus, OH

#9 Nov 13, 2008
Wanna bet - the old regime is gone with your butt downtown to be freshman on the losing team. You asked for it you got it bye bye Kris and don't forget to keep in touch with the Brenners maybe they'll throw you a bone some day.
Why Not

Wooster, OH

#10 Nov 13, 2008
Go Fatzenberger!
Poor Andy

Columbus, OH

#11 Nov 13, 2008
Honestly, this is so entertaining! I don’t have to watch Jerry Springer anymore…we have everything Springer does: liars/ridiculous dreamers/crooks/fat girls/dirty secrets/stalkers/baby daddy’s etc. I guess the Big Brenner’s think if they start a topix discussion about how powerful they think they are it will come true. Fact is everybody knows who’s in charge. And everybody knows who the wannabe’s are. Saramarie has done more collateral damage in the last year that Brenner has hit his glass ceiling if he goes through with this wedding. Very few within the party would support her for anything. She has proven herself to be a destructive nuisance and people want her as far away from them as possible. Brenner has really shot himself in the foot with this one. She will stifle his progress. She has already complained to the paper about their engagement spot on the grounds that it didn’t accurately reflect what office he was running for or whatever (isn’t an engagement spot about a new FAMILY beginning and not a REELECTION?), what’s next? Complaining about wanting a bigger ring? A fancier house? Etc? She seems very materialistic to me, not in this for the right reasons. Brenner can’t keep up with that and he shouldn’t have to. He should be with somebody who loves him for who he is and not his title, the recorder. I feel sorry for him.
Brenners R DCR Power

Columbus, OH

#12 Nov 13, 2008
Andy and hi love SaraMarie are the republican future and we need to get on-board with their dream of leading the Republicans back to state and national power. Andy and SaraMarie can do it if we help them. So make Andy the Auditor and SaraMarie the recorder so that they can move the GOP agenda forward in the county our state and our nation!!!!
Sorry Dubbers

Columbus, OH

#13 Nov 13, 2008
We all know that you are a rejected former lover of Andy who is lashing out at the true love of his life. He picked SaraMarie over you and you're angry and upset but don't be.

Please help Andy and SaraMarie move our party forward for the good of the county our state and hopefully our nation when Andy and SaaMarie goes to Washington!!!!

Delaware, OH

#14 Nov 13, 2008
Is this a joke?
Brenners R DCR Power

Columbus, OH

#15 Nov 13, 2008
Not at all. The GOP is in disarray and who better than SaraMarie and Andy to lead us into the future. Andy's lifelong presidential ambition is within reach with his love, SaraMarie, by his side. It's up to us in Delaware County to send a message by putting him in the Auditor's office once Todd gets Commissioner and then SaraMarie as the Recorder so thay cn advance all the way up the ladder. We need to get busy and get on board as our chance is now. Andy and SaraMarie are the future and it's time to get to work for them.

Columbus, OH

#16 Nov 13, 2008
It's a joke.
Thank you

Springfield, OH

#17 Nov 13, 2008
For this comic relief. "Andy's lifelong presidential ambition is within reach..." HAHAHAHA....just like millions of more qualified, more intelligent, harder-working and more political savvy people out there. This is so funny I can't handle it. Please, I am laughing so hard I'm going to pee my pants. Please, are there any adult diapers nearby? Maybe I could borrow them from Andy. He pisses himself any time somebody confronts him about anything, anytime he has to make a decision or anytime S & M raises her voice to him. HAHAHAHA

Woodmere, NY

#18 Apr 7, 2009
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Blog Talk Radio Listener

Westminster, CA

#19 Jul 30, 2012
EXCUSE ME but this woman Sara Marie is a liar. She ad nauseum tweets false claims of having these people on her shows, YET we all have learned everything is TAPED, not LIVE no live interviews, REALLY girlfriend you NEED to say TAPED interview when you say CALL IN and you also even embarrass yourself tweeting people to follow you so you can "DM" them like Sarah Palin ---as a Conservative you aren't doing any of this to help anyone BUT YOU....the WH? ARE FREAKING KIDDING ME? I am so glad I found this thread it all COMES FULL CIRCLE, her show is BORING BORING and misleading people about your TAPED guest is stupid Saramarietweets, PLEASE in the future have some integrity you come off like a used car salesman you are going NO WHERE and you wont have a show in 6 months....its not gonna work people hear you and know you are a fake phony wannabe ---and yes I am a Conservative Woman, and you embarrass me

Delaware, OH

#20 Jul 30, 2012
Wow, so funny that you figured out what we in Ohio already know about the Brenners. Google Sara Marie Brenner tax liens, google Prestige Music Studio reviews. You will see what we here already know. Look up her company Prestige Music Studios Powell, Ohio with the Better Business Bureau. You will learn a lot more about SaraMarieTweets!!! ha, ha good for you for figuring it out you smart, conservative woman. I, too, am a smart conservative woman that know for sure this chick does not speak for me!!!

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#21 Dec 14, 2012
UPDATE: Sara Marie GETS FIRED from Red State Talk Radio!! " ;

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