Brenners Cheat Employees and I.R.S. g...

Brenners Cheat Employees and I.R.S. get $42,151 IRS (Employer) Tax Lien

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One for me One for you

Laval, Canada

#1 Aug 19, 2011
Yippee for the Delaware County Republicans - wife beaters, drunks scammers, tax cheaters.

Taking tax withholding from employees and not paying the I.R.S. is as low as you can go. Now we know how Brenner finances his political campaigns.

See the lien that the I.R.S. filed on July 11the against Brenners business. Funny that's the same day Kris Jordan ha a few drinks, pushed the county recorder around while armed with a gun.
941 Tax

Höst, Germany

#2 Aug 19, 2011
941 Tax
The 941 tax requires employers to pay payroll taxes for all employees. Most businesses are required to pay the 941 tax four times each year (quarterly).

The IRS has been heavily pursuing criminal 941 tax investigations in recent years. Criminal 941 payroll tax investigations are up about 75 percent from the past.

The IRS continues to use Enforced Collection when it comes to unpaid payroll taxes and unfiled payroll returns. Enforced Collection can include a levy on the assets of the business, including the accounts receivable, equipment, automobiles and the bank account. The IRS can also close a business for non-payment of payroll taxes. If the business is closed or files for bankruptcy protection, the IRS will look to the owner of the business for collection of the penalties, interest, taxes and trust funds. In the case of a corporation or partnership, the IRS will look to the person responsible for paying the payroll taxes to collect the trust funds. This is known as the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty.

Who is a responsible person? It may be the person who has the power to direct the collection of trust funds, the power and authority to pay trust funds and other creditors, or power and authority to determine who gets paid first or last.

According to the IRS, a responsible person is a person or group of people who have the duty to perform and the power to direct the collecting, accounting and paying of trust funds. This person may be:
• an officer or an employee of a corporation
• a member or employee of a partnership
• a corporate director or shareholder
• a member of a board of trustees of a nonprofit organization, or
• another person with the authority and control to direct the disbursement of funds.
The IRS may assess the penalty against anyone who is responsible for the collecting or paying withheld income and employment taxes, and who willfully fails to collect or pay them.

According to the IRS, for willfulness to exist, the responsible person must have known about the unpaid taxes, and have used the funds to keep the business going or allowed available funds to be paid to other creditors.

Other standards regarding willfulness include intentional, deliberate, voluntary, reckless disregard, knowing or accidental, free will or choice.

The issues presented in determining who the responsible person is, and whether or not willfulness exists, depends upon the facts and circumstances in each case. If the taxes are not paid, the IRS will be looking for someone to penalize.

Employment tax investigations are up 75 percent. "Criminal Investigation" has seen an upswing in employee leasing schemes and nonpayment of payroll taxes in the last 24 months. CI is interested in egregious cases involving badges of fraud, rather than nonpayment cases where employers are short of funds and decides to pay other creditors instead of the IRS.
941 Tax

Höst, Germany

#3 Aug 19, 2011
This issue is whether the funds were used to keep a business afloat or to “line the employer's pockets."

Wonder if financing political campaigns for elected offices counts too?

For many businesses, when they start to have financial problems one of the first things to happen is the payroll taxes are not paid on time and the payroll returns are not filed on time. Both of these are among the worst things to do when business has fallen upon hard times.
Failure to Pay Payroll Taxes On Time

When a business fails to pay the payroll taxes on time, penalties and interest start to accrue. This causes additional cash flow problems of the business when cash is such an important commodity.
Late Filing of Payroll Returns

If the payroll returns are not filed on time the penalties are substantially increased. Failure to file a return on time can incur penalties of 5% per month to a maximum of 25%. Add that to other penalties, along with the compounded interest and you can have a very serious tax problem.
Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

IRC Section 6672(a): Any person required to collect, truthfully account for, and pay over any tax imposed by this title who willfully fails to collect such a tax, or truthfully account for or pay over such tax, or willfully attempts in any manner to evade or defeat any such tax or the payment thereof, shall, in addition to other penalties provided by law, be liable to a penalty equal to the total amount of the tax evaded, or not collected, or not accounted for and paid over.
This is commonly known as the 100% penalty. The penalty is assessed for the Trust Funds not paid. Trust Funds are the money you withhold from your employee's paycheck, which includes federal income tax and the employee's share of FICA and Medicare. This money is held in trust until you pay it to the Internal Revenue Service.
white trash

United States

#4 Aug 19, 2011
One for me One for you wrote:
Yippee for the Delaware County Republicans - wife beaters, drunks scammers, tax cheaters.

