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Morgantown, WV

#41 Aug 12, 2011
People keep saying it wasn't his intent...that is balogna what exactly is the intent when you cock your foot back to kick someone in the head...and besides Austin family can still see and actually talk to him Ryan family can't if it was up to me it's like murder and he should have got more time
appalled at these posts

Shinnston, WV

#42 Sep 21, 2012
For Austin to act the way he did I blame his parents for not teaching him the difference between right and wrong. A good kid does not behave this way, drunk or sober. Normal people know when you are in a fight if the person goes down the fight is over. Whether Austin knew he was conscious of not, he was on the ground he should have stopped. For Austin to repeatedly kick Ryan's head over and over, in my opinion, he was trying to kill him and deserves the death penalty b/c although Ryan survived the attack, the person he was died that night.
I hope Austin serves the entire 20 year sentence b/c Ryan is serving life in a vegetative state b/c of what Austin did. Anyone who justifies this behavior or blames it solely on alcohol might want to call Chestnut Ridge b/c you are certifiably insane! We are taught as children to take responsibility for our actions. Austin needs to serve his time. All 20 years of it! I hope that everyday he serves he thinks about what he did and the life he ruined. Over a sports team?
& for the record this is coming from a parent who doesn't know either boy involved.
Objective my a--

Shinnston, WV

#43 Sep 21, 2012
Trying to be Objective wrote:
Whether y'all want to accept it or not, this is the reality. If Ryan and/or his group didn't say anything, the incident wouldn't have happened. Since they did, do you really think them being dumb-assed mouthy wasn't influenced by their drinking and/or WVU's tolerance for same? Reality pills, please.
Again, not absolving the other kids. They flat-out made it more wrong, and deserve punishment. But accept responsibility on your end ... I am so sorry for Ryan's consequences, but he bears blame as well. Or his buddies.
So let me get this straight, because I disagree with what you are saying that gives me the right to kick your skull in repeatedly b/c I've had a few drinks? I think you need a dose of those reality pills you speak of.
Although Ryan's heart is still beating and blood still runs through his veins, Austin killed Ryan that night. In my opinion, Austin's actions deserve the death penalty. I only wish WV had it. I mean what kind of life will Ryan ever have living in a vegetative state that AUSTIN put him in? At least Austin gets a second chance at life once he gets out. Personally, I hope he serves all 20 years and is tormented daily by his actions.
Austin deserves zero compassion b/c he showed Ryan zero compassion the night he kicked Ryan's skull in repeatedly while he laid on the ground motionless.
I am assuming you either have no children or are directly involved with Austin's family in some way. For you to say the things you have said about Ryan taking some of the blame is absolutely appalling.
Jake da snake

Orange, NJ

#44 Oct 9, 2012
Good enough to do the crime, good enough to do the time. The law is the law. THE END.

Montvale, NJ

#45 Oct 10, 2012
I want to add that WVU being a party school has nothing to do with this fight. Good people stay out of fights, and bad people kick each other's heads in. I attended WVU for 5 years and was constantly in the party scene, and constantly at the bars come 3:00 AM. Never once did I engage in a fight with another student. Don't make an excuse for someone. A person's ability to be violent is inherent within themself. Alcohol doesn't make nice people violent. The violence that's already inside people comes out with alcohol's help. I won't say one person was more guilty than the other in this case because I don't know all the facts. What I do know is that one person kicked another in the head while he was down. Fights happen. There is a difference between a fight and an assault. Kicking someone who is down, and specifically kicking them in the head, is assault. It shows the intent to do a higher level of harm. Austin and Jon should suffer the responsibility of their actions. Hopefully when they do get released from prison (however long that may be), they come out better people. We should all hope that Ryan miraculously recovers and learns from his mistakes as well.
The Basics