Taking tax withholding from employees and not paying the I.R.S. is as low as you can go. Now we know how Brenner finances his political campaigns.

See the lien that the I.R.S. filed on July 11the against Brenners business. Funny that's the same day Kris Jordan ha a few drinks, pushed the county recorder around while armed with a gun.
Guess you've never owned a business.
Yeah I Do

Columbia, MD

#5 Aug 19, 2011
Owned lots of businesses and never had to steal from my employees paychecks to get rich.
Brenner is a worthless a--wipe who is dishonest and cannot be trusted to handle money.

Wilmington, OH

#7 Aug 19, 2011
Hey, That's OK... It's the Republican way!
Brenners are SCUM


#11 Aug 20, 2011
Mr. & Mrs. small business, fiscal conservative turn out to be just two more Delaware Republican unethical lying a--holes.

Just like Tiberi, Thompson, Yost, Antonoplos and Peterson.

Both Brenners should resign from public office and be drummed out of the republican party
They R Delaware GOP

Örebro, Sweden

#12 Aug 20, 2011
The Brenners are becoming full-fledged member of the Delaware Republican elite with their ripping off their employees and not paying the taxes that they withheld from their employees’ paychecks.

How much did Saramarie and Andy Eichenberger-Brenner spend on their political campaigns in 2010?

Where did the money they spent on politics come from?

Did they finance their campaigns by not paying the federal taxes they owed and had withheld from their employees’ paychecks?

How much do the Brenners owe to the various local municipalities, i.e., Powell, Delaware, etc., for taxes that they withheld and failed to pay in to these taxing authorities?

How much tax did the Brenners withhold and keep that should have been paid to the State of Ohio?
Are the Brenner’s taxes in Delaware County paid up?

Andy Brenner has, once again, proved that every person who ever said anything negative about him was right and probably understated how stupid and dishonest Brenner is in reality.

From the photos of the happy tax cheating Brenner couple it looks like a lot of the $42,000 they ripped off from their employees and the government went for food that these lard-asses ate. Cut back hogs. You could both stand to lose about a hundred pounds. You’re fat and ugly besides being dishonest and fiscally irresponsible.

What a crew these Delaware Republicans.

Peterson helping to try to scam and old lady's estate

Antonoplos and her hubby's $300,000 ++ federal, state, and city tax liens plus other judgment debts

The Don't prosecute friends or family prosecutors Yost and O'Brien. Yost had a tax judgment from Ohio too.

The county (Kaitsa) got whacked for --- 941 taxes --- they screwed up.

Jordan drinking, arming up and pushing his beard around

Wonder if Andy-Boy is gonna get a gun, get drunk and push his beard around. He can be like Jordan too

They all suck and all will get endorsed, funded by the Delaware Republican Party and get re-elected.
What Moaning

Delaware, OH

#13 Aug 20, 2011
Seriously, what a bunch of moaners and bellyachers. We live in a democracy. If all these folks are so terrible we have no one to blame but the voters who keep electing them. Stop whining and start voting.

Delaware, OH

#14 Aug 20, 2011
What Moaning wrote:
Seriously, what a bunch of moaners and bellyachers. We live in a democracy. If all these folks are so terrible we have no one to blame but the voters who keep electing them. Stop whining and start voting.
I am glad that someone took the time to bring the Brenner's fiscal carelessness to light. An informed electorate helps to negate straight ticket voting. I am sorry that you are offended by free speech Brenner. You try and control everything from youtube to wikipedia, but the news will get out.
GOP Crooks

Göteborg, Sweden

#15 Aug 21, 2011
Can there be any doubt that the Brenner-jackasses are tax deadbeats? Isn’t it a criminal offense to take withholdings (941 taxes) from employees and not send the money IMMEDIATELY to the IRS.

State-rep Brenner is constantly braying about his private sector business experience and his wife does so too as a Powell city council member. Some experience cheating employees and the government by not paying taxes that are due when they are due.

Their failure to pay taxes they collected from their employees:$42,121.53 goes back to March of 2010 and runs through March of 2011. That’s not a miscalculation or bookkeeping error. That’s the Brenner’s willfully not paying and enriching themselves by not paying in the money they withheld from their employees.

Brenner wants so bad to have us think he is experienced and successful in the private sector that he puts on his Ohio House webpage,“…Representative Brenner is vice president of Prestige Music Studios, Inc. and president of the Music Lessons Company, Inc., both Powell-based corporations.” He doesn’t mention that he has been a long-term tax delinquent, so that the IRS filed a lien on the business. Some success!

Mrs. Brenner also boasts and brags even more about her success as a business woman – easy to do when you take money from your employees in trust, to pay as taxes for them and don’t – for a more than a year.

It’s no coincidence that Brenner’s can’t raise any campaign contribution money, they both suck, and Brenner’s campaign, during 2010, was an expensive one. Any dollar the Brenner’s spent politically should have been paid to the government on behalf of the employees from whom the Brenner’s took the money.

Brenner needs to resign and the Delaware Republicans need to toss both of them from public office. Their illegal conduct with the failure to pay taxes they withheld is disgraceful and dishonest which seem to be Delaware Republican requirements in office holder character these days.

United States

#16 Aug 22, 2011
Tired of legislators and public servants with their own critical domestic and financial issues believing that they can continue to sponsor and push through legislation that affects us. Andy Brenner was never qualified to be a state rep - he is the epitome of the Peter Principle. Yet, he continues to be elected by virtue of the Republican Party allowing him to appear on the ballot. Saramarie Brenner was elected to Powell City Council simply because she wore people down.

Kris Jordan needs to get a real job and find out what stress is before he makes decisions for women.

This nonsense needs to stop,.
All DCRP Always GOP

Sewell, NJ

#17 Aug 22, 2011
The Delaware Republican Party is nothing more than a collection of sociopaths; just a bunch of tax cheaters and wife beaters who are financially and morally bankrupt

Brenner and Jordan represent the continuation of the Peterson and Antonoplos legacy of dishonesty denial and greed.

Columbus, OH

#18 Aug 23, 2011
In July Andrew Brenner paid himself $6,327 from his campaign fund - a "loan" repayment. That's money at least his supporters had presumably paid taxes on.
Sara Marie

Columbus, OH

#19 Aug 23, 2011
If employees are stupid enough to let taxes be withheld and not paid in for them without quitting they deserve whatever happens.

Andy and I are upstanding citizens and work hard for our constituants. If we choose to repay ourselves money that we loaned to our campaigns it's really none of anyone's business.
Powell Voter

North Weymouth, MA

#21 Aug 23, 2011
Did I read that correctly? "If employees are stupid enough ... " Sara Marie, are you saying you hired stupid employees, or that you purposely redirected the withholding away from the IRS to some other purpose? Either way, it doesn't sound good to me.
are you dumb

Delaware, OH

#22 Aug 23, 2011
Umm, I'm pretty sure that is not the real Sara Marie.

Delaware, OH

#23 Aug 23, 2011
are you dumb wrote:
Umm, I'm pretty sure that is not the real Sara Marie.
It may not be, but it sure sounds just like her.
blame game

Columbus, OH

#24 Aug 23, 2011
Wonder who sara marie Brenner will now blame for her companies financial woes? Andy? Her mother? Superman? But not herself. No, not herself. Being a good republican and all doesn't require taking personal responsibility, no only mature adults do that certainly. Not sara marie brenner
Gazette is a JOKE

Columbus, OH

#25 Aug 24, 2011
I love it how the Republicans of Delaware County can continue to do the things they do and it NOT get reported in the Delaware Gazette. State Representative Andrew Brenner has a $42,121 Federal Tax Lien levied upon him and his business and do you see a word about it in the Gazette...NOPE! It is a sad day when you get more news from the booth next to you at Buns then you do from Delaware City's only newspaper. But, alas Andrew Brenner is not the only one the Gazette has failed to do stories on and it completely obvious that the Gazette takes its marching orders from the All Mighty Dollar it gets from ad revenue. This never happened when the Thomson family ran this paper.

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