Pittsburgh, PA

#46 Oct 18, 2012
Been 3 years now. I know I am late on all the beginning discussion on this topic. It is still relevant in my mind. I lived in Arnold hall on the second floor and my dorm window looks straight out onto the dairy mart. I remember I was out that night partying. I remember the next day reading the newspaper on what happened and followed the blogs, cases stories in newspapers, and any other online media I could read. I never replied or wrote anything until now. 3 years and only that has changed is May is now out and a free man. Vantrease is struggling in prison and getting write ups for being a difficult prisoner and breaking rules. Vantrease has been denied parole not only from the petitions people signed to keep him there but his actions and write ups are supposed to be clean and he has failed to do so. Now for the biggest part of this entire ordeal. Ryan is still in a coma and a DEDICATED family trying to find out if his brain is healing and trying to recover or finding out if his brain has stopped all development. I want to say that people always want to find a reason behind this attack and everyone always points to being drunk or drinking. Let me tell you that no matter what action you do when drunk it is NEVER and will NEVER be an excuse. Just like Ignorance of not knowing the law is not an excuse.
Now let me say that everyone has freedom of speech and it can come with a positive and negative statements. It is not against the law to shout and a Yankee fan that their team sucks and the other person has the same capacity to do the same. It is against the law to attack or assault or even brawl (Drunk or not) with another person. Then to physically break their skull and even disfigured Ryan. Having seen pictures of his head scars and trama and even his face from lack of movement from the attack makes him look a lot differently now then he had the night of the incident. The point I am making is that there is no justification as to why Vantrease should be allowed to be a free man. Vantrease and friends got into a fight and put someone in a coma and now not only expect to get out of paying any restitution but expects to leave earlier then expected from prison. Meanwhile 24 hours a day Ryan life could drastically change from being able to breathe to constant machines keeping him alive. Imagine is Ryan had died that night. i imagine no one saying he should take responsibility for being in a fight. I know that the law states that because Ryan did not die then you cannot try a person for a life sentence but what Vantrease and May did put Ryan in a death sentence in his own body. Never to wake up and say Hi to his parents. I feel in my own personal belief Vantrease and May should not have gotten out until Ryan woke up. The point is the finger can be pointed and will always be pointed in the eyes of the law. The case speaks for everything and it proves Vantrease and May are violent criminals and should have no sympathy.
john doe

Brick, NJ

#47 Apr 3, 2013
Sis wrote:
http://vantreasedivineytruth.b ts-here.html#comments
...psh what a scumbag and anyone who defends him deserves to die...ill make it a point to follow up on this piece of trash and when he gets out of prison ill hunt him down and beat him to a pulp so his family can wipe his ass for the rest of their lives...
totally disgusted

Olyphant, PA

#48 Apr 4, 2013
I just read through all of these blogs including the very last post where someone wants to hunt down another individual and hurt him bad enough to the point where his parents are wiping his a**.
these boys were all a bunch of idiots they were drunk they were partying they got mouthy but no one I mean no one deserves to be hit to the point of unconsciousness and then kicked to the point of seizures and blood pouring out of there mouth and a coma for the last 3 years one of these boys got one year in prison I'm still scratching my head on that the other gets two to 10 years I truly believe the sentence for these boys should have been they can come out of prison when this man wakes up from his coma and if that doesn't happen then they don't get out. I do believe all parents are suffering in this but there are two sets of parents that still get to talk to their sons and they were the ones who caused the damage to this man whom now cannot speak to his parents and we don't know if he ever will. I don't think it's the family that's making these boys look like Monsters I think it's the facts of the case and knowing that they hit a man and kicked him in the Head while he was unconscious. And I've read some people truly believe that this could have happened to any of them because they chose to have an altercation I believe the sickest part of all of this is that they stood back and watched this man almost die and did not help him home or call someone who could help him.

Since: Apr 13

Morgantown, WV

#49 Apr 7, 2013
You really are brainwashed. How can you say drinking played no part in this? It played EVERY part in it. From Ryan and his group being out (you do know what the "munchies" are, right?), to being mouthy ("liquid courage"), to influencing Austin and Jon's behavior. Again, as a WVU parent, you don't want to take any responsibility. Let it continue to be the number one party school, and let negative consequences continue. Perhaps not as tragic as this, but still bad.
As far as Austin and Jon's behavior, you must be reading impaired. Where have I tried to justify it? Nowhere, because I haven't. They were wrong. Period. And should be punished ... what I have tried to do is put it in context, which you folks won't accept. You are much happier with the spin that those nice innocent West Virginia boys were unprovokedly atacked by the Delaware animals. Nice story. Too bad that is not the way it happened.
As far as jailtime, I have never commented either way. Frankly, I do think both Jon and Austin should have to serve some time. In Austin's case, I do think his sentence was excessive, especially since there was no medical testimony substantiating what, if any, contributing factor his kick was to Ryan's condition. It may not have mattered at all, especially if you are right and Ryan was already unconscious ... I don't know enough to know whether or not that is true.
I do think it quite add, from a legal perspective, that the trial wasn't moved from whatever county WVU is located in ... no way those boys were getting a fair trial there. Also, they should've never been tried together. Anyone with any legal acumen knows that.
Whether or not Ryan was drinking has nothing to do with this situation. Almost all college students drink, everywhere. Prohibition does not work for 35 year olds. It does not work for 18 or 22 year olds either. What does matter is a person's behavior, not whether he has had some beer.

A verbal disagreement is not an excuse to launch an assault on somebody. And, if a person like Austin makes the serious mistake of making a disagreement a physical one, that is bad enough. To repeatedly kick somebody who is down, and even worse who did not initiate a physical altercation is beyond inexcusable. There is no way Austin would have not known he would seriously injure Ryan.
He (and Ryan's family) are fortunate taht Ryan did not die, because Austin would have been in far more trouble had that happened. There is no place in this country that would tolerate kicking somebody who is down and helpless.

Apparently, Austin is one of those people who exhibits one sort of behavior around his family and friends, and quite another in unfamiliar surroundings. One can understand how Austin's family wouldn't know he was capable of this heinous behavior, and in a very real way Austin victimized them with it too. It is one thing for an inmate's family to forgive him, and quite another for society to forget what took place here.

Ryan will be paying for Austin aggressiveness, perhaps for the rest of his life. His family has endured unimaginable torment and hardship becuase of Austin's behavior, and continue to do so today.
Even if Austin were to do the entire 10 year sentence, Ryan and his family will continue to suffer for Austin's intentional actions. So, tell me "Objective", how can you say 2 years of a sentence is adequate punishment. In my mind, it isn't even sufficient time to habilitate somebody who would do such a thing.

United States

#51 Jul 10, 2013
There is no excuse for what they did. It does not matter if they were underage drinking and it does not matter what time it was. Do you think it wouldn't have happened if they were of age and drinking? Why were Austin and his friends out that late. Couldn't we say they should have been home at that hour? Really, I'm disgusted by your comments, ignorance is bliss, clearly. I think someone needs to stomp on that pricks head a time or two and then maybe him and his jacked up family can see. I hope Austin is in jail for a long time because he doesn't deserve to breath the same air I do.
Anonymous -3

Conshohocken, PA

#52 Jan 28, 2014
That's like saying, he only raped one person? It's only one act? He just made one mistake? You can't call him a rapist just because he raped one person in his whole life?
anonymous 2 wrote:
a fight is a fight. could have just as easily happened to anyone else on any other night in any other place. you should never kick someone when they are down but keep in mind that ryan was not "jumped and brutally beaten" he entered the fight on his own accord knowing full well the consequences that could result. No savage beating occurred, only a few blows that just happened to be devastating. Austin is a good kid who happened to encounter very very unfortunate circumstances and consequences of an occurrence that, although rarely thought of at the time, can always yield such results. You think his intent was to hospitalize someones kid for the rest of his life? People are judging austin on one action out of his entire life. He got in a fight. That does not justify what he did, but that gives no one the right to judge him or his family as maliciously as they have been
Outside perspective

Vancouver, Canada

#53 Jun 26, 2014
Seriously I have no clue who you people are but it's no surprise Austin is sitting in jail if people have always made excuses up for his terrible behavior! Excessive!! Are you kidding me the vegetative death sentence Austin put a young fellow is and you fool wants to use the word excessive, Austin is exactly where he should be! It sucks for all involved every single person involved It sucks and it will have changed all of their lives. However Austin did the crime and now he must do the time. It is fair and it's the consequence of his poor choice. He should be using this time to be thankful he still has a life to live. I'm sure their could be more empathy with his family if they stopped acting righteous and let him do the time he has earned it! Supporting his violent behavior is only going to make him a repeat offender!

Midlothian, VA

#54 Aug 2, 2014
Wow..really,,you think Ryan "entered" the fight..if you watch the video it shows Ryan with his hands up trying to remove himself from the situation...and then the coward Mays, sucker punched him. Mays and Vantrease should both rot in jail.. Their day will come..when they pass over into Hell..then they will see first hand how the Diviney family has been Hell since their beautiful son was "murdered".. Yes I say they lost their son that day..Ryan is gone. So I have no pity for either one of these scum bags..mays and vantrease are pure scum.. Hopefully they will get their heads bashed in someday the same way Ryan did

Taylor, MI

#55 Jan 22, 2015
anonymous 2 wrote:
a fight is a fight. could have just as easily happened to anyone else on any other night in any other place. you should never kick someone when they are down but keep in mind that ryan was not "jumped and brutally beaten" he entered the fight on his own accord knowing full well the consequences that could result. No savage beating occurred, only a few blows that just happened to be devastating. Austin is a good kid who happened to encounter very very unfortunate circumstances and consequences of an occurrence that, although rarely thought of at the time, can always yield such results. You think his intent was to hospitalize someones kid for the rest of his life? People are judging austin on one action out of his entire life. He got in a fight. That does not justify what he did, but that gives no one the right to judge him or his family as maliciously as they have been
WOW are you really that ignorant! I guess when someone is down unconscious in your mind it's ok to punt his head like a football? Then hide behind a dumpster while he is having a seizure? Oh let not for get leaving and going to a party and bragging about what you have just done? That's okay with you! That is just a fight to you! Man I really hope and pray you can never reproduce! Just the thought of you raising a child with that mentality WOW that is scary!

